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What to see in Paris in 3 days, 1 day with a baby?

CHto posmotret v Parizhe?

There are cities about which you can talk and talk without stopping, and it will never occur to them had nothing to say. There are places where you can dream your whole life, and even if you visit them, do not stop dreaming about how to get there again. There are cities in which people want to live and love, to create, to admire, to stay there forever. This is the Paris is the capital of France, which long ago acquired the status of one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. To understand its beauty, you can only see it with my own eyes, even if you're there for a while. It would seem, what to see in Paris in 3 days or less 1 day? Isn't time something? Yes, it is possible to catch if to think over your route.

Popular Paris attractions

Before you can understand what you want to see in Paris, you have to give yourself answers to some questions. First, it is important, for what period of time you eat here. If for a week or two, it can take some time and every attractions of the French capital to a maximum amount of time. If you make a tour of the capitals of Europe or just travel the world, and in Paris you have selected 2-3 days, be prepared for the fact that the pace of the tour will be different – faster and more information-rich. But this is assuming that you want to see the maximum. For example, such sites as Versailles, you can devote all three days. And finally, if in Paris you have allocated just one day, suggest to focus on the most attractions of the city famous all over the world such as the Eiffel tower.

Secondly – the important thing is with whom you eat. If it is an independent trip, then definitely you should visit the palaces and castles of Paris. If with a lover, should pay attention to visit romantic and special attractions such as the Moulin Rouge. If a child, be sure to visit Disneyland Paris.

Major famous places of Paris:

  1. Eiffel tower.
  2. The residence of the kings of Paris.
  3. The Paris Statue Of Liberty.
  4. The majestic Versailles – the Royal Palace.
  5. The architectural ensemble of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.
  6. Extraordinary garden design albert-Kahn.
  7. Dream children – Disneyland Paris.
  8. The Champs-elysées.
  9. Arch.
  10. The Invalides.
  11. The Museum of the artist of the avant-garde of Picasso.
  12. The Alexander III bridge.
  13. The Luxembourg Palace garden.
  14. Museum-the Gare D Orsay.
  15. Moulin Rouge.
  16. Chambord Castle.
  17. The Paris Pantheon.
  18. The tomb of the great Napoleon.
  19. The Sainte-Chapelle chapel.
  20. The cemetery of the famous Parisian Père Lachaise.
  21. Sacré Coeur- the white Basilica.
  22. The Place Vendome.
  23. Long Conciergerie.
  24. The Bois de Boulogne.
  25. Akvabulvar – entertaining complex.
  26. The Palais Royal is another Royal Palace.
  27. The Grand Opera of the capital.
  28. Sorbonne University with myrrh name.
  29. The Parisian catacombs.
  30. Vincennes zoo.

This list can be supplemented with many more attractions. Alone museums in Paris, there are more than 80. A large number of historic, but there are very original, for example, the sewer Museum.

What to visit in Paris, having left 1 day?

In the capital of France need to come at least a week to get to see most of its beauties and to taste the most delicious dishes – in short to feel like a real Parisian. But there are times when time quite a bit, and see Paris in all its glory still want to. So what to see in Paris for 1 day stay in the city? The answer is simple – what city is associated in all.

The same Eiffel tower

It was set in the distant 1889 to the beginning of the world exhibition. The project was designed by architect Eiffel, after whom it was named. He called his creation just: 300-meter tower. Its peculiarity is that, despite the apparent enormity, in fact, the tower is not so great: if it melt it would take no more than 25h5m and just 6cm in height. Its design is such that on the Ground it has no more pressure than the person sitting on the bench. After the exhibition the tower wanted to dismantle, but they decided to set up the broadcasting equipment – has been saved.

CHto posmotret v Parizhe za 1 den?

Despite the fact that today the Eiffel tower is a symbol of Paris and one of the most visited attractions of the world, she didn't always like the Parisians as an architectural masterpiece. Moreover, the majority of the Parisians, among whom were Maupassant and Hugo, asked to dismantle it. But this has not happened, to the great joy of many tourists.

The Eiffel tower has three floors. The first is a restaurant on the second and third observation deck. They can contemplate all the beauty capital of the world, which is breathtaking.

The Famous Louvre Museum

One of the three largest museums in the world, the oldest Museum in the world – it's all about the attraction called the Louvre, located in the historical center of Paris. First it was a castle built in 1190. Philip Arthur ordered it to do in order to downstream the Seine river was always under surveillance.

The castle beganto be transformed into a Royal Palace 300 years later. Restructuring exceeded all expectations. First, the Louvre was connected with the Tuileries, another Palace. Second, its internal decoration – the decoration of the walls – worked great French artists, Le Brun, Poussin and Romanelli, turning it into extremely rich and magnificent structure, worthy of not only French kings, but the kings of the world. However, Louis XIV moved the court to Versailles and all the works in the Louvre for repair, decoration and restoration was stopped. All resumed only in the XVIII century.

The Louvre Museum became, during the French revolution, when the reign of kings was given up. Then began to gather the first exhibits, although the architecture itself was a great value. Today the Museum collection numbers about 300 thousands. exhibits, the most famous of which: "Outstanding gardener", "Mona Lisa", "Christ on the Cross", Nike of Samothrace, Venus de Milo and others.

Visit the Louvre for a man who came to Paris just for the day, will have one drawback - the entrance in the glass pyramid big turn. To get to the exhibition halls of the Museum, you may have to spend a lot of time, so you can decide whether to stay here in the line or move on to Paris.

Champs Elysees and arc de Triomphe

Champs elysées – perhaps the most famous Park area of Paris. They start with no less than the famous Concorde, where once was executed on the guillotine Marie-Antoinette and Robespierre.

Once near present-day Elysian fields ran the so-called "Road Queen" . After Versailles became the Palace of the kings, along the road planted trees - elms, turning it into a promenade. When came to power, Napoleon Bonaparte, it was one of the most popular vacation spots among Parisians and tourists, because along the Avenue started to open cafes. Napoleon was defeated by the Russian troops, which, once in Paris, ravaged the Champs-elysées.

Restored the Avenue was much later. Today it has three main areas:

  • The Square Of Ambassadors;
  • Square Champs Elysees,
  • The Square Marigny.

In the first square are the former mansions of the ambassadors of different States. In modern times, the mansions were occupied cultural center Corden Pierre. In the square, the Champs-elysées is the residence of the French President, and the last square has this name due to the old French theatre Marigny, in whose honor it was named.

Champs Elysees over the majestic arc de Triomphe is another symbol of Paris. It was created on a plan of Napoleon, who thus wanted to immortalize his famous victory 1805-1806, he took Over the project J.-F. Chalgrin, but neither the architect nor the Emperor himself did not see the planned creation, because it was completed only 30 years later, when Napoleon was already buried in the grave.

CHto posmotret v Parizhe za 3 dnya?

What immediately attracts attention in the arc de Triomphe, so it's decorative elements, which abound in the walls of a building. Here are marked all the important events of French history in the form of engraved dates, names, and bas-reliefs. Be sure to climb the spiral staircase or the Elevator to the top of the arch to gain the opportunity to admire the city with a 5-meter height.

What attractions to visit in 3 days?

The more time you scroll to the inspection of the French capital, the better able to understand the whole France. 3 days is enough, but not too bad. In addition to the above attractions can be visited in many places. For example, the first day can be devoted to palaces and gardens, the second – interesting museums, and the third temples.

Versailles Palace Louis XIV

If you can't remember who Louis XIV, remember the book or the film "Anzhelika. The road to Versailles". The great ruler of France was in love with Angelica and described in the book in all its glory and grandeur. For France it was all the same, that Peter the great for Russia. So are the Palace of the famous king – beautiful and majestic.

Located this attraction is not in Paris itself, and 21km away from him. But here tend to get even those tourists who come to Paris for 1 day simply because he is extraordinarily handsome. Versailles is not just a castle, but a whole complex of Palace buildings. It is divided into several main components:

  • The main Palace;
  • Large and Small Trianon;
  • Park and the gorgeous gardens.

In the Palace, in fact, lived the kings of France. The local environment cannot be called nothing but incredibly luxurious. Here even ordinary stool is a masterpiece of design on wood. Be sure to visit the famous Gallery of mirrors, of which there are nearly 400. The Grand Trianon was a former rendezvous of the king and his concubines, and also for resting during a hunt. As we know that Louis XIV loved and it and second. But the Petit Trianon was entirely devoted to women of the Palace – the Queen, her ladies, and just for those gostevali and lived at court.

CHto posmotret v Parizhe s rebenkom?

The gardens and Park are an example of exquisite garden art: fountains, sculptures, gazebos, lawns – everything was created at highthe standards of the most demanding Parisians – the Royal family.

Notre Dame De Paris

Paris cannot be imagined without one of the world's most famous landmarks – Notre Dame Cathedral. In order to see the temple complex, you will need to go to the island, where began the history of the city.

Once on the site of the Cathedral was a Christian Basilica but it was destroyed. In the XII century, Paris was the most populous city in Europe, so needed in the Church. It was decided to build a Cathedral, which took more than 200 years. During this time, architectural styles succeeded each other, which is reflected in the overall architecture of the temple. Notre-Dame De Paris after the opening became the biggest Cathedral in Western Europe. However, soon he came to a decline, which completely became a storage room for storing food products. Its restoration began thanks to the work of the same name by Victor Hugo.

Notre Dame Cathedral is such a majestic building, what's not to admire them is impossible. His whole facade and walls are decorated with sculptures, ornaments and wrought-iron intricacies and bas-reliefs.

What to visit with the child?

Disneyland, Aquaboulevard, Vincennes zoo – here's what to see in Paris with the child first and foremost. Although it is possible that he'll like the Eiffel tower, and arc de Triomphe, and other sights.

Disneyland Paris

The Park is built on the principle of the wheel. At its center is the Sleeping beauty Castle, where divergent avenues (like spokes on a wheel) to the different thematic parts of the Park, of which there are five:

  1. The era of the Wild West.
  2. Main street USA.
  3. The world of adventure.
  4. Castle discoveries.
  5. Castle of fantasies.

At Disneyland Paris there are 49 a variety of interesting attractions and the streets around disney characters entertaining the children.