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What to see in Thailand - in Pattaya and Phuket

CHto posmotret v Tajlande?

Wonderful beaches, exotic cuisine, endless ocean, the famous Thai massage – all this attracts a lot of fans a good beach holiday from all over the world. But few know what to see in Thailand besides comfortable hotels, Buddhist temples and picturesque coast of the Gulf of Thailand. But in addition to great natural and climatic factors, the Kingdom is rightly proud of the monuments of centuries-old culture, unique Oriental flavor and a long tradition, which can be a real novelty for our mentality. Here is a brief virtual tour of the most popular tourist places of Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.

Than you can hit "city of angels" Bangkok?

Here is amazing everything from the world's longest name, which not every Thai will be able to reproduce verbatim ("full" name of Bangkok consists of 21-th word in Sanskrit and is in the Guinness book of records) to the magnificent palaces and other heritage monuments of the ancient culture. But about all under the order.

Temples and palaces

In the old town are four great religious structures: the temple of the emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kleo), Temple of dawn (Wat Arun), temple of the reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) and temple of the great relic (Wat Mahathat). They are fairly compact, so one day you can walk to visit all four temples and, at the same time, explore the Royal Palace, Grand Palace.

CHto posmotret v Bangkoke?

Temple of the emerald Buddha

You should not believe the statement that if you visited one of the Buddhist temples – so you see them all. Each building has its own characteristics, legends, and "highlights". For example, being on excursions in the temple of the reclining Buddha, sign up for classic Thai massage (here are doing it on a really high level), near to Wat Mahathat to visit the market of Amulets, and the sunset try to meet near Wat Arun – despite the name, it is most advantageous to look on the sunset.

Please note that on the territory of religious buildings and Royal residences, there is a dress code: shoulders must not be bare, the neckline is reasonable, legs covered with pants or a skirt below the knee.


The most popular in Bangkok:

  • Jim Thompson, where the exhibition of antiquities and silk;
  • the barges Museum, where is exposed the collection of boats belonging to the crowned family (including a personal sailboat king – "Golden Swan").

Walk on water

Earlier Bangkok was called "Thai Venice" and "city-amphibian", because the streets began to pave only since 1964, and before that there were about 170 longow (channels) around which they built their homes of local residents. Trip through the canals you can hire a long tail boat – longtail boat at the pier of Tha Saphan Phut, Tha Chang or River City.

Chinatown and little India

Chinatown is located in the heart of Bangkok, on the area surrounding Yaowarat street. Here you can plunge into the colorful atmosphere of the middle Kingdom: to admire the bright pagoda, enjoy Chinese delicacies: shark fin soup, pomegranate juice and swallow's nest.

District "Little India" includes the portion of the streets Chakrapet Rd and Chakrapet Rd. Here you can see the market flowers, Ratchaburana temple, buy Indian spices and appreciate the picturesque dresses of the Indians.

What is so attractive Pattaya?

Pattaya is probably the most touristic place of Thailand. But aside from beaches and extensive entertainment complex, which offers a well-developed local infrastructure, you can go on various excursions. If you don't know what to see in Pattaya, we offer you to start with the most interesting areas:

Natural beauty

  • Garden tropics "Nong Nooch"
    This masterpiece of landscape design is just 20km from Pattaya and will be interesting for both adults and children. You can get here by taxi (300 baht) or to join a group tour, which are sold everywhere on racks tour-information (cost of tour – starting from 500 baht). In addition to the stunning scenery, unusual statues out of clay pots and greenhouses with all kinds of orchids, cacti, palm trees here can be photographed with a tiger, visit elephants that paint pictures and play soccer, enjoy the tropical butterflies and to buy specially Packed for transport exotic plants to plant them at home.
  • Sad tropikov

  • Underwater world
    A huge aquarium complex where you can admire the marine fish, sharks, rays, turtles and other representatives of the underwater world of the Gulf of Thailand, is a 15-minute drive from the Central part of the city. During feedings arrange an interesting show for tourists.
  • Stone Park
    On the square in 28ga there are plenty of interesting natural landmarks: garden of tropical flowers and rare trees, crocodile farm, stone sculptures and a fossilized plants, which account for about a million years, the Avenue of dwarf trees.
  • Elephant village
    To get to the nursery, which is only 7km from the city center, by taxi orthe part of a tourist excursion. Here you can watch not only the daily life of the giant animals and their training. You will see how elephants are playing various musical instruments, ride bikes, draw, catch a basketball.

Local "flavor"

  • Mini Siam
    A miniature Park located on Sukhumvit road, invites you to admire a copy of the most famous architectural structures of not only Thailand, but also around the world. Here you can see the temple complexes of Bangkok, palaces of the ancient capitals of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, the Royal Grand Palace. Among the foreign sites are allocated Eiffel tower, statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera house, St Basil's Cathedral, the Chinese Temple of Heaven. The exhibits are surrounded by miniature trees, copies of flower beds and gardens, fountains and rivers.
  • Floating market
    Local tourist attraction offers a wide range of Souvenirs, fast food, and handmade crafts. Despite the special flavor of the place are the goods here are much higher, and from 2012 began to take money for the entrance (from 200 to 800bat). To attract customers, often organizes a variety of performances: dances, boating, Thai Boxing.

Religious shrines

  • Buddha Hill
    Between Central Pattaya and Jomtien are two picturesque hill - Budda Hill and Khao Phra Bat. To climb there, walking the stairs, one of which starts from the coastal lighthouse and the second close to the huge letters with the name of the city. On the Buddha hill houses the largest statue of the God in Pattaya. But on the second hill is an observation platform overlooking the magnificent panorama of the Bay – the same landscape that has long been the hallmark of the resort. Here you can visit the temple Wat Khao Phra Bat.
  • Wat Yan Temple
    The temple is relatively new – built in 1976, is characterized by an unusual stylish design and the famous footprint of the Buddha stored in one of the buildings.
  • The sanctuary of truth
    A huge wooden temple, built in 1981, located in the Northern part of Pattaya (on the local maps it is possible to find under the name Wooden Temple). The height of the building – 105m, all the boards are covered with unique carvings and sculptures.
  • CHto posmotret v Pattaje?

Spectacular performances

  • Show "Tiffany"
    Known throughout the world, the first transvestite show in Southeast Asia – a bright and colorful performance, with a length of 1.5 hours. The performances are held in the hall of 1000 seats, the play involved around 100 artists with whom you can take pictures after the show.
  • Show "Alcazar"
    Rival the world-famous "Tiffany", which also presents high-quality shows, professional decorations, traditional songs, contemporary music, spectacular special effects and, of course, the most beautiful Asian artists (at the request of the owners of "the Alcazar", of course).
  • Walking street and shows for adults
    Pattaya is rightly called "sin city" and this street in the evening hours striking confirmation. Obscene magic tricks and acrobatic stunts with the reproductive organs, enticing dances and other special entertainment will please (or impress!) connoisseurs of exotic and pranks after dark.

By the way, all these sights you can look at the map of Pattaya.

It offers to tourists in Phuket?

If you are tired of beach holidays and do not know what to see in Phuket of the attractions, rate the following suggestions:

  1. Similan Islands is a group of Islands in the Andaman sea, renowned for excellent diving, snorkeling and unreal beauty of the tropical landscapes. From Phuket travel one - and two-day tours during which you can visit the most picturesque places to swim in crystal clear waters, admire the beauty of the underwater world and even sleep in a tent camp under the open sky.
  2. CHto posmotret v Phukete?

  3. Phuket zoo is a huge number of amphibians, birds, and animals. Here you can see about 5 thousand. crocodiles, more than 100 species of tropical butterflies, 60 species of birds. On the vast territory of the Park is a greenhouse of orchids, an aquarium, shows of monkeys, elephants, crocodiles.
  4. The aquarium is located at Cape Panwa. Here you can admire hundreds of sea dwellers living around the island.
  5. Butterfly garden (Phuket Butterfly Garden) is recognized as one of the world's best parks. Here, in addition to 40 species of tropical winged beauties, collected different species of bees, dragonflies, spiders, moths, grasshoppers and other insects.
  6. Seashell Museum is the place which is called the vault of treasures of Phuket. It presents more than 2000 shells, corals and other exhibits, many of which exist only in single copy (the most valuable number more than 380 million years). The collection is going for about 40 years, is constantly replenished with new samples.
  7. Chitarra (Chalon) – the most famous temple complex of Islands and a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists from around the world, is located 10km from the townPhuket.
  8. National Park – a natural reserve which occupies a vast territory in the Northern part of the island. It is home to wild bears, monkeys, deer, Gibbons, wild boars, more than 100 species of birds. In the Park conduct walking tours that you can visit the biggest waterfall of the island and the Gibbon rehabilitation center.

I hope that this article will help you to choose excursions in Thailand. But if you don't know in what area of Thailand to stay for vacation, this will help this article to our website.