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What to see in Turkey: Antalya, Alanya, side and Antalya?

CHto posmotret v Turcii?

It is well known that Turkey is a country with a developed tourist industry. And the season lasts almost all year round. Many people mistakenly think that in this country there is nothing to see outside the hotel, but in vain! Turkey is an ancient country, with many landmarks remaining from the Ottomans who lived there, Lycians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and other peoples. So the question "what to see in Turkey?" are very important for travelers. Let's dwell on the unique and interesting places that are located near popular tourist destinations.


In the outskirts of Kemer are the ruins of Olympos (pictured). Visitors will observe with interest, with huge fragments of columns and will be able to climb the steps of the local Church. What to see in Kemer else? You can climb the bare peak of Yanartas. The eternal mystery of this mountain was the flames that were burning between the stones. Modern science, however, has already given an explanation for this phenomenon. The fact that on top of the mountain there are sources of flammable gas. You can take a walk in the Park Yoruk.

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Almost all tours of the town start from Central square. Here is the monument to first Turkish President Kemal Ataturk. Recently the square was built a beautiful fountain. Almost on the waterfront is a picturesque Park Olbia. Tourists also often visit the city port.

In the suburbs located the Beldibi cave. Excavations in this area did not stop for nearly a hundred years. On the walls of caves preserved rock inscriptions and images, which are more than three thousand years.

Children, and adults, it will be interesting to visit the Ecopark. In this Park the main inhabitants are the snakes and other reptiles. The famous Ecopark unique collection of spiders. Park's flora is very attractive. Here are the impressive collection of strange plants.


Due to its location the resort of Antalya is one of the most warm and popular in Turkey. A tourist there is no question what to see in Antalya. Antalya is rightly also considered the center of active rest on the coast of Turkey. The coastline is literally dotted with a variety of water parks and sports complexes.

The most popular place for tourists has been and remains a Museum of archaeology. It was founded in 1972. The treasure and the finds were previously kept in the mosque, the minaret, however, once opened in the Museum's spacious halls, it was decided to move the sights.

Hidirilik tower is remarkable in that it was built by the ancient Romans. The purpose of the tower is very controversial. Some historians believe that it was a fortification, others say that it was an ancient lighthouse. There is another version. In the middle of the tower was discovered a massive slab, very similar to tombstone. Some tend to believe that the tower was the burial place.

The hallmark of the resort is considered to be the Yivli Minare mosque (pictured). He built a minaret in the 13th century. Today the building resembles a magnificent Palace, around which fragrant flower beds and beautiful plants. Well how not to recall the Duden waterfall. They can be admired for hours.

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Alanya city is immersed in orange and lemon gardens and is situated in the foothills of the Taurus mountains. The beaches are well-known to many, but not only them famous Alanya. What to see in Alanya? First of all here a large number of tour programs.

Attention! Preferably local residents without permission not to take photographs, they do, to put it mildly, do not like. This is especially true of women in black.

The Byzantine wall that reminds visitors that the city was founded in the 4th century. At one time the wall stretched for miles and was part of a huge fortress. From the observation deck of the ethnographic Museum, which is housed in the tower of Kizil Kule, offers a beautiful view of the city. In the middle ages the city was the base of pirates in Turkey.

CHto posmotret v Alanii?

On the outskirts of the city, you notice the countless caves and grottos. Among these buildings stand out sharply:

  • Phosphoric grotto
  • grotto Dalmatas
  • maiden cave

Phosphoric grotto is remarkable for the fact that it has a strange glow.

Recognized as a very unusual building, called the "shipyard". The depth of the galleries of this yard is 40 meters. And today we can see the small ships. Those interested can even take a ride on these little boats.

Also, anyone can enjoy the masterpieces of local chefs, sightseeing of the Museum of archaeology or visit the water Park. Will not be in Alanya entertainment and sports fans. You can take part in rock climbing, triathlon, or rafting. And, of course, it offers guests plenty of beaches and quiet and cozy coves.


Inside past centuries was famous as a city which is flocked by various criminals, pirates, renegades. For runaway slaves, the city was almost a Mecca. However, in the middle ages the city was the largest market for slaves, as they said in Asia. What to see in side everyone decides for himself. But the first steps in this city is done on the Agora (photo). This place five hundred years ago, it was in side the busiest.

CHto posmotret v Side?

Tribute should be paid to the authorities in Turkey. This, in essence, a town-Museum protected by the state. Major fortification wall around the city came to us through the centuries. However, the main gate was probably exposed to damage the most, so not survived.

During the reign of the Emperor Vespasian was built pompous fountain "Nymphaeum". It can be found right at the entrance to the city. The area of the Agora in ancient times was a market, that's why today there are a large number of galleries with shops. City baths after reconstruction became available to everyone. In these baths there is also a Museum whose exhibits cover the Roman period in the life of the ancient city. Here you can see the magnificent sarcophagi and sculptures.

The ancient part of the city is famous for its monumental amphitheatre. It was built in the second century of our era. On the arena in ancient times were the fights between gladiators. Over time, the arena turned into a temple under the open sky. If you go further, around the Bay, you can also see two temples. These temples dedicated to the gods of Greek mythology - Apollo and Athena. For not too wealthy vacationers in the city there is a network of world-known mini-hotels.