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What to see in Vilnius for 1-2-3 days out attractions?

CHto posmotret v Vilnuse?

To see the world want millions: someone chooses a long trip to a foreign country, while others - like short-term excursions which will allow you to see only important thing. But undoubtedly, everybody want to visit in the architecturally beautiful city of Lithuania – Vilnius. If you ask such a purpose, and I think when to go – it's time to find out what to see in Vilnius, and when there is better to come.

This article will tell you in detail about all things beauty and can provide information about the most famous places of the city.

A few words about the city

The city represents a unique combination of several architectural styles. Everyone knows that this city is similar to Prague, because it reflects all the styles that exist.

Each street has its own special appearance, every building – a whole work of art. Here very often reflected the history of the formation of the city, and every building is literally whispering to the visitors that

no city better, more beautiful.

Basically, the architecture is the main reason why this place attracts tourists from different countries. Here you will not be bored or lonely, because very often you will be greeted with smiles by the locals.

About the city, you can talk for a long time, but it is better to pay attention to the most important thing – landmarks. You are of course aware that Vilnius is the city in which an infinite number of temples, churches and cathedrals. The locals here are very religious, different religions are not the cause of the misunderstanding. In some cases, there are those churches and cathedrals that have long been closed to travelers, but there are those that believe the world.

We tell you of those who happily greeted their guests:

Cathedral Basilica of saints Stanislaus and Vladislav

He is handsome, and is very similar to the ancient Greek temple. Experts repeatedly noticed this similarity, which gives the building a special charm. It is located near the Central square and is a place where local citizens spend important religious holidays. There is always a lot of people to learn the reason for their visit is not always possible. Alone brings in faith, and other significant Holy event. There was a Cathedral in the 13th century by order of king Mindaugas. Its occurrence is associated with the political relations between Lithuania and the Livonian order.

The Church Of St. Theresa

The first thing you will see is the unique architecture of the building. Hitting for the first time on the street, aušros Vartu, 14 you'll notice it. He is so beautiful that it is always and in all ages been the "hallmark" of the city. Many modern architects call it "the splendor of Lithuania," and that makes sense. The unique shape of the building, large columns, geometrically precise symmetry – all this makes it into the best attraction of the city.

 chto posmotret v vilnuse za 3 dnya

Monument and Three crosses

It's not a Cathedral, not a temple, but the monument was a very important religious significance. He literally says that Vilnius is the "city of faith". It is close to the local Park and exalted to the height. Its location is symbolic, because it was built on a hill that gives you the opportunity to see it from afar. The monument - a symbol is an important landmark in the city.

When you face the question - what to see in Vilnius for 1 day to complete your tour you can visit large and beautiful Cathedral square. To say that you saw city it is impossible, if not to visit the main place of Vilnius.

The story goes that the origins of the city takes from the moment the construction of this part. Here, according to the story, many years was located very Central and important authorities, there were built special buildings that emphasized the skills of local authors; here the tourists always come on the first day of their journey. Beautiful area suggests that the city is unusual and has a complex and long history.

The second day

Now, we will give you an amazing opportunity to find out what to see in Vilnius for 2 days because the first day will be able only to open the gates of the sacraments.

Being here for the first time, you immediately notice not only buildings, but also on the location of streets and their appearance. As Vilnius is a small city, it has its own specific and unique separation. There are symbols, so getting lost here is nearly impossible, but can be seen and is an amazing feature. The streets have no end, smooth turns are transferred one street to another, which does not allow time to notice that you are on the other side of town.

To start the second day with the old streets of the city – Castle, she is beautiful both day and night. There is nothing more delightful than to walk on it and experience an endless stream of wonderful emotions. The day there is noise of the crowd, the market offers gifts and Souvenirs, and at night the street is immersed in total tranquillity. Many years back she was the one who opened the gates of the city to overseas kings and princes, and is now the main place for all city holidays. It exists from 1530, that is, documentary evidence and manyfacts.

 chto posmotret v vilnuse za 2 dnya

There in the city a strange place – call it "the Bohemian quarter of Uzupis". A little peculiar title is suggestive, and therefore we will tell about it. Initially, it was not the best place in the city, as to walk here in the light of the day was quite dangerous. That all changed when the price of apartments in the area was reduced and it began to accommodate local and visiting artists. It was then that the idea to create an Autonomous Kingdom of "great men." All, in principle, it just happened, but because of the wall streets painted with simple patterns, original patterns, here you can find and weird variations of graffiti.

To end the day we offer you on Gedimino Avenue which certainly will not be like the previous two sites. You will literally plunge into the world of the present, will experience freedom and spaciousness. If you compare the streets of Vilnius, then we can split them into small (old) and large (modern). And the thing is that a new life is forcing the city to make some changes.

So, if you are in Gediminas Avenue – then you need to be careful not to miss the beautiful and significant places. Since it has a length of over two kilometers – then there are the magnificent buildings of the past and present. The plan of the Avenue was proposed in 1852, the author is unknown. But it has not prevented to become a very important part of the city.

Recall that on the Avenue of Gediminas tower:

  • institutions of government and of public importance;
  • the constitutional court of Lithuania;
  • the Bank of Lithuania and the building of the Ministry;
  • unique and inimitable Lithuanian national drama theatre.

Here came the third day...

Maybe your trip will last more than the weekend, and therefore need to have an assumption about what to see in Vilnius for 3 days, which must be saturated. Therefore, we suggest to go to you in the Antakalnis District, where you'll find a lot of interesting places. Is the area along the banks of the river Vilia, its location gives the opportunity to be in one moment, in different eras. As its Northern side is part of the popular destination for travelers of all age groups - Valakampiai. At that time, as the East side goes into the pine forest Sapezinski mountains. Probably you will never find such an old neighborhood that can be so different.

 chto posmotret v vilnuse za 1 den

It should be noted that this part of the city called the "birthplace of education", and all because there are many educational institutions is:

  • Institute of the Lithuanian language.
  • Renowned national school of the arts.
  • Popular Lithuanian film Studio.
  • Military Academy.

To be held in this area one day – is to see Vilnius totally different as it seemed before the trip. Here you can stick to the traditional cuisine of Lithuania, to visit cafes and restaurants, to taste the most delicious dishes and treats.

Since your program will be intense, but to see all of you in no time, you will want to come back. Vilnius never leaves no one indifferent, but because the next trip is sure to be no less exciting.

Travel and learn new things, and most importantly – never ask yourself the question: ""What to see in Vilnius?" – the city itself will reveal to you its beauty!