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What to see in Yaroslavl for 2 days or one day, in the winter or with children?

CHto posmotret v YAroslavle za 2 dnya?

Maybe you know absolutely nothing about Yaroslavl, a city that has a rich history and very important in the development of the whole of Russia. That is why, we will tell you about what to see in Yaroslavl for 2 days, and why this city is so popular.

Yaroslavl is a beautiful and scenic area, which is an incredible, charming and stunning area of Russia (an area of the city is about 205 km2). This is a place where many historical events that were reflected in art and literature, in many works of great poets and playwrights. If you find yourself here, then you will not have the issue - what to see in Yaroslavl one day or two days since the excursion program will be rich and very interesting. You have a very entertaining journey to the past era, which opens before you in all its glory.

Particularly fascinating will be the program if you decide to go here with children, because their horizons will expand, they will learn a lot of interesting facts and a very long time will be able to tell your friends about this unique city.

Delve into the history of

Many years ago the great Russian Prince Yaroslav the Wise decided to erect a town, its name identified with the powerful ruler of the time. It was founded as a city in which he loved to visit the Prince. Yaroslavl appeared on maps exactly one hundred years before the founding of the great of Moscow, and in 2010, the city managed to celebrate its Millennium.

This scenic area is not like that, he's the only one so unique that his equal does not exist. The convenient location enables guests to extend their journey in the vastness of Russia, on the territory of a beautiful town. Only four hours drive from Moscow – and you find yourself in a wonderful place that blurs the frames between past and present. Unique architecture, beautiful protected spaces, parks and gardens (they are under the protection of UNESCO), beautiful palaces and modern constructions – all this can be places of your visit. Literally, all here reflected the moments of the past that are fun to see modern people.

If you become a guest of the city for a short period, unfortunately, will not be able to fully see all the important and most popular places. Because we can offer you to visit only in the most memorable of them. If you're wondering what to see in Yaroslavl for a few days off – here's the list.

The most popular sights of Yaroslavl

Recall that in this town all unusual, therefore, one of the most interesting places for a walk is a Gazebo on the Volga embankment, which has already become the most favorite place for locals and guests. It is a building of the last century, every element is a display of style and skill of the author. She was built in the 1840s, Then it was impossible to imagine that she will win the hearts of millions and become the most famous decoration of the whole city. It is called the "Heart of Yaroslavl", "Temple of love", "a place of solitude". Here reigns a special atmosphere, which feels every visitor. In the course of historical events, it was subjected to reconstruction, but it did not affect the beauty and style of the whole structure.

 CHto posmotret v YAroslavle za odin den?

The Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery – a very important and significant landmark. For all the years of its existence, visited by millions of tourists. It was built in the XII century, but the exact date in the archives to find it. Conventionally, it is considered a very old building with a rich history. Originally, the Cathedral existed as a place for worship, then it was elevated to the rank of defensive structures, and distinctive architecture and location – it became the repository for the Imperial Treasury. Today it is the Central building in the center of the monastery. A unique monastery and the fact that it is located near an amazingly beautiful nature reserve-Museum, which houses valuable icons of different periods. This place is different from all other spiritual buildings and constructions, every place here is Holy.

If you go to Yaroslavl in the period from December via March will see something extraordinarily beautiful. After all many know that at this time the city takes a special kind. Don't worry about what to see in Yaroslavl in winter as it is the best time to travel. Especially if the completion of a wonderful winter excursion you will travel to the Church of Peter and Paul, which is the prototype of Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Its location will allow you to observe the beauty of nature, you will be able to appreciate the superb architectural skills of the building. This place is considered sacred, it is very useful to attend Church with the children.

The whole of the city there are more than 800 of the most interesting attractions, among them:

  • museums andlocks,
  • children's organizations and institutions
  • parkland and many modern hotels.

This city represents the passage of time, rarely in one place can exist as values. All things are unique here, the city is so unique that to describe a place is hard. Not just and to recommend some specific places. The local population says that here you need to go purposefully and not just for a few days, since even two full days you will not be able to have time to see everything important.

1. Enchanting place exists in Veliky Yaroslavl, it is called a triangle from the Church of St. John Chrysostom, the churches of Vladimir and Yaroslavl candle. This complex represents the whole ensemble, which was created in the distant past, but remains a place of everyone's attention. The visual appeal of each building due to not re-style and painting walls enable you to notice the special talent of craftsmen. In the world, Yaroslavl is called the Holy city, but there are a lot of temples, cathedrals, churches and monasteries.

2. The Tolga monastery, Church of Elijah the Prophet, Nikola Nadein Church – very beautiful buildings to visit, and everyone should. Of course, if you have time, then you need to go on a trip to each of them, but if time is limited then you can build your personal plan of visiting important sights and beautiful parts of the city.

 CHto posmotret v YAroslavle zimoj?

Very often it happens that the modern tour programs are based on several options, while they are all very rich and interesting. If you prefer a free walk, from such offers you can unsubscribe. To organize a tour is not difficult, because all are very important and beautiful places.

3. Also to add to your second day of your stay in the city you can visit modern museums, which many in the city. Based on your Hobbies, you have the opportunity go to:

  • Private Museum "Music and time" - Volzhskaya Naberezhnaya, 33a, open every day from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • The Yaroslavl Art Museum the Volga embankment, 23. Days to visit are Tue-Thu 10:00-18:00.
  • The Museum of entertaining science of Einstein (for parents and children). Address - street Sobinova, 47.
  • Yaroslavl Museum of military glory. It is located at the address: Uglichskaya St., 44a. A feature of the institution that he works under the open sky, and therefore admission is free.

Program for parents and children

Recall that for those who have travelled to this corner of Russia with children, the program can be designed to please the child a bright impressions. The main feature of the city is that all children's activities are always interesting and adults.

Wondering what to see in Yaroslavl, with children – here is the full list for you.

Depending on what you like, you can visit as a specialized children's museums, galleries and parks. A very beautiful and memorable are:

  • Botanical Garden.
  • The Volga River Embankment.
  • The Island Damansky.
  • River station.
  • Estate Of N.. Nekrasov "Karabikha".

Children's railway and zoo – has always been a favorite places where you can see a lot of interesting things. Therefore, driving with a child here, you will be able to give him a very fascinating tour. The Dolphinarium, which is located in the village of Dubki definitely appeal to the child and will be the perfect end to a family holiday. The repertoire of the theaters of the city can also attract your attention, children's productions will appeal to young viewers.

 CHto posmotret v YAroslavle s detmi?

No matter when and how much you'll travel to this wonderful city. The time you spend here will be remembered for always, this area of Russia will open new horizons for you, you will want to return and experience the freedom that is felt only here.

Remember that in spring the air is filled with fragrance of flowers, summer is warm and beautiful, the subtle play of sunlight allow you to see all facets of beauty.

If I were in Yaroslavl in winter – remember the snow Kingdom, snow covered domes of the churches, and in the fall will be able to notice the play of colors and the charm of the Park.