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What to bring to Thailand from the medicines and things?

CHto s soboj brat v Tajland?

Among the exotic destinations that have recently become popular among tourists around the world, the Kingdom of Thailand occupies a special place. Luxury climate, pristine beauty of nature, unique architectural monuments, the exceptional kindness of the local population make a lasting impression on travellers this is truly a Paradise on Earth. What to take to Thailand - a question that inevitably faces those wishing to visit this amazing, unlike any other, a country full of secrets and mysteries.

Collect closet

The climate of Thailand, where eternal summer reigns, radically different from the weather conditions of our country. Replaced broiling sun come a prolonged rainy periods. To the vagaries of the weather are unable to stop to enjoy a great vacation in the lush Siam ( this was in ancient times the name of Thailand), is to attend to your wardrobe is the most consistent with climatic characteristics of tropical latitudes.

By the way, not a good idea to take a few suitcases of things at all occasions. Clothing in Thailand is pretty cheap, and if necessary, you will be able to buy the missing things on the spot.

Experienced travelers recommend to do a minimal set of clothes, which must be extremely light and well ventilated summer clothes:

  • shorts
  • shirt
  • tops,
  • skirts,
  • dresses and tunics made of natural fabrics

It is exactly those things in which you will feel most comfortable in the hot climate of Thailand. If you are prone to sunburn, a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt will protect you from the searing Thai sun.

Special attention should be paid to shoes, which in any case should not cause discomfort when walking. Maximum open sandals or lightweight flip-flops will become your faithful companions during long walks or trips to the beach. Easy Slippers or moccasins may also be useful in the journey, especially if dry and hot weather will change to rain. We also put in the suitcase nnepromokaemoy coat or raincoat.

An integral part of the equipment of tourists traveling to the country with a hot climate, are a hat and sunglasses. These not occupying too much space in the suitcase, the items of clothing will protect you from the scorching sun rays and protect from possible heat stroke.

Going to Thailand, be sure to bring swimming trunks and swimsuit. The country is famous for its beautiful beaches, beautiful tropical Islands, amazing sea holiday. For a more detailed exploration of the tropical Islands, which are part of the Kingdom, visiting the many waterfalls and walks on the beach, might want a special "coral" sneakers, which will protect your feet from cuts.

Wondering what to take to Thailand, keep in mind that you definitely need a light jacket or sweater. Thai trains and buses work with powerful air conditioning, and without warm clothes you'll have a hard time. If you are planning to go to the North of Thailand, don't forget to take warm clothes - the temperature at night in this part of the country can drop to 10 degrees.

If you plan to do outdoor activities, then you should take care of ammunition for the sport. Compared with normal clothing, the prices of sports equipment in Thailand is quite high. So, if you want to admire the beauty of the sea depths, a mask and fins is preferable to take with you.

CHto brat v Tajland?

Of course, in Thailand there is a mass of rolling settlements, however, the quality of the devices is poor. Also costly quality camping equipment, so fans of Hiking all the necessary gear (clothes and shoes) take.


Of course, that in Thailand there is an extensive network of pharmacies where you can buy any drug. However, unfamiliar packaging, and the inability to purchase certain medications without a doctor's prescription, creating certain difficulties for Russian tourists. What medications take to Thailand - this is one of the pressing issues of concern to travelers, especially newcomers, first time traveling to this exotic country. Before you travel make sure you bring the following medications:

  • sunscreen to prevent sunburn
  • one of the burns means in case you have managed to burn under the scorching Thai sun
  • among the healing tools, many prefer the Panthenol, the most effective spray for burns
  • painkillers
  • antipyretic drugs (usually each of our compatriot has its own list of preferred drugs, among which the most popular are Nurofen, paracetamol, analgin, activated charcoal, aspirin, Pepto, ibuprofen)
  • cure digestive disorders will also be useful in your pharmacyArsenal. Exotic Thai cuisine, unusual for the stomachs of the average Russians, can play a cruel joke with you at the most inopportune moment. Regidron and smecta will help to restore health
  • plasters, bandages, wet wipes, iodine, hydrogen peroxide must also be at hand in case of emergencies
  • be sure to bring those medications assigned to you by your doctor (for chronic diseases and illnesses that require constant medication).

If you value your health. before the trip to Thailand is to make a number of inoculations that will allow you to continue to keep it in excellent condition. Is vaccination against hepatitis A and hepatitis B. in addition, a tetanus vaccination is recommended and vaccination against MMR and diphtheria.

Kakie lekarstva brat v Tajland??

Necessary stuff

Today, many tourists do not go on the road without electronic gadgets - laptops, tablets, phones, etc. in addition to chargers which unconditionally must be attached to each device in Thailand should get a voltage regulator. The question - for what? - there is a simple answer. For Thailand, characterized by frequent voltage fluctuations in the mains. And if you don't want to risk their precious electronic devices, don't forget to put in a suitcase the easiest stabilizer.

The beauty of the underwater world will delight you and your loved ones, if you capture it with a camera lens designed specially for underwater shooting. Underwater photography will bring you incomparable pleasure that you can share with the world.

Money and documents

In a journey across the country should not take a large amount of cash, you run the risk of losing it very quickly. Fifty dollars or euros will be enough for casual pocket expenses. The main part of the carrying amount should be put on the map, which can be calculated in terminals or withdraw cash at ATMs. The card must be accepted overseas, verify this before departure. Possible to take cards of different banks.

It is advisable to bring a driver's licenseif you plan to rent a car or other vehicle.

By the way, bring a invalid credit card. They will be required as Deposit for rental.

Medical insurance, offered by almost all tour operators will help you solve many health problems without any cost. Medical services in Thailand is quite expensive, and is better protected from possible financial losses.

Make advance photocopies of their passports and tickets back. Don't forget to bring your original passport and tickets.

A trip to Thailand for the long term

Today, many travel to this wonderful country not only to relax but to work. The list of things which you should take, can be supplemented with some useful accessories, mainly relating to the arrangement of your mobile office. The main instrument of production of modern working traveler is a laptop. So remember, first and foremost, to bring all the necessary for fruitful work on it. This, of course, convenient carry bag, charger, earphones with microphone, plug adapters, external hard drive, a modem and a waterproof cover for the bag.

It is not necessary to bring too bulky Luggage, pocketing his belongings at all occasions. All you need, you can buy in Thailand.

Thailand - vacation in a fairy tale

Puteshestvie v Tajland

The journey to this fantastic country resembles the plot of one of the wonderful fairy tales read in childhood. Almost everyone who visited the Kingdom of Thailand returns again and again to get into the enchanting atmosphere of the eternal feast that reigns here.

When visiting temples, do not wear too revealing clothes here that will be seen as disrespectful to the culture and traditions of the country.

If you stick to accepted in Thailand rules and customs, your holidays will truly be Royal, you will definitely come back here again and again to refresh the magical memories Siam - a country of miracles.