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How much money to take to Spain on 7, 10, 14 days?

Ckolko deneg brat v Ispaniu na 7, 10, 14 dnej?

Most tourists prefer to relax in such countries as Spain, Turkey, Greece, etc. no matter where you go, the main question for every tourist is the cost of the holiday. Let's talk how much you have to spend for a comfortable stay in Spain.

Of course, specific costs can not be called. But about to find out how much money to take to Spain on 7, 10, 14 days is quite real.

Spain's official currency is the Euro. Until 2002 was peseta. The money now is in Vogue in some remote villages. So before you go you must check the information. You can bring dollars or rubles, but the Commission for currency conversion in this country is too high and varies from 10 to 20 euros, but not less than 30 euros.

The cost of staying depends on your financial capabilities. We consider the average stay, taking into account excursions, shopping, etc. the Average cost of a holiday in Spain 1500 to 2000 euros. To calculate the approximate cost of 7, 10, 14 days, you need to understand how much you will spend per day. Approximate costs are 50-70 euros per day. The main expenditure items include:

  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Tours
  • Souvenirs
  • Other expenses (visit to the sauna, relax on the beach, rent a car, etc.)

Now consider all points in order.

The cost of food in Spain

The most important factor of rest. The average cost of the complex lunch – 10-15€. Light Breakfast (coffee and croissant) – 2-3 euros. Dinner for two at restaurant with wine and candlelight – 50-70 euros. Paella will cost 10-23 euros. Prices are focused on the center, and the farther, the cheaper. Also do not forget about the tip – 5-6% of the cost of lunch (in the hotel – 1 Euro). In addition, in some cafes you can deduct for lunch in the fresh air of 15-20%. Ordinary inexpensive "fast food" similar to our table – go with a tray, place food and pay.

The cost of shopping

One of the important components of the holiday in Spain (especially for women). Why for them? Because men may prefer a collectible wine, expensive cheese, etc. But the woman's a vacation without shopping is not a vacation.

Traditionally in Spain arrange summer and winter sale. It is very convenient and beneficial for our visitors, as you can buy clothes for little money. In the first days of sales discounts amount to about 30%, and in the last days of 50-70%. Despite this, buy clothes during a sale is that in the early days, because at the end of the sale you could hardly find the correct size.

shoping v Ispanii

If taken as a whole, prices for clothing in Spain is lower than in Russia. Average jacket can be bought for 40 euros, jeans – 15-20, shirt 5-10. In the market collapse, you can buy a lot of clothes for 5-10 euros.

With regards to brands, the situation is a little different. On well-known brand clothing prices are very high.

The only and the cheapest brand in Spain, Zara. This is a Spanish manufacturer of world-famous clothes, so the prices are much lower than anywhere else.

Tours in Spain

Spain is a country on the Mediterranean coast. Therefore, it is worth noting that prices in the Mediterranean resorts are much higher than in the usual Turkey, Egypt, etc., However, they are acceptable to connoisseurs of leisure. Let's focus on the popular resorts of Spain.

The most famous and visited resort in Barcelona. There really is something to see – the diverse architecture of different times, the buildings of Antonio Gaudi and other buildings of the modern era. Also with Barcelona you can go to France where you will be able to look at old Carcassonne. The price of this trip is about 150 Euro.

Ekskursiya v Barselonu

Madrid, Ibiza, Mallorca is a very popular resorts. A trip to Cape Formentor in Mallorca, the historic city of Toledo in Madrid, incredible diving in Ibiza will bring an unforgettable experience. The cost of these resorts is about 150 euros.

Santa Cruz, Valencia, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada is also quite popular resorts. There are many famous attractions that every tourist just needs to pay attention. The cost of a trip to one of these resorts – 60-90 euros.


Here as they say "on taste and color". In General, the acquisition of costly Souvenirs you will bring. All sorts of magnets, key chains, etc. are from 0.5 to 10 Euro ashtray is 3-6 euros, veer – 5-35 euros. Buying Souvenirs – a necessary thing, and not expensive.

Other expenses

It is advisable to purchase a ticket for the trip because the cost of living in Spanish hotels is from 50 to 90 euros per day. For survey of sights you will need a car. It is desirable to rent for the whole duration of stay – it is cheaper. The rental cost for one day is 20-120€, for a week – 300 euros. In addition, you can rent a motorbike and other vehicles are significantly cheaper than cars. As we have said – a tip, because they also belong to the daily expenses. Hike bath costs about 5 euros. The entrance to the nightclub isfrom 5 to 10 euros.

Now consider the money

The final amount for the trip to Spain can not be called. However, some can still count. If you are shooting the hotel, the day you will spend from 110 to 160 euros. If accommodation is included in the trip, the amount will be much lower, at 50-70 euros. So, egged on by the final results of the question "How much money to take to Spain":

  • 7 days of rest, we need to calculate the amount of 450 euros
  • 10 days – € 600
  • 14 days – 900 Euro

In addition, you must have a few hundred euros in stock to feel confident. Have a good trip and a pleasant stay!