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Attractions of Disneyland Paris (photo and video)

Attrakciony v Disnejlende v Parizhe

To organize your kid this fabulous adventure absolutely easy – just go to a world where life the characters of favorite cartoons. Just imagine what great emotions for you and your kids: Disneyland Paris, amusement, romance, Mickey mouse and Rapunzel, you will be able to "dip into" picture "finding Nemo", to go with a Sleeping Beauty.

How not to stumble on the "closed doors"?

The Park is situated close to the centre of Paris is only half an hour away. The town of Marne-La-vallée is East of the capital of romance, there you can easily reach by public transport. Disneyland was founded in 1992. It's not just the amusement Park is a "city" with a developed infrastructure. Located on the premises:

  • Incredible rides;
  • Boutique village;
  • Business quarter;
  • The residential quarter.

You can play on one of the most elegant fields in the game of aristocrats – Golf, before heading out to dine at one of 50 restaurants located in the Park.

Music lovers will easily be able to enjoy country, rock-n-roll and disco in one of three themed clubs.

The Park is open year round, the flow of tourists are not afraid of winter in Paris, and Vice versa – Disneyland comes to life like under a white blanket of January.


  • The Park is open from 10:00 to 22:30;
  • Disney Studio welcomes guests from 10:00 to 18:00.

Official website www.disneylandparis.ru will help you to book hotels, to use the "VIP escorts". By the way, the Park is famous for huge queues. Inexperienced tourists can stand more than four hours in the queue for one of the rides for the sake of two minutes of "extreme enjoyment." You can do much simpler:

"VIP support" for reviews of all visitors to the Park will help you for a small amount to see the beauty of each attraction, located on the territory and forget about the queues.

The area of Disneyland is amazing – more than 2,000 hectares, where every meter is able to impress even the most sophisticated and discerning travelers. This is the largest Park in Europe, by the way – the Paris tale is a replica of the American Disneyland. Disney Studio Park delights visitors with for 13 years – every visitor can visit "on the set". K word, all along the streets the houses are built in the style of completely different eras, conceptual for film Studio MGM.

Five components of happiness: area of Disneyland

The Park is divided into 5 zones with different contents and contents: Main street U. S. A, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. Each part is unique, you will be able to find your area, to plunge into the adventure of Indiana Jones or enjoy skiing on the cups of the famous cartoon about Beauty and the Beast.

Main street U. S. A – visit to the Walt disney

The main road of the USA (Main street U. S. A) is the classic story of the last century. Here you will see amazing similarities with his native town of Walt Disney. On this street there is no theme on both sides is colorful houses and shops. Let me remind you of the good past vintage cars that rolled up and down. To use the services of transport can be anyone. Who would refuse to ride with the breeze on a retro car which looks perfect?

The final chord in your journey into the past, namely, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, will be the castle of Sleeping Beauty.

Buying Souvenirs, you can get in other parts of the Park, and ladies can enjoy beauty salon, located here. The railway will give you a cute train, which will bring you around in a circle absolutely all areas of the Park.

We must pay tribute to the architects – in the Disneyland resort not only the best attractions, but also magnificent scenery. Traveling by train will offer you a delightful fields, beautiful rivers and picturesque lagoon.
Disnejlend v Parizhe - foto attrakcionov

One of the main advantages Main street U. S. A – it is satisfied with the Disney Parade, Wishes fireworks and the light parade FANTILLUSION! Every action amazes tourists with scope and grandeur.

Discoveryland – forward to the future or "Hello, Jules Verne"

Country discoveries "opens doors" for all adventurers! You have never seen – the whole area is made in the style of Jules Verne, or rather, his fantastic notions of the future.

A dizzying ride Space Mountain – a real test even for the "strong-willed". Unusual catapult in seconds will take you to the heart of the moon from this "insidious baggage" will take you through meteors and obstacles to the dream of the writer.

Space Mountain can be called the most extreme ride in the Park. Make sure that you can even not leaving the house enough to see the video with the attractions of Disneyland Paris and enjoy the emotions of visitors.

What can you do with kids while you test your nerve on the roller coaster? Country discoveries is the show "Legend of the Lion King". The musical will captivate even fidgets – a dramatic story, forever won the hearts of millionsthe people of the world come alive here every day. A half-hour show can be enjoyed by kids and adults – you don't need to remember the magnificence of this painting and look at it from a different angle.

Fantasyland – tree-with Peter pan, Wonderland with Alice

The most fantastic place for kids all over the Park. Country fantasy will meet you:

  • a great Maze, known from the tale "Alice in Wonderland",
  • caves of dragons
  • fabulous carousels,
  • Peter Pan
  • meet snow white and the seven dwarfs.

All sides are heard the tunes of the most diverse, but unconditionally the most loved cartoons and westerns.

Disnejlend v Parizhe - video attrakcionov

From the land of fantasy you will bring many joyful emotions and bright impressions, but also hundreds of photos of your baby with cartoon characters. By the way, many adults are difficult to resist such a magical atmosphere, perhaps you will run to Mickey to cuddle and will be asking passers-by to take a picture with your favorite childhood memories, come to life in front of you.

Frontierland – a classic melody of "Wild West"

"Trick or treat?" – Bordering countries will meet you melody of the Wild West. Here everyone will be able to stand on the side of fearless cowboys or lead a tribe of Indians. Don't forget to decorate the face for maximum merge with the General atmosphere.

Border country gives you Big Thunder Mountain and Phantom Manor – a magnificent roller-coaster and Ghost house. Be sure to visit these marvelous attractions – collect all will in a fist, and remember that you are a real cowboy or Indian.

Here you can watch Mickey and his adventures, and also enjoy the Tarzan Show. Be bolder, in the end the situation, so to speak, obliges.

Adventureland – in the pursuit of Robinson Crusoe and Indiana Jones!

Real pirate refuge stretches in the Country adventure. Hard to imagine, but this area has inspired famous filmmakers on the shooting of the film "pirates of the Caribbean", and not Vice versa. After the film the scenery of the area was complemented and slightly corrected.

Attraction Pirates of The Caribbean meets you unwelcoming cave, where you will find a boat. As we descend, you will meet a terrible and bloodthirsty pirates, skeletons, and most importantly – great treasures. Of course, entertainment is not for the faint of heart, so the kiddies here to do absolutely nothing. They can enjoy other, no less stunning, entertainment.

A huge tree of Robinson Crusoe lies in the Central part of the Country adventure. Pirate ship located nearby, island adventure maze beckons visitors with its mystique. Perhaps this is the most exciting area in the whole Park. There is entertainment for the curious.

Area fully equipped for climbing in trees, bridges, you will be able to pass through the waterfalls and avalanches of water, to repulse a pirate attack on your ship.

Another interesting attraction is considered to be "Indiana Jones". Here you will find a quest you need to go through the maze, cross hanging over the abyss the bridge and find the island that holds all the secrets of fabulous amusement Park. Indeed, the most striking that can offer you Disneyland Paris rides, pictures of which will be the pride of your family album.

Walt Disney Studio Store – comfort your curiosity

We continue our fabulous journey at Disneyland Paris. Next, we have Park Studios. It is formally divided into four zones corresponding to the shooting process:

  • The world behind the scenes;
  • Hollywood Boulevard;
  • The world of animations;
  • Set.

Disnejlend v Parizhe zimoj

Park Studios: film set

The journey will begin from the set. Here everyone will be able to witness the process of creating films. Spotlights-stunt-special effects – there's just no place for boredom.

Hollywood Boulevard: enjoy a copy

Hollywood Boulevard in the Paris Park is the exact analogue of the famous Boulevard of the stars in Los Angeles. In this area presented a gift shop, "shop" accessories that are left here after the filming of the famous movie and photo Studio. If you are already tired on the road – have a look at a cozy restaurant or buy something in one of the eateries on wheels that roams around Hollywood Boulevard and down.

You don't draw? Oh, come on! The world animations to help you!

The world of animations will allow you to enjoy the most memorable moments from filming the popular disney cartoons. All visitors are offered to try yourself in the role of the artist one of the cartoons – don't hesitate, definitely take the chance, even if you have never held a pencil in hand and can't draw anything except chamomile or honey.

Risk – a noble cause! The world behind the scenes, submit to only the brave

Area the World behind the scenes numerous special effects, incredible bends and breathtaking race. Here you will find a cozy restaurant and a souvenir shop. To entertain the guests ready car-stunt – this show will help you get a boost of fun tricks. Sight enjoys crazy popular. Hard to imagine, but on youreyes will come alive with unpredictable plot of "James bond" epic shootouts, car chases, explosions, and more specifically for you.

A place for the popular rockers – Disneyland various

Aerosmith inspired the creators of the Park Studios to create a unique roller coaster Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. The music of the popular group you'll take the "train" in a dizzying adventure at a crazy speed. At one stage you are upside down in total darkness toward the unknown, heard only the roar of the beloved rock.

Disnejlend v Parizhe letom

Park Studios: what else you can see?

Disneyland Paris Park Studios will give you the opportunity to ride on the tram among the most popular decorations. You will be able to see the plane from the popular film "pearl Harbor", to touch the Rover. Of course, all available submarine of the famous "Adventures of captain Vrungel" and many more.

We must pay tribute to disney – very often in connection with the release of new films and cartoons, the Park updated and various attractions and decorations. For example, in honor of the 15th anniversary were installed new exciting rides. One of them is a swing in the shape of cups from the most popular cartoon of the last years "Cars".

Disney Village, take a piece of Disney with them

Between the parks, hotels and various attractions located Disney Village. A real fantastic little girls waiting for their mom – here is the best Barbie. Just imagine the delight of the beautiful half of humanity!

Here found shelter dozens of different huge store with the most incredible goods, night clubs, discos, bars. Music on any "taste and color" coming from different angles.

This is a huge area. Most institutions in the Disney Village work even after closing the other two Parks. Go to the dance after visiting all the attractions, enjoy some interesting movie in theaters, visit the bowling alley. In upscale shops you can buy Souvenirs, which are directly connected with the history of Disney.

Golf Disneyland – feel like an aristocrat

Golf Disneyland resort Paris is a professional courts, 27-hole course. You will be able to play together with the pros in a great site with a perfect finish. In the same area is one of the best hotels in the Radisson SAS, which opens the door for all visitors to fairytale town.

Is it possible to go to Disneyland in the winter?

Disneyland is open all year. For guests who want to visit the winter "tale" provides a variety of promotions and special offers. In January, the Park welcomes guests with the most fascinating shows devoted to Christmas.

Just imagine – around you, hundreds of Santa clauses and snow maidens, Mickey mouse dressed in winter attire, ceremonial performance ends with gifts for the little ones, a hot Cup of tea with cake is served at a nearby cozy restaurant. By the way, your child will be incredibly happy to go to Disneyland for a winter vacation. But the parents in addition to the fabulous travel can fully enjoy the romantic Paris – believe me, in winter it's even more beautiful.

Parizh zimoj

It should be noted that neither in summer nor in winter do not have to stand in queues. Finally developed the system of purchase of electronic tickets that you want only to print.

They do not have to exchange at the box office, and that means you save a lot of time. Don't forget to hire a guide in the framework of the program "VIP-support" and not to stand in queues for the rides. Give dream for themselves and their children! Go to Disneyland!