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Attractions Anapa - photo and description

Dostoprimechatelnosti Anapy (foto)

Resort town of Anapa is one of the most attractive resorts to tourists. Attractions Anapa (pictured) attract tourists as much as it is famous for its climate. In the city and vicinity there was an ancient crossroads of culture, evidenced by the many monuments that reached our days. The territory of Anapa was inhabited long before our era. The most ancient monuments which have reached our days in conjunction with "young" historical objects are of historical heritage, which attracts many to this city.

Gorgippiya (foto)

Discover the sights of the city are advised to start with one of the greatest open-air Museum Gorgippia. Gorgippia (pictured) is an ancient city. Getting acquainted with this attraction, you know how Grand this city was in ancient times. Scientists conducting a series of excavations, restored partial blocks of the ancient city, its bridges. Found many objects of everyday life of residents of the ancient city that can recreate the way of life and the life of those who lived in the area.

Sklep Geroon (foto)The following paragraph of the city of Anapa, which are worth a visit is the Museum. The Museum presents exhibits connected with the history of the city. If after visiting the Museum you are interested in the history of the city to continue to study, visit as a walking Crypt Geroon (pictured). Once all of this tomb was painted with frescoes, but under the pressure of time and historical events they were destroyed, but the monumentality of the structure is still visible in the large white stone blocks that built the tomb.

gorodskaya Naberezhnaya Anapy (foto)The city-resort of Anapa is good because here you can combine relaxation with cultural activities. Another attraction of the city, you after arriving in town don't miss - the gorgeous city Promenade (pictured), which is a favorite destination not only visitors but also local people. The beauty of the Black sea and the original architecture of the promenade create a unique romantic mood.

Russkie vorota v Anape (foto)Continuing the historic journey to Anapa, you should watch the Russian gate (on the photo), they are the main attraction of the 18th century. They are on the site of the once impregnable Turkish fortress. Rest in Anapa was refreshing. You should visit the Pearl waterfall near the village of Bolshoi Utrish. The waterfall is only five and a half meters, but its beauty is not inferior to the beautiful waterfalls of Venezuela and Africa. About the city and its attractions it is possible to speak long, but still it is better to see with your own eyes.