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The sights of Barcelona and surroundings (photo and description)

Dostoprimechatelnosti Barselony i okrestnostej

Spain is a beautiful city, museums, ancient monuments, picturesque landscapes, superb Mediterranean beaches. Barcelona must be the most lively, the most "European" shopping city of Spain. Old buildings, palaces and churches combine with modern buildings and industrial life of the city, being an essential Barcelona attractions and neighborhoods of the capital. We present a brief overview of the highlights with photos.

What to see in Barcelona?

  • Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família (Expiatory temple of the Holy Family). No Sagrada Familia, it is hard to imagine the Catalan capital. Famous Antonio Gaudi worked here all my life, without going anywhere. When he was gone, the construction of the temple continued for drawings and layouts, is it now, work is scheduled to be completed only by 2026.
  • Font màgica de Montjuïc. The singing fountain in Barcelona. To see this spectacle will take place on the steps of the National Palace (Palau Nacional) before dark. Who was able to climb directly to the Palace, can also see a fascinating evening panorama of Barcelona.
  • Park Güell. It is also a creation of Antonio Gaudi. The main attraction of the Park is the Grand staircase which will lead you to the hall of hundred columns. Here is the famous mosaic dragon and a bench made of ceramics and broken glass. The hall itself is embedded in the hillside. So you'll have to work hard to climb the Park's terraces located above, to the pavilions and buildings, walking the alleys.
  • Barrio Gotico. The Gothic quarter, the highest point is the Acropolis of Barcelona, here you will plunge into the atmosphere of the middle ages, admire the old churches, the town Hall, Cathedral, will see the Government Palace and other sights.
  • La Rambla. This street crosses the Old city and It stretches, passing plaça Catalunya, to the water's edge. Restaurants, kiosks, flowers, Souvenirs, a variety of Goodies (the famous jamon!) and even Pets - it's here. The Rambla ends at the Old port, the tall statue of Columbus, who has stretched forth his hand to the side of America.
  • Camp Nou. Football fans will be interested to visit the famous stadium, which is always open for tourists. In the Museum you will learn about the history and celebrities of FC Barcelona

La Pedrera House, Battlo, La Pedrera, the Episcopal Palace, the cottage El Capriccio, gazebos, all kinds of grates, railings, stained glass Windows... Barcelona is often called the "pearl of Catalonia". That you have been here, will never regret. You will be glad you were able to wander through the narrow streets of this city, which many call "the pearl of Catalonia", as well as the surrounding area!