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Attractions of Egypt - photo and description

Dostoprimechatelnosti Egipta - foto

The mesmerizing beauty of the red sea unrestrained attracts millions of tourists. Arriving in Egypt, no tourist can resist from a large number of attractions that keeps this country. What is in Egypt besides the pyramids and the Sphinx?

Abdin Palace

Dvorec Abdin (foto)

One of the first places, which of course would want to see. It is not just a historic Palace, it spends its working hours the President of Egypt. It is located in Cairo, close to the streets of Kasr El – nil, which is located in the Eastern part of the city. This Palace was built 10 years starting in 1863. The official opening of the Palace took place in 1874. The construction took 700 000 Egyptian pounds, 2 000 000 GBP for the decoration of the Palace inside.

The Palace holds 500 rooms. On the lower floors housed the Museum: Presidential Museum gifts and Royal family Museum of historical documents, the Armoury Museum and others. On the upper floors all preserved in its original form, as it was during the life of the Royal family.

This Palace is considered one of the most splendid among the palaces in the world. In his collection includes many paintings, decorations and much more, if anything, most of them trimmed with gold. Abdin Palace (pictured) was built as the official residence of the Egyptian government, to replace the Citadel of Cairo. And it was used for ceremonies and official events.

Zoos Of Egypt

Zoopark Gizyn (foto)

  1. Alexandria Zoological Park. The main task of the zoo and leisure visitors, and not learning and stories about animals. In this zoo there are a large number of rare species of animals, including endangered species. For tourists or indigenous people who have finances also have the opportunity to see the animals walking around the zoo. The zoo has a "reptile House", where you can see Nile crocodile, endangered Egyptian tortoise, Egyptian Cobra, etc .Also in the collection of the zoo has different species of bears, including the polar bear, zebras, giraffes, Asian elephants, Bengal tigers, California sea lions, hippos, leopards, hyenas, nilgai, afganskie horned sernobyk, and many species of monkeys.
  2. The Giza zoo (pictured). Considered one of the largest Zoological gardens of Egypt. The location of the zoo and Cairo. This is the only green area in the city, including the Park of Cairo. Its area is about 100 acres. The Giza zoo is home to a large number of endangered species of animals belonging to the local fauna. Just as in the Alexandrian zoo has a "reptile House" and the room with the stuffed animals. The Park has a suspension bridge, designed by Gustav Eiffela project. The big advantage of this zoo is that it has been bred successfully many species of rare animals.

Museums Of Egypt

  1. Great Museum. This new Museum, planned area of 50 hectares. In 2002 5 January , Hosni Mubarak (President of Egypt) laid the stone of Foundation of the Museum. Its construction has been spent about $ 550 million. This Museum is located in Giza, about two kilometers from the Giza pyramids. There is a Museum on the draft Irish company from Dublin "Heneghan Peng". Museum walls are made of translucent stone, the halls in the form of oblique triangles.
  2. Children's Museum of Cairo. The Museum is located in Heliopolis, in the Park. Opened in 2011, in September. This Museum is the largest in the Arab country. The idea of building this Museum belongs to the wife of the President of Egypt, who was at the time, Suzanne Mubarak. The Museum tells the history of Egypt, beginning from the first days of its existence. Hall of the Museum dedicated to the Red sea, it is possible to get acquainted with the living flora and fauna in the sea. Also has dedicated plants and animals of the desert exhibition. As well as the halls of the craft and the structure of the person, and information room, where you can find a lot of interesting materials.
  3. Kairskij muzej (foto)

  4. Cairo Museum (pictured). Also used the name Egyptian Museum. The Museum is located in Cairo, on the main street in Tahrir square. Built in 1900, on the draft Maesela Donana,in the neoclassical style. Opened in 1902godu. This Museum is the greatest repository of ancient Egyptian art things. In the Museum's collections include more than 120,000 artifacts from ancient Egypt.
  5. The Nubian Museum. A Museum dedicated to the history and culture of Nubia. There is a Museum in the southern part of Aswan, an area of 50 thousand square meters. The space dedicated to the library and halls, and is 7 thousand, the rest of the square is a beautiful Park. Head of the Museum – scientist Dr. Ossama Abd El Majid. The Museum houses some of the exhibits from the Cairo Museum. The Museum also displays artifacts found by archaeologists on elephantine. In the Museum's collections include more than 3 000 exhibits, which are divided into five departments: ancient Egyptian and Nubian; Roman and ancient; prehistoric; Islamic; Coptic. In the Museuma large number of luxury finds. Among them, the gold jewelry found in the tombs in Upper Egypt, the pharaohs.

And it's not the whole list, which included the greatest attractions of Egypt. Egypt is large with its history, because only then there is the story about the ancient pyramids and pharaohs. He simultaneously fascinates with its mystery and greatness of its history.

An overview of the main sights of Egypt in this video: