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France attractions - photos and description

Dostoprimechatelnosti Francii - foto i opisanie

France. Elegant and eternally young, this country like no other, is synonymous with charm, romance, beauty and elegance. You're in love or looking for love, you need fresh ideas and inspiration for creativity or you just want to enjoy the beauty in all its manifestations, then France is for You! God has generously endowed this country with many tourist delights: countless monuments of architecture and art, blue coast and white mountaintops, emerald grape valleys, great food and probably the best in the world of wine.

The question of "What to see?" in France is not relevant, what would have stopped Your eye – are all worthy of attention! And yet, let me introduce the great sights of France with photos and descriptions of places that represent this country.


Versal - foto i opisanie

Versailles (pictured) - a luxurious Palace complex, located in the suburbs of Paris, one of the most visited attractions in France. The French call this place "luxury". Everything here is striking in its grandeur and scope. The main Palace complex was built in the 17th century and was the residence of king Louis XIV. Chambers of the Palace decorated with gold, marble and velvet.

Around the castle more than 100 hectares spread gardens and parks. Many sculptures, alleys, lawns, and promenades, canals, fountains and pools with grottos. All this splendor, in a strict formal style, served as the stage for the court life of the French nobility.

Champs Elysees

Elisejskie polya - foto i opisanie

Champs Elysees (pictured) is a center of Parisian life. The most famous of the Parisian street originated in the early seventeenth century on the site of marshes. Now the total length of the street is more than 7 km and a width of 70 meters. Elysian fields is divided into a Park and downtown.

Start your promenade from Concorde, walk slowly along the beautiful shops, sit on the terrace of one of the cozy cafes.

Especially the beautiful Champs elysées in the evening, when everything is beautifully illuminated, is illuminated by lights of the big city.

Bored while walking just do not have, because here are concentrated the major Parisian landmarks:

  • Arch
  • The Elysee Palace
  • the palaces of the Grand and Petit Palais
  • The Palace of discovery
  • the Jacquemart-andré Museum

Eiffel tower

Ejfeleva bashnya - foto i opisanie

The Eiffel tower (pictured) was built in 1889-th as a temporary structure, but due to various reasons she was destined to become the eternal symbol of Paris.

After dark, this homely design is a magical, shimmering lights of the lighthouse, which is visible at any point of the city. On top of the tower, at a height of more than three hundred meters, the observation deck is located. Needless to say, that it offers the best views of France, the great symbol of which it is?