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Attractions Yekaterinburg: what to look for one or two days and where to go with kids

dostoprimechatelnosti goroda Ekaterinburga

Yekaterinburg is a city located in the Urals, it is the largest giant in the industrial sector is the fourth largest city population in the Russian Federation, and remains a center of culture and science in their region.

If You had a chance to visit Ekaterinburg sights of the city, which has remained unchanged since the pre-revolutionary period, will not leave You indifferent to the beautiful, mysterious and full of fascinating places the city will want to return again.

Here annually attracts tourists from both Russia and other countries; it's beautiful, the city is filled with numerous museums, landmarks, architectural buildings, theatres, old mansions and palaces, Orthodox monasteries and churches and many green parks.

And this is not all places that carries Ekaterinburg, where one should certainly visit.

The city is very young, he begins his history from the XVIII century, when, in 1723 began the construction of a metallurgical plant, on the orders of Peter the First, city, of course, acquired the name in honor of Catherine, the wife of the great Russian Tsar.

The monuments of the city

In Yekaterinburg until the mid-nineteenth century it was not customary to erect a monument to any person, so it goes back exactly from that time. In total, the city has about 170 monumentsbelonging to different eras. One of the main attractions are the following monuments:

  1. The monument to the founders of the city:the275-anniversary of the city in 1998, it was decided to install in the area of Labor monument in honor of the founders of the city of Ekaterinburg Vasily Tatishchev and William de gennine. All well-known in these parts — V. Tatishchev began the construction of massive steel plant-fortress, after continued building the friend of the Emperor, V. de Gennin.
  2. Zhukov monument: In honor to the 50th anniversary of the Victory, was installed monument to Marshal Zhukov, on Lenin Avenue near the building of the Central military district. The monument was established in Ekaterinburg by chance, because in the late 1940s, the Marshal led the command of the Ural military district.
  3. A monument to the Ural voluntary tank case:This monument erected on the street Near front of the train station, he is the personification of the mighty steelworker, who blesses the young fighter.
  4. A monument to Yeltsin:On the steps of the presidential center in 2011, was elevated ten-meter monument to the first President of Russia, the street on which he erected, also named after Boris Yeltsin. In the Urals, he was respected and known as a specialist in the construction industry.

Also, the city is filled with not only historical monuments, but also very unusual, the appearance of which every year becomes more and more famous for Yekaterinburg such items as:

  1. Ostap Bender and Kisa Vorobyaninov — the heroes of the literary novel "the Twelve chairs";
  2. Monument mount Athos - the plumbing of the legendary Soviet film;
  3. Keyboard monument is very unusual and at the same time interesting, it is 30 times larger than the original keyboard and its keys reach 80 pounds, is considered one of the favorite monuments of the citizens, it is installed on the promenade along the river Iset.

    With this monument is a tip: you should make a wish, after jumping on the keys with their feet, must be alleged to gain it back and after two legs to step on the Enter key — then conceived will come true. Or by using the Ctrl-Alt-Del, you can remove from your life hovering problems and tasks;
  4. Statue of Gena Bukin — known character from the television series on TNT "Happy Together", this monument is also connected omen: to a new pair of shoes lasts a long period, you should RUB the nose of shoes that holds the Gene;
  5. Monument credit card — one of a kind.

See a video review of the spectacular sights of Yekaterinburg:

Interesting places

Historical square is the oldest part of the city, this place once housed the most powerful metallurgical plant, this Park is a favorite walking place of citizens. Often, the locals called him plotinka, as there is a factory dam is the oldest building of the city.

The city has many monuments in honor of the victory in the great Patriotic war, including a large area of the Soviet Army and officers, these monuments are very proud of the townspeople.

Honorable place is the Museum of the Military forces of the district of the Urals, as well as the space under the platform on which flaunts a large amount of military equipment from Soviet times.

The city has rich cultural traditions, especially for visitors to the city organizes many excursions through which for a short period of time, it is possible to visit all the important places and monumentsOf Yekaterinburg.

If You had a chance to visit this city, don't miss the opportunity to visit the estate of Rastorguev-Kharitonov mansion. Built in the XVIII century, a great Palace surrounded by a magnificent Park, reports the amazing beauty of a time long ago.

During the period of existence of the estate went to a lot of legends and myths, telling about mysterious underground tunnels and spaces in them, hiding the family treasures, but to this day, find them, unfortunately, never managed.

Sevastyanov's house, which is located on Lenin Avenue, is one of the main monuments of the city and is a beautiful old house Yekaterinburg, built about two centuries ago.

The house combines two architectural styles: Gothic and Moorish. Indescribable beauty, high stained glass Windows with arches for a long time fascinate and attract their specific type of guests.

As already mentioned, the city's large number of monuments, special attention is paid to war heroes who died during the difficult times of the great Patriotic war. Thus, without attention does not remain a large monument to the soldiers, which is constantly burning, "Eternal flame" and is annually held a Great Victory Parade.

Museums in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg has a large number of museums, in total their number is around thirty units. The most famous and popular — Historical, Industrial and technological museums.

These museums located on the territory of the old industrial base, where back in the XVIII century, this place has a huge metallurgical plant, who was the breadwinner not only for the city but for the whole of the Ural region. For the eyes of tourists open to virtually all — ancient shop, historical exhibits, office building.

Also of note and worthy Rail Museum, it is located in the walls once the old station. So if You were near this Museum, do not pass by, do not miss your chance to see the embodiment of architectural ideas, the architects of past generations.

The Museum itself externally and internally is very beautiful and rich and considered a value of Yekaterinburg, where there are various bronze statues. If You've had enough on the historical value, you should visit uralexpocenter, which regularly hosts exhibitions of art and design.

In the Central part of the city is a very interesting monument of architecture, built the once-in 1821 — Pharmacy mining office. The building is a classic example of urban estate at the time. At present, there is a Museum of jewelry.

It is also possible to observe the First City theatre, which is perfectly preserved to our time. The theatre has a festive appearance, it is always decorated in the style of classicism facade, spectacular balconies with balustrades and majestic columns, which emphasize the elegance of the style and delight of tourists visiting the Colosseum cinema, located in the walls of the theater.


In Ekaterinburg there is a large number of temples, one of the most popular is the temple on the Blood. It is located on the place where was shot the night of July 17, 1918 along with his family — Tsar Nicholas II.

After it was demolished the mansion in this place, believers never ceased to gather in the vacant lot and pray for the repose of the innocent souls. Then, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was decided to build an Orthodox Church.

The Church of the ascension, which was erected in 1770, does not leave indifferent tourists, the temple is made in the Baroque style, mesmerizing in its beauty, which is perfectly preserved because once placed in the walls of the Museum.

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, in the style of classicism in the nineteenth century, perfectly conveys the beauty at night, well-located lighting, lights Cathedral, thereby filling it with Majesty and indescribable beauty and harmony.

The ancient structure of the city

Yekaterinburg is also famous for other attractions, which are very often attract tourists.

These are pre-revolutionary estates, which are located within the city and made in different architectural styles that dazzle with their beauty.

One of these buildings is the Manor Tarasov, the owner of it was once the largest Ural gold mining. Located in this estate on the city pond embankment, the building is carried out in the architectural style of classicism, which underlines all the elegance of the merchant houses.

At the moment there is the residence of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region. Located on the shore of the pond Yekaterinburg is another ancient manor, which at the moment is the hospital.

To our times preserved the ancient Stone bridge, which is located on the river Iset. Built the bridge was in the XIX century and is considered the oldest bridge of the city. Earlier, the surface of the bridge was made of granite tile, but later decided to remake and cover it with asphalt, but itaction, little has changed, the architectural beauty and antiquity, the bridge has continued.

Where to go with kids?

Often tourists, the question arises, when visiting Yekaterinburg, where to go with kids? After all, museums, monuments, historical value, usually a small child is not so interesting. And to leave it at home, switching attention to the TV or computer is worse than to spend fun and useful time, complete the family circle.

In Yekaterinburg with a child , you can go to the zoo, which has about 300 species of animals, where you can observe the life of animals, participate in contests and, of course, ride the rides and get a lot of pleasure.

The city has many parks, one of them is the butterfly Park, which contains the most rare species. From the soul you can have fun in the urban circus or in "Mowgli's Park"which is located in Park of a name of Mayakovsky. It includes a very interesting aerial obstacle course, including a climbing wall, having a height of as much as 9 meters.

In this Park, Your child will feel like a real adventurer and climber. You can visit Krokodill, where it will be of interest to You and Your child to get acquainted with this type of reptiles and also see huge snakes and big hairy spiders-tarantulas.

You can also give preference to rides and to go for a family straight to Crazy Park. There Your child will find the exciting mazes, a variety of attractions that will not leave anyone indifferent and will give a lot of positive emotions and the possibility of flight in a different reality, and there are active sports — hockey, football and basketball.

If You are in Yekaterinburg in winter, it is a great pastime with the kids is a trip to the water Park "Limpopo", which is located on the street Shcherbakova. Here you can spend the allotted time with a child, swimming in warm water in the pool, water slides, where breathtaking. To pull off these slides as "Waterfall" or "Anaconda" will satisfy not only the child but an adult.

And in order to relax and have a quiet evening, you can visit the Children's Philharmonic orchestra, which gives concerts for different ages, or take a family trip to the cinema.

If pressed for time

Often on the way to a city, think through your route and you catch yourself thinking, arriving in Ekaterinburg, what to see in one day, this amazing city is almost unreal. Whatever, for such a short time to see much.

Being in the city a small period of time, it should be to start exploring the Historic square, where the ancient dam, the daily walks there is a huge number of people, and You will not feel lonely.

You can walk along the embankment of the Iset river, on the way You will encounter ancient palaces and mansions, and museums. Moving down the street Vojvodina, You will find yourself in the Arboretum, which just force you to admire the fountain and beds of roses.

If you go further, You will find yourself on the street Kuibyshev, take a day, walk quite a bit and before You open pedestrian area — Arbat, Sverdlovsk, which is also a lot of walking citizens and tourists.

After going through the pedestrian zone, You'll be near the street on March 8. It goes in the street named after Boris Yeltsin, which actually is a monument to the first President of Russia and a quarter of skyscrapers, which is called Yekaterinburg-city.

The city's main high-rise building is called "Vysotsky", it is on the other side of the river, which is to get a 15-minute walk from the current location. To complete this amazing tour on the observation deck of a skyscraper, which offers an amazing view of the city.

An important question is raised by guests, who arrived to Ekaterinburg what to see in two days? And time seems to be enough, but for visiting all the sights - of course little.

A great way out, the first day will be a walk along the red line. This route is a pedestrian, it collects on its way all the main sights of the city, the length of this route is more than 6 kilometers.

This project is specially designed for guests who are not oriented in an unfamiliar area and may not immediately find what interests them. Most interesting, this project was the idea of the citizens and put into practice them.

On the second day of your stay you should visit the museums that are located in the Literary quarter, or go for the mansions and temples. If You have a desire on the second day, to relax from the urban bustle, you can choose to stay more peaceful place.

In the summer time should be to go on vacation in Shartashskaya forest Park and spend some quiet time on the lake, to gain strength and positive emotions from the seen beauty. After long walks, impressed by the beauty of the city,go out to dinner.

And if you want to plunge into the old to a dinner, where dined the entire top of the Soviet Union, go to a restaurant, Savoy, which has more than 100 years. The interior of the restaurant has not changed, the kitchen has become even more refined, and the popularity among tourists and residents is growing every day.