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Sights of Greece - photo and description

Dostoprimechatelnosti Grecii - foto

Greece – the cradle of world culture, ancient Greece with a great history and heritage. The pearl of the Mediterranean with white houses against the bright sky with the warm weather, inspiring writers and artists. The birthplace of fine cuisine, a country in which according to the proverb "all is" hospitable area in the South-East of Europe. A country of hundreds of Islands and resting in the clouds mountains. Every stone here has its own history and thousands of memorable places, architectural buildings and all other sights of Greece are waiting for tourists.

Athens – Greece

The state capital of Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. The birthplace of democracy, the city of unusual destiny, emerging from different periods in history and has been part of the Roman Empire, an Outpost of the Turks in Europe. Athens today is a city landmark, a bizarre intertwining:

  • antique homes
  • buildings of the new time
  • modern shops and cafes
  • Turkish baths
  • Basil Byzantine
  • the classical architecture of the XIX century

Most of the seats you can get around here on foot in a few hours. For the Olympics 2004 have been refurbished museums, renovated hotels listed in the present magnificence of the city centre. New attractions of the country were the Olympic stadium, subway and the new airport.

Erehtejon foto

The top of the city is the ancient Acropolis, the sacred rock, the link between ancient and new Greece. Here, in the time of the ancient Greeks was the fortress, in which were the shrines dedicated to pagan gods. Of them still remained only the Parthenon (pictured at the beginning of the article) and the Erechtheion (left), built two and a half thousand years ago during the reign of Pericles.

The hill is surrounded by other buildings of the early ages. The Parthenon – the symbol of the city, the sanctuary of Athena, the patron of the capital of Greece, for many centuries managed to visit the Church and the military stores, and a mosque. Nearby is the Temple of Zeus – a heap of pillars, resembling a stone forest.

Here it is worth to visit one of the first cultural buildings in the world – the Theatre of Dionysus, the stone circus, in which were the tragedies of Aeschylus and Aristophanes and in Roman times was held Gladiator fights.

Among the sights of Athens, outside the Acropolis hill, it is worth noting Cape Sounion – the southernmost point of the Attica Peninsula. Once there was a temple of Poseidon, which was visited by the sailors, and references to it kept "Odyssey" of Homer, and now you can see only ruins and columns, one of which left his autograph of the English poet Byron, who lived a long time in Greece.

Modern cultural center – Athens area of Kolonaki. Here you can visit museums dedicated to the culture of different regions of Greece, the Theatre Museum, the Athens concert hall, the gallery of Byzantine and Christian art. Across the square is the main shopping street of Voukourestiou, famous for its antique jewellery stores and a new boutiques.

On the shores of the Greek Islands

Knosskij dvorec (foto)

The center island of Greece – Crete, the home of the mysterious Minoan civilization, a place associated with the legend of Icarus, who flew to the sun. The main tourist attraction of the island – the Palace of Knossos (pictured left), a maze of ancient myths. Near Crete there is a place to Spinalonga, the abandoned city near the old fortress.

Among other large Islands of the particular celebrity has made Rhodes, near the territory of modern Turkey. Once there was the statue of Colossus, one of the wonders of the world, now scattered around the shore three thousand statues of ancient and modern masters of a smaller size. Therefore, Rhodes is popular with hikers, water travel on the neighboring Islands. Tourist center of the island – town of Faliraki, famous for its nightlife. South island – Cyclades – famous for its architecture, houses of white stone and mills.

Ancient mainland Greece

stadion (foto)

The South Greece – Peloponnese – also holds hundreds of attractions. It was here, in the town of Olympia, was born sporting competitions in which at the present time involving athletes from two hundred countries. Still preserved the Olympic village of the ancient Doric temple dedicated to the goddess Hera, the stadium, which hosted the competition (pictured left).

Nearby Nafplio was declared Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire, and the city became the first capital of modern Greece. Among the memorable places of the town may be noted the fortress built by the Venetians and Turkish strengthening of Palamidi.

hram Apollona (foto)

In the South-West of the country, in the region of FOKIDA, a temple of Apollo at Delphi (pictured left). When it was Oracle who have influence on the rulers of antiquity. Later there was held the Pythian games. It is known also special Delphic echo when words are spoken in a whisper, posted to the district. In the North, in the mountains of Thessaly located in the rock carved monasteries of the hermits of Meteora, in the East on the Peninsula of Halkidiki is anotherShrine, mount Athos.

Greece is a country where in some places, time literally stops. Each city has unique features. Whichever type of holiday chosen by the tourists all interested in the culture and architecture of the country because of the sights around here.