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Attractions of Kemer in Turkey (photo)

dostoprimechatelnosti Kemera v Turcii

Kemer is one of the most popular places of recreation at the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Vacationers here will find a variety of resorts, beach areas and hotels. Antalya airport is at a distance of 45 km from the centre of the region - the city of Kemer. Upon arrival to the city is to pick a proper hotel cheap and comfortable three star to five star.

"Burning mountain"

Goryashaya gora - foto

The second name of this attraction of Kemer in Turkey is a Chimera. It is located in Cirali. Visitors can see the flashes of fire that occur as a result of evolution of gas from the earth. It is worth noting that in the Iliad Homer described this place. In the histories of Turkey you can find information, reading about the hero Bellerophon, who was struck by an arrow, the Chimera is a mythical monster composed of body parts of a goat, lion and snake, and then threw it in the mount Olympus, which appear and referred to the flames.

Olympos and Phaselis

Olimpos i Faselis - foto

To our time survived only the ruins of the ancient cities of Phaselis and Olympos (pictured), which was founded 24 years ago. The first of them, Olympos was one of the centers of ancient Lycia. Here is preserved the oldest doors of the temple, the tower, the Bay and the city walls of the middle Ages.

City of Phaselis is located on a promontory in the sea. Rumor has it that Alexander the great is buried in this place. Several centuries ago this town was the largest trading center, so there is four ports connecting the widest roads. There are the ruins of an aqueduct, marketplace, Roman baths, amphitheatre.

Park Yoruk

Park Joruk - foto

In the North of Kemer is a wonderful historical place where the tourists can learn more about the history of Turkey. Here, vacationers can try the meal of the nomads, enjoy the exhibits in a special room and relax in the tent.

Park "Moonlight"

Park Lunnyj svet - foto

This attraction of Kemer is situated on the outskirts, near the port. There you can find cafes, restaurants, shops, long beach and entertainment centers. In one of these establishments to see the show of sea lions and dolphins.

The city of Demre and Simena

Gorod Demre i Simena - foto

Close to the centre of the region high in the mountains carved Lycian tombs (see photo). Close to the attractions to make a trip on a yacht to the beautiful island of Kekova where the water you can see the sunken city of Simena.

Stay in this beautiful and exciting city of Kemer will be remembered for years to your life. Amazing weather, gorgeous scenery, azure sea, the ancient places on the planet are waiting for you in Kemer.