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What to see of attractions and what excursions to visit with children on holiday in Kislovodsk?

Dostoprimechatelnosti Kislovodska

Kislovodsk is a famous resort in Russia - Stavropol territory, one of the best in the region.

The name of the city got in here thanks to the springs of mineral water "Narzan". Already in the second century, the resort has not lost its popularity, there are many health resorts and sanatoriums.

People come here to receive medical treatment, to visit famous all over the Kislovodsk attractions, enjoy wonderful views and just relax.

The main attraction of the resort is a valleyin which nestled the town: between two rivers, surrounded by picturesque sandy-chalky Caucasus mountains.

On the slopes – many terraces with grottoes and caves. Nearby is the mount Ring, and in the gorge of the river Olkhovka – famous rock Lermontov and Lermontov waterfall.

Resort Boulevard

The most famous pedestrian street in Kislovodsk is a Resort Boulevard. It is decorated with symmetrical rows of trees and numerous flower arrangements that delight their violent colors of the guests and residents until late autumn.

Near the House Connection fountain and benches, a little further – the restaurants, cafes and hotels, in a small offshoot of the Boulevard is the New pump room. Across the Boulevard is lined with comfortable wooden benches where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful plants and buildings.

Undoubted decoration of the Boulevard was the building of the Main Narzan baths, built in the early last century, the 100th anniversary of Kislovodsk. Architectural building in the Oriental style adds a special touch to the entire Resort Boulevard.

Project author - architect A. N. The contest, he subsequently managed to construct the facilities. The entrance to the building with original mosaics of the famous Russian artist Vrubel.

Initially the project provided two pools with warm thermal water. The pools were placed in 2 galleries, one of them was female, second male.

Today here 89 baths. Narzan baths and treatments in sanatoriums of Kislovodsk restore the human body, improve metabolism, strengthen the cardiovascular and nervous system.

A little further on the Boulevard located October Narzan baths. Once there was a mansion with furnished rooms for rent. After the revolution, the authorities decided to construct a new building for therapeutic baths. The old house was demolished, because it has found large reserves of mineral water.

The building was erected to the 10th anniversary of the October revolution, so called bath October. Long time October baths provide services to visitors without permits and visitors of the local health resorts and sanatoriums, which had its own Wellness baths.

On the Boulevard there is another oldest building of the resort, stylized in the spirit of Gothic romanticism – the Narzan gallery. This unique building was built in the 19th century for walks and receive the healing water in the rainy days when weather conditions did not allow vacationers to stay outdoors.

The gallery is equipped potable pump room, and its main value – the Narzan Well. Now water from a well does not drink, he is more likely a decorative element Narzan gallery.

Near the gallery is a small art space by local artists. One side of the gallery opens onto the Colonnade. Bunk Colonnade by architect N. Semenov was erected in 1912 and became the main decoration of the entrance to the great Park of Kislovodsk Resort Park.

Resort Park

This huge Park sits on the banks of the river Olkhovka. Kislovodsk Resort Park is composed of three main parts:

  • Old (Lower) Park;
  • New (Average);
  • Mountain Park.

Kislovodsk Park is amazing for its size – it is the second largest in Europe after British Richmond Park. The ropeway connects the Upper and Lower parks, and many visitors prefer to use the cable car to see the splendor from the heights.

At the entrance to the Park is another famous landmark of Kislovodsk – a Cascading staircase. This unique structure made of dolomite limestone, decorated with ornamental pools and waterfalls. Over time, the stage fell into disrepair, they were later replaced with concrete.

Two semi-circular staircases surround a fountain with a pool and go to the observation deck, where visitors enjoy wonderful views of the Caucasian mountains and the Park.

In the lower part of the Park at the river Olkhovka and the Bridge of ladies ' whims , there's another interesting place that has become a favorite among tourists: Mirror Glass pond and stream.

Crystal clear water fills the artificial pool below the spillway built a gazebo. Leaving the gazebo, the excess water forms a wide and long stream resembling molten glass, and small waterfalls trickling down to ol'khovka. On the other side of the river a steep hill with pine trees – Pine hill.

In the Resort Park there are 6 special itineraries for Wellnesswalks. The length of the trails ranges from 1.7 to 6 km Track strewn with red sand, originate from the Narzan gallery.

Every 100 metres there are signs-signs with information of distance traveled from the starting point of the route, the track slope and elevation above sea level.

A memorable holiday in Kislovodsk with children, if you to visit all the family holiday Park. Trees squirrels jump prompt that requires delicacy among tourists, is home to various species of birds. It focused a large number of species of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees, lush bushes, fragrant roses.

Zhelyabovsky pump room

Zhelyabovsky pump room is known for in Kislovodsk with its original antique architecture. In form it is circular structure of ivory, decorated with decorative elements. This is the main pump room in the new resort area and is located on crossing of streets of Kirov and Zhelyabov.

Castle of treachery and love

Romantics and lovers, hotels in Kislovodsk, too, there is something to see in the city. In the rocky mountains and the river Alikonovki is an amazing castle, around which legends go.

According to legend, once in this place lived a rich merchant with the daughterwho had the misfortune to fall in love with a simple shepherd. The girl wanted to marry a rich old man that she was promised in marriage to the father, so the lovers decide to jump off the edge, remaining faithful to each other.

The young man jumped and crashed, and the Caliph was scared. The girl condemned by all in the district for the betrayal of a loved one, still married, but not having lived, dies. A desperate father with sorrow petrified and turned into rock, and the river was named in honor of the youths in Alikonovki. Now in this quiet place surrounded by mountains, stands a beautiful castle that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Honey falls

Near the Castle of insidiousness and love the noise of the Honey falls. Mountain streams and rivers flow down from the rocks, forming several waterfalls. The highest of them reaches 18 m. Here lie the paths through the rocks, and opposite the falls is a rock "Pointer".

There is speculation that the name of the waterfalls was due to who lived here before the bees. According to legend, during heavy rains the water filled their homes in the crevices and honey dripping directly on the rocks, and the thick sweet smell filled the entire district.

Lermontov places

Fans of the great Russian poet and novelist willing to acquire popular tours in Kislovodsk in Lermontov places.

Lermontov area in Kislovodsk was built on the site of the former building of the restaurant, where there were poets A. S. Pushkin and M. Y. Lermontov. The site can be accessed independently, walking from the Narzan gallery. The Central alley of the Park is a grotto with a statue of the Demon in the alcove above the grotto is a bust of the great writer and poet.

If you follow the bed of the river Olkhovka, a few kilometers from the resort is a small Lermontov waterfall. It is believed that this waterfall is Mikhail Yuryevich described in "Princess Mary."

It is best to observe the falls from above. A little further into the gorge is Lermontov rock, which the writer described the scene of the duel of Pechorin and Grushnitski. On top of the cliff there is a small area with a cliff and in the cliff opposite are the famous cleft "devil's caves".

Mountain Great saddle and mount Ring

Another natural attraction of Kislovodsk - a mountain is a Large saddle - stands on 1408 metres above sea level. From its summit tour offers a wonderful overview of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Here you can see the highest mountain of Europe – Elbrus proud white hats, other rocks and ridges, stretching into the distance. If the weather is good you can see the Pyatigorsk in the midst of the mountains of Mashuk and Beshtau.

The mountain Ring is located near the resort in southern Borgustanskaya range. There are a lot of caves, as a result of strong winds and humidity among them has formed a ring. From this place tourists have a unique opportunity to admire a wonderful view of the city.

The Museum "Dacha Shalyapin"

In the old part of the resort town near the train station, at the intersection of Shalyapin and A. Semashko, is a beautiful mansion with a bright stained-glass Windows and turrets on the roof. In 1917 the legendary singer Fyodor Chaliapin rented this house under the cottage. All summer, the singer lived here with his wife and children.

Kislovodsk him so much that he even bought a plot on Lugovskoy street (now Chkalova street) to build the country, but the idea to carry out not in time.

Today, this mansion – known cultural centre there are:

  • excursions;
  • concerts;
  • literary-musical programs.

The Museum preserves records, musical instruments, books, soundtracks, documentary footage and even personal belongings of Feodor Chaliapin.

Museum Solzhenitsyn

Museum of Alexander Solzhenitsyn - a neat brick-red building simple forms, located in the Borodino lane. In Kislovodsk, a famous Russianpublicist and writer was born and spent his childhood years.

The Museum contains the writer's manuscripts, books, his personal belongings. The organizers of the Museum developing programmes of events, according to which there will be performing artists, writers, politicians and cultural figures from all corners of the country.

State Philharmonic

Famous architectural monument for Karl Marx street, erected in 1895. The project was designed by architects E. Descubes and Thomas. The building was constructed in the style of French Renaissance with its main elements:

  • stucco;
  • wreaths;
  • cupids;
  • ornaments;
  • in the niches above the doors busts of the great composers.


Summer holiday in Kislovodsk with children would be complete without a visit to the Dolphinarium. The audience is entertained by sea lions, Beluga whales, sea lions, Pacific humpback dolphins, walruses and other marine inhabitants.

All sorts of tricks with the ball, jumping, drawing pictures, counting, dancing and singing is not the whole list of numbers that perform amazing artists.

Performances in Kislovodsk Dolphinarium are held all year round, and there are constantly updated programme of performances, much to the delight of adults and children.