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The sights of Sochi and the surrounding area - photos and description

Dostoprimechatelnosti Sochi i okrestnostej (foto)

Sochi – the city, suitable for a relaxing beach holiday and for exploring the area. The capital of the Winter Olympics strikes came in her tourists a huge number of memorable places, both historical and architectural characters, amazing natural attractions. Four districts of the city stretched for a hundred kilometers along the Black sea coast. Sights in Sochi and its surroundings is connected with the history of Russia cultural and natural sites, mountains and parks, palaces and ruins of ancient fortresses.


Olympic legacy

Olimpijskie obekty

If You haven't been to Sochi after the Olympics, You need to look at the Olympic venues Adler. This can be done as part of the tour that you can buy on the spot, but you can own. Next to the stadium Fisht each evening included singing fountains near Stella, where he lit the Olympic flame.

In the main grandstand of the track Formula-1 are interested in museums sport and vintage cars.

Sochi Park

Nearby, is the country's largest amusement Park - Sochi Park. Is this the Russian equivalent of Disney-land, but on the theme of Russian folklore. It is very large, with a variety of attractions and entertainment that will be interesting for both children and adults. Some roller coasters have a severe limitation on age and available to travel only teenagers and older people.

If you go with young children, it is possible to stay in hotels the "hero" or "Sochi-Park Hotel" which is located near Sochi Park.

Roza Hutor

In the mountains visit Krasnaya Polyana with excellent ski resorts of the European level "Rosa Khutor" and "Gorki Gorod". Even if you don't ski, You still enjoy to walk around there and take a ride on the lift.

Historical and architectural monuments of Sochi

Volkonskij dolmen (foto)

Although the city itself was founded in 1838, the territory of greater Sochi there is a lot of archaeological attractions. Among them – the Volkonsky dolmen (pictured) and dolmen, Kapiga – ancient stone structures, built of slabs. About the creation of these artifacts of the bronze age legends.

On the elevated terrace near the river are the ruins of the fortress of the V century, built in local places of the Byzantine colonists, quite well preserved with its tower. The findings, made by scientists near the city, can also be viewed in the Museum of history of Sochi.

Morskoj port goroda Sochi (foto)

Among other important historical monuments of the Krasnodar territory, it is worth noting the seaport of Sochi (pictured), a kind of business card of the resort. The monumental station building surrounded by fountains, courtyards with columns and sculptures. Monuments represent ensembles of figures, which symbolize the seasons, cardinal directions, crowned this scene depicting a flock of dolphins.

Near the village of Lazarevskoe in the vicinity of the town are remains of a Fort, which was destroyed during the Crimean war in the mid-nineteenth century. In 1890 was built a 50-metre Sochi lighthouse, still saving ships.

dacha Stalina (foto)

The most popular tour route for sending the most tourists are arriving in Sochi, includes a visit to Stalin's dacha (see photo). The Palace, built in 1937 on top of a mountain range on the outskirts of the Caucasus mountains, is located in the forest of relic tree species, and were found near healing springs. The lower floor of the house today is a Museum of the Soviet ruler, and the atmosphere saves the life of the past century. In the Soviet era, Sochi was built Matsestinsky bridge crossing a picturesque gorge.

monument Mihailu Arhangelu (foto)

You can not go to Sochi, and not notice the many sculptures, each of which has an interesting history, for example, Matsesta – a fountain with a stone statue of a girl. The symbols of the city – the monument to Michael the Archangel (pictured), patron Saint of Sochi and the "Anchor and gun" installed in the memory of the founding of the city and in memory of Russian-Turkish wars of the nineteenth century. On the Platonic alley is the famous Singing fountains, which under modern hits and classic songs given the music show.

Monuments of culture

Hudozhestvennyj muzej (foto)

Important landmarkthe city became the Art Museum (pictured) that holds in its collections paintings by Aivazovsky, Shishkin and many other Russian masters. From the square outside the Museum is reminiscent of a Greek mythology sculpture of the Argonauts. In the late XIX century near the city Park was opened in the Riviera, now became the center of cultural life of Sochi. In the Green theatre right in the Park and concerts of pop stars.

Utrishskij delfinarij (foto)

Theatrical and cultural life of the city is quite rapid: the Winter and Summer theaters, Festival concert hall, the circus and hall of organ music have a broad program, constantly take a touring lineups troupes from other cities. Among the monuments of scientific and cultural nature, not to mention the Utrish Dolphinarium (pictured), give clock programs with marine animals and the largest in Russia Oceanarium.

40 kilometers from the southern capital of Russia, you can find Monkey, the guides will show almost all the types of monkeys that only exist on earth and tell interesting facts from the life of their Pets.

Natural attractions

Dostoprimechatelnosti Sochi i okrestnostej (karta)

Sochinskij dendrarij (foto)

The Sochi arboretum (pictured) is a lovely Park and gardens, two in one, a collection of subtropical plants from different parts of the world. Since 1970-ies on the territory of the arboretum launched a cable car. Also there is a place zoo and aquarium where you can see rare birds, fish and animals. Especially popular are the local rose garden. The Park itself is famous for its, astounding sculptures. A treasure trove of plants is filled with fountains, and the center of the Arboretum is giving Hope with a small tower.

Matsestinsky forest Park good for walking and for visits to have a picnic. Famous garden of blooming magnolias and healing sulfurous sources. Rest areas and tables here are in the woods.

Bolshaya peshera (foto)

You can also visit the branch of the historical Museum of the resort on the mountain Battery – a viewing tower, from here opens a wonderful view over the city center. Another famous observation tower is located a few kilometers from the black sea coast on mount Akhun.

The panorama from here is Adler (city, who are now part of Sochi), gorges and slopes of the Caucasus. On the other hand Its mountains is a Large cave (pictured), and in the future there will be organized the reserve. All, the district has more than three hundred caves that have appeared here because of the karstic fissures on the surface of the earth, the most famous of which Akhshtyrskaya and Vorontsovskaya and Athos (one of the largest in the world).

Izumrudnaya dolina (na foto)

Tourist itineraries include visits to wonderful places around the city. 33 Lazarevskoye waterfall on the river Shah in boxwood forest, a fishing village on Achigvara lake, Eagle rock and waterfalls Agursky. On the river Kuapse waterfalls is particularly high and picturesque, created here because the Park has been named Berendeevo Kingdom.

Another well-known river Park – emerald valley (pictured) is located on the territory of the valley of the river Ashe. Near the city and in the city located a dozen gorges, canyons, facilities for picnics and Hiking trails.

Popularity Sochi acquired after the Winter Olympics 2014. People come to ski and walk on to the Olympic ground.

Sochi is a modern city that is developing fast, and every year there are new sites, many new sports facilities, Spa centers and other places that are worth visiting, to leave a good impression. A huge number of sights of Sochi and the surrounding area will not leave indifferent any tourist, there really is something to see.