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On the map of Russia there is a beautiful place - Valdai, what you can see of the attractions in Valday

dostoprimechatelnosti Valdaya

The city of Valday is located on the same Valdai hills. From Valday to Veliky Novgorod not more than 150 km.

She Valdai hills there is nothing like a watershed between two seas – the Caspian and the Baltic. It is with this area, this upland and originate many of the largest Russian rivers.

On the hills and adjacent areas are concentrated more than 70 lakes. Therefore, the Park attractions of Valday is represented mainly natural objects. This makes the region one of the most beautiful in the whole of Russia the beauty and naturalness of nature.

Therefore, the hill has long been popular with many fishermen and lovers of active rest on the nature. The largest of the lakes is partially Seliger, Valdai, Vella and Dinner.

The Nature Of The Valday

The entire territory of the hills is a nature Park. Most of the territory is forested. Throughout grow more than 50 species of various trees, and many shrubs and herbs.

Also found here are more than 50 kinds of different animals. For ornithologists and lovers of birds Valday real gem, since I live here, about 180 species of birds.

Lake Valdai is the basis of all Russian fisheries in them are about 50 species of fish, so water lakes real happiness for fishermen and fishing enthusiasts.

In General, the question of what to see in Valday, are generally not necessary, since the national Park is quite extensive, and visit all the places very difficult, because the extent of the territory is very large.

In General Valday is a large nature reserve and tourist centerthat attracts tourists not only from Russia but also from around the world. Most tourists know, where the Valdai on the map of Russia, because it is a favorite place for lovers of natural nature.


The type of the climate is temperate-continental. For this type of climate is mainly mild and long winters and fairly hot summers. So in General we can say that the climate in this part of Russia is mild and pleasant.

Also here is quite a cool spring and a long autumn. For the temperate-continental climate characterized by frequent changes of weather, observations on the Valdai. In winter, often snow, and winter in General is quite snowy, which only adds to the environment a special winter charm.

Sports, fishing and active rest

Valday is an ideal place for lovers of active rest. For this there are all necessary, forests, lakes, hills. Also pleasing to the eye and paint the rest the abundance of birds, animals and fish in lakes.

Most often, tourists come here in winter and in summer, it is during these periods you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature and landscapes.

The main occupation for nature lovers here, of course, fishing. Fishing do here individually, are selected by single or with friends and group activities.

It is also worth noting that on these lakes often take part in professional competitions on fishing and underwater hunting, often to shoot videos or programs about fishing.

But we must remember that this is a natural Park and not everywhere it is possible to fish or to conduct such activities. In General fishing thrives here year-round and winter does not stop.

The second most popular type of holiday in Valday is truly masculine passion - hunting. On the hill many interesting and good places for hunting. Also there is a special base or you can use the services of the huntsman.

Given that the territory is very extensive, if there is no clear knowledge about the terrain, routes and roads, it is better to take one of the professionals otherwise you can get lost.


Recreation at Valdai are located along the whole line of lakes. This is a great place for family holidays, with children or just friends. Also most of the bases open to visitors all year round, very nice.

In the summer and warm time here you can rent a boat or a catamaran and take a walk around the lake, enjoying the stunning scenery and clear water.

In the winter, and adults and children will be thrilled with the skates and winter holidays. As a rule, winters are snowy, so the abundance of emotions and experiences provided, especially love this holiday children and adolescents.

For fans of extreme sports and active rest can enjoy a balloon flight to enjoy the views from the air. Also carried out parachute jumps for beginners offers instructor. After a small preparation, you can make the leap.

A particularly memorable winter vacation. On the slopes you can ride on old Russian sled, just the sled or on skis. Thanks to a snowy winter like thisholidays here are very popular and in demand among fans of active recreation and sport.

Very popular sleigh pulled by horses, you can feel like a real Russian nobleman. The whole Park is Valdai, that view is always there, regardless of the time of year, air temperature, and weather.

Iversky Valdai monastery

Iviron monastery is a true gem of the Valdai region. It is located on Servicom the island and can be seen almost everywhere, notably with the waterfront too.

The history of the monastery dates back over 250 years. It was founded in 1653, at the suggestion of the Patriarch Nikon, with the approval of the Tsar Alexis. Overall, the construction was completed in 1956, it marked the end of the construction of the Iveron Cathedral, it was here then, and brought the icon of mother of God "Iveron".

After the events of 1917 the monastery was closed, and the icon itself is taken in an unknown direction. Returned to the Church he was only in 1991, it was then that work began to restore the monastery and to bring it into proper condition.

The monastery consists of two main parts , a public one for the laity and monastic, where the access is closed. In the shop at the monastery you can buy everything you need, candles, icons.

Museum of bells

One of the most famous monuments of culture and history is the Valday bells Museum. This is a unique Museum which contains a wide variety, old and new bells.

The Museum exists since 1995, and since then the collection has added not only to the Russian exhibits, but even overseas the bells and chimes, donated to the Museum by activists, philanthropists from around the world.

Overall, it is very handy to most of the attractions are concentrated in Freedom square. Here is the Trinity Cathedral, various shops where you can buy Antiques and Souvenirs. In the center of the street is the monument to the fallen soldiers.

In the Valday is full of places where you can eat or just pass the time with a Cup of coffee. Attract the attention of visitors the themed restaurants made under the old design, and entourage. There are simple eateries, one of which, directly next to the station.

In General, Valday is a unique cultural and natural phenomenon. Here you can relax as in nature, parabuchev or just relax by the lake or visit religious and cultural sites.

Throughout the hills densely concentrated hundreds of monuments of history and culture, and a spiritual heritage of the whole of Russia. So to visit this place will be nice and interesting to both adults and children.

An abundance of restaurants, cafes, museums will not leave any tourist without a bright and positive impressions. Valday is primarily the place where we rest not only the body but the soul, obtaining tranquility and peace. Having been here at least once, certainly want to come back again.