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Sights of great Britain - photo and description

Dostoprimechatelnosti Velikobritanii (foto)

For some people, visiting England is a dream of a lifetime. And this is not surprising, because the attractions of the UK are fascinating, and local conservatism surprises and delights. Among the most famous and most visited places in the country - castles, parks, lakes England. Also, being in the UK, you must visit historical museums, including the British Museum in London, national portrait gallery, Imperial war Museum, national Museum of Scotland and many others. Most of the museums are located in London. These institutions are the custodians of the conservative tradition of the British.

Museums and galleries of England

Muzej SHerloka Holmsa (foto)

Every tourist depending on the Hobbies and interests will be able to choose close to the heart of the place. The most unusual and strangest of visitors will be attracted, the Sherlock Holmes Museum (pictured), because this gallery is built on the honor of a fictional character.

Duvrskij zamok-muzej (foto)Admirers of antiquity will appeal to the types Dover castle-Museum (see photo), because this Fort was built before the beginning of our era, and has long been the habitat of Royal families.

Admirers of painting will be able to enjoy the brightness of colors in the Gallery Courtauld. Much earlier, this build represented the Institute of world art. Tourists who love extreme trip, making the Museum the old operating theatre. Visitor attractions will be able to watch old surgical equipment and medicines of the then period.

Parks UK

Saut Dauns (foto)

Visitors who love nature and countryside, love the national parks in the UK, including Dartmoor, the Yorkshire Dales, new forest, lake district and many others. The most unusual surprise parks of Scotland, which combine the beauty of the green slopes, and bottomless torrential rivers.

South downs (pictured) will throw tourists in shock, because this historical monument is one of the areas of chalk deposits of great Britain. The South downs represents steep slopes in white, looming over the blue water.

Attractions UK photos admire its grandeur and diversity, so even the most demanding visitors, will find for yourself a favorite place.

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