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World map in Russian: where is the Aegean sea with the Islands?

Egejskoe more na karte

The Aegean sea is a small area of water that washes the shores of the most popular resorts preferred by the inhabitants of many countries. Thanks to the purity, clarity and an impressive tourist potential, the island resorts of this region are incredibly popular among vacationers.

Aegean sea on world map

Egejskij bassejn na atlase mira

Even in ancient times, the Aegean sea had great significance for people living on its coast.

On its territory are always well-developed fishing and shipping, and in our days, beach and health tourism.

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The Aegean sea is included in the basin of the Mediterranean sea, situated in its Eastern part. Its waters lie between the Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor and the island of Crete. In the North-Eastern side the waters flows through the Dardanelles Strait in the Marmara sea and the Bosporus Strait in the Black.


The Aegean sea arose at the end of the epoch of the Neogene period, when the first of the inhabited earth called AGEIA went under water, and their remains turned into Islands. Since the underwater topography of the sea almost did not change, but its depth remains relatively small – from 200 to 1000 meters. The deepest part of the water area is located in the southern part (approximately 2,529 km).

The area of the Aegean sea is 180 000 sq. meters. Almost all of its shores are rocky. They are distinguished by a desert landscape and an abundance of mountain ranges.


pribrezhnyj klimat

Waters of the Aegean sea is a little colder than in the Mediterranean sea, so the holiday season here starts a little later – around June and lasts until mid - September. But in the summer the air warms up faster, and the sea breeze refreshes it, making it suffer from the heat. Acclimatization occurs rapidly, that is very convenient for children and those who have health problems.

In the holiday season the water warms up to 26°C, while winter cools down to +11°C. The hottest months are considered to be July and Augustand the coldest are January and February.

The best period to stay – may, June and the first half of September. At this time, numerous resorts felt slightly changes in temperature.

In the spring and in the autumn often there are storms. They come from the Atlantic ocean.

Due to the fact that the climate on the Aegean sea is smooth, it is perfect for those who have problems with the pressure differences. People come here to relax tourists with respiratory problems and skin diseases.

What country is between?

The Aegean sea washes the two countries – West coast of Turkey, Eastern and southern coast of Greeceand island of Crete on the North coast of the resort. For both countries the marine waters are important not only in tourism but also in the strategic plan. Through waters there are multiple routes of oil tankers, staying with the Black sea, and on its territory there are ports: Izmir, Piraeus and Thessaloniki.


The Aegean sea is not just attracting tourists from around the world. In addition to the clean sea water which places the bottom can be seen at a distance up to 30 meters, there is a large selection of island and coastal resorts with a variety of conditions.

Map with Islands in the Russian language

morskie ostrova na russkom yazyke

In Greece and Turkey the Aegean sea is called "sea of a thousand Islands", as its waters spilled not less than two thousand pieces of a variety of sushi,and inhabited more than two hundred of them.

All the Islands have a colorful past and an active present, since it perfectly combines tradition, culture and history, as well as modern facilities for an unrivalled stay.

The largest and most popular of the Aegean Islands:

  • Evia is the second largest island of Greece, located near the capital Athens. From the mainland it is separated by the Euripus Strait, and extensive areas are dominated by tourism, famous for the bubbling mineral springs;
  • Crete is the largest island of Greece, bordering not only the Aegean, but also the Ionian and the Libyan seas. This resort is the most popular, due to the fact that there is a vast number of beaches and excellent conditions for different types of activities;
  • Lesvos is the third largest island of Greece, famous for its picturesque bays, harbors and sandy beaches;
  • Rhodes is one of the most visited Islands of Greece, where every tourist will find something to your liking. On its territory there are objects of interest, and its climate is especially good for children and people with poor health;
  • Samos is one of the most fertile and greenest island of Greece, famous for its wines. It is the birthplace of such great men as Pythagoras, Epicurus, Aristarchus and Arestill.

It is worth noting Santorini is a picturesque archipelago consisting of 5 Islands: Thirassia, Palea Kameni, NEA Kameni, Aspronisi and Santorini (or Thira). The last one is the most popular among the newlyweds to hold a wedding and "honeymoon" a month, and fans of elite rest.

The Aegean coast of Turkey

poberezhe Turcii

Fans of rest on the Turkish coast, well known to the numerous resorts located in the Aegean sea. The coastal area here is dotted with picturesque coves and bays, and the calm sea has an extraordinary blue-green color.

Turkey on the Aegean coast offers many popular resorts:

  1. Marmaris – the best youth resort in Turkey known for a mild climate and air, saturated with the healing aromas of pine trees. The resort itself is not very big territory, representing one continuous coast;
  2. Bodrum – a resort is more designed for cultural centres. There are no equipped beaches, so for passive recreation will have to go to the neighboring coast. But in the city there are many opportunities for exciting fun attractions;
  3. Kusadasi is a small clean resort town where almost the entire infrastructure is located off the coast of the Aegean sea. The cost of staying here are lower than in Antalya, and in great abundance sandy beaches. Near the resort are the important objects of history – Ephesus and Pamukkale;
  4. Fethiye is the most quiet resort for secluded relaxation, situated in a Bay and surrounded by small picturesque islets. The Aegean sea here is warmed, and the local nature offers a pleasant pastime.

Often the Turkish resorts of the Aegean sea is more popular as holiday season starts a little earlier, but the water here is slightly warmerthan in the area of the Greek Islands. For an unforgettable experience you can enjoy a variety of active types of recreationsuch as diving, snorkeling, sailing and Windsurfing.

The pros and cons of a holiday on the Aegean sea

All the resorts of the Aegean sea, without exception, represent the whole set of benefits. These include:

  • The perfect climatic conditions;
  • The purest water on different coasts;
  • Pleasant temperature, perfect for beach and sightseeing holiday.

Even in the hot weather the sea breeze is able to get rid of the suffocating conditions.

In the resorts of the Aegean sea, the well-developed tourist infrastructure. On each of them you can find luxury and budget hotels close to the coastline, offering excellent conditions for recreation, as well as restaurants, clubs and travel agencies to book excursions.

Of the minuses is worth noting only that the holiday season in such a beautiful place lasts a short time.

Thanks to the excellent location and ideal conditions for relaxation, the resorts of the Aegean sea popular tourists.

See a video clip about the resorts of the Aegean sea in Turkey: