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What sharks are found in the Black sea: spiny dogfish - are there any attacks?

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Everyone who first goes to have a rest to black sea coast, asks the question, are there sharks in the Black sea? And it's not even horror movies from childhood, and in the ordinary human concern for their lives and health.

If there are sharks in the Black sea?

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The answer to this question can strike fear in front of ignorant people, after all, the answer: "Yes", and it is a scientifically proven fact.

What predators live?

Can exhale - sharks that live in the waters of the Black sea, almost no threat to humans due to their small size and caution. During the day they hide in depth and do not interfere with his presence rest.

At the meeting with the fishermen of the black sea sharks do not attack them and go to the bottom.

Besides sharks there are in the Black sea, and other dangerous inhabitants:

  • Jellyfish. The danger is kornerot, it can take a serious bite people with their poison;
  • Marine ruff or skorpena. Has clawed teeth and poison glands located on the fins;
  • Weeverfish. A seemingly harmless fish is near the spike on the Gill cover and first dorsal fin of the venomous glands, which poses a great danger to people;
  • SKAT hvostokol. His tail has a sharp barb which can grow up to 35 cm Injection of the protective element is very painful.

Unfavorable environment for life

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The black sea is unfavorable for living large, is dangerous to humans sharks for a number of reasons. At a depth of about 60-70 meters of the black sea waters contain hydrogen sulfide, which is not suitable for breathing of most shark species.

And another fact, why the Black sea is no threat of sharks. Due to insufficient variety and quantity of marine fauna, large predators just nothing to eat in the Black sea. Salted water of the Black sea is not fit for large sharks caught in it from the Mediterranean sea.

The black sea species of storm seas - photo

To inhabitation in the Black sea were able to adjust only two species of sharks.


Also called dogfish or black sea shark - the most famous predator of the Black sea. The main feature of this shark spines on the fins, which are designed to protect. They are covered with poisonous slime. Known cases where people can suffer from this shark during sorting of the catch, hurt about toxic spikes.

Katrana don't like a single voyage, and prefer to gather in a common pack.

katran chernomorskij

The Katran streamlined the elongated form, it allows us to develop greater speed. These sharks live at depths of up to 40 meters in summer a little deeper, as they prefer water temperatures of 14-15 degrees. Adult spiny dogfish in length not more than 160 cm and lives for 25 years. Prefer to eat the herring, the mackerel, squid, and even octopus. Avoids meeting with the man.


Cat shark also known as scillium. It has a very small size - an average of 60-70 cm. the Body of a shark is covered in spots, which makes it similar to the members of the species feline. Hunts in shallow water, feeds on small fish and crustaceans. Because of its size is not seldom included in the diet of larger counterparts. Lives usually at depths of 80-100 metres.

This nocturnal predator sees perfectly in the dark. Day prefers to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Basically, this species lives along the Atlantic coast and in the Mediterranean sea, where through the Bosporus enters the Black sea in the migration period.

Marine murderers and attacks on people

The majority claims that in the Black sea are dangerous sharks, Rodney fishing tales. And they belong to the most mysterious and dangerous shark species in the World Ocean.


On the other the Goblin shark. Perhaps the most ancient and little known species of sharks on the planet. The only deep-water shark. Scientists came across the bones of sharks Goblin age of 80 million years.

This ominous name, this fish is purchased for a reason. The Goblin has a large sensitive growth on his nose that adds to her attractiveness, and a movable jaw, which extends far forward at the sight of prey. Prefers depths greater than 300 meters and never rises to the surface. Occurs quite rarely , and for many years was considered extinct.

morskoj goblin

In comparison with the black sea sharks the Goblin has an impressive size. Adult length more than 3 meters.

Even the color of this shark remains a mystery, presumably it's pink, but in the case of the death of the shark changes to brown.

Shark has interesting features:

  1. Electroreceptive. That is able to perceive electrical impulses from the environment. This helps it find food in the dark depths of the sea;
  2. Her inherent ability, deep-sea fish - her eyes glow in the dark greenish light.

Goblin eats shellfish and fish. The shark lives in all oceans except the Arctic, preferring warm and temperate waters. Most often found off the coast of Japan.

In December, 2010 in mass media there was information that in the Black sea near Sevastopol fishermen caught was a shark-Goblin. No one, except for the sharks, was not injured. There were photos, video and interviews. However, experts found the information "duck". How actually dangerous shark-Goblin is also not known.

The white torpedo

The shark eater. The name speaks for itself. This is one of the largest predators on the planet. Its length is 7 meters. With their enormous size the shark is smart enough and curious, she has a well developed sense of smell allows you to smell prey over several kilometres.

Shark shape resembles a torpedo, which allows it to reach the speed of 24 kilometers per hour. Can dive to a depth of over 1000 meters. White sharks live 60 years. Adults feed on large fish, seals, sea lions, cephalopods, and can attack other sharks and even whales.

The great white shark has gained a reputation killer because of the numerous cases of attacks on humans. This shark lives in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.

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According to scientists, getting white sharks from the Mediterranean sea through the Bosphorus is quite likely, but far from the Strait and the coast of Turkey , they do not swim - the water temperature extremes in winter and summer aren't suitable for them.

White shark-loving - live in the waters, warmed from +12 to +24 degrees.

Here are some sightings of white sharks near the Black sea from the world news:

  • in 2008 and 2009 years in the area of the Dardanelles Strait in the fishermen's nets from Turkey caught young white sharks;
  • in July 2011 years, the Turkish fishermen caught a young specimen of the great white shark in the same region;
  • in September 2016 the same fishermen discovered a flock of white sharks in the Bosphorus Strait off the coast of Istanbul.

Blue sea Queen

This species got its name because of the unusual gray-blue color. White modest size, adults reach 4 meters. This species lives in the Indian and Pacific oceans. Prefers moderate and calm waters.

The blue shark is an excellent hunter, loves small fish in coastal waters could attack waterfowl. This fish do not distinguish color, but has a phenomenal sense of smell.

With the man in the blue shark a complicated relationship. In Malaysia, the blue shark is a fish species and it is from there gets on the table with gourmets of different countries. But the predator in debt remains. The probability of an attack especially on large expanses of open ocean.

Rarely attacked by blue sharks can be and careless bathers in the warm lagoons.

12 April 2015 in the United States in South Florida was recorded attack by a blue shark on the photographer, cost only proquanil forearm. According to the victim, he provoked the shark in pursuit of the perfect shot.

And in this video you can learn a little more about one of the sharks from the sea:

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