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Resorts in Europe: where is Albania on the world map in Russian?

Albaniya na karte mira

Albania is a small Balkan country that attract travelers a unique opportunity to combine a beach and active holiday enjoying the Mediterranean climate and to get acquainted with the incredibly rich history of the country, its culture and national customs.

Where is Albania on the map of Europe?

raspolozhenie Albanii na karte Evropy

Conveniently located, surrounded by sea and mountains, Albania is for travelers is very attractive, and, most importantly, inexpensive destination.

The geographical position

Albania as a country of the Balkan Peninsula, has the most favorable geographical position, because it not only boasts a Mediterranean climate, but also the fact that it is washed by two of the best sea – Adriatic and Ionian, along which stretches a hilly plain.

Its territory is covered peaked mountains, picturesque lakes, rocks and caves is a fabulously beautiful nature.

Albania is located in South-Eastern Europe, namely in the Western part of the Balkan Peninsula.

The country has common borders to the North with Serbia and Montenegroin the East with Macedonia, and Greece in the South and South-East. In the West, on the other side of the Strait of Otranto, just 75 km is Italy.

Albania is partly owned by three picturesque lakes, Ohrid, Shkoder and Prespa, in addition, is the owner of two major rivers – the Drin and Mati.


As one of the unrecognized gems of the Adriatic coast, Albania has an incredibly attractive Mediterranean climate. The summers are dry and hot while winters are mild and rainy. The average summer temperature is +25 degrees, and winter is -8°C.

How to get there?

Russia and Albania there are no direct connections, so all flights to this country, coming with a stopover in Turkey or via Milan, Ljubljana, Vienna and Warsaw. Travel time taking into account connections will take about 6 hours.

Buy plane tickets to Albania to neighboring countries, you can using the form for searching airtickets. Enter information about the date of departure, cities of departure and arrival and the number of passengers.

Information about the country

Svedeniya o stolice strany

The natural beauty and infrastructure of Albania, as well as the hospitality of the inhabitants of the country increasingly have to visit this wonderful place.

The internal arrange

Until 1992 Albania was artificially isolated from the rest of the world because of the policies of the Communist party, but now it is called a democratic Republicheaded by the President, and the Government – the Prime Minister.

The local population speaks the Albanian language, but good knowledge of Italian, Greek and English.

In Albania at present there are around 3.2 million inhabitants, 97% of whom are indigenous Albanians professing Islam. In particular, Sunni Muslims account for about 80% of the population.


For most tourists, including residents of Russia, in the summer time for a period up to 90 days entry href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/kuda-poehat-otdyhat-bez-vizy/">visa to Albania do not need. The rest of the time before the trip will have to issue a permit.

The presence of a Schengen visa category C allows you to stay in the country for up to 30 days.


In Albania is prohibited to import and export local currency – it can change the place at the airport. Duty-free is allowed to import 200 cigarettes, 1 litre of spirits and 2 liters of wine and 250 ml of toilet water and 50 ml of spirits. For the export of costly things, you should present the purchase receipt.


Albania easy call direction, completely safe for tourists, but even in this situation you should follow some measures:

  1. Not to buy foreign currency with hands;
  2. Vaccinations against typhoid and polio;
  3. Take out health insurance.

In a country highly clean drinking water, vacationers but it is better to purchase bottled product.


nacionalnaya valuta

The monetary unit of Albania is the Lek (1 Lech 100 cindoruk), but the tourists have the option to pay with euros or dollars. This foreign currency is used everywhere.

National cuisine

Cuisine of Albania – a delicious and juicy mix of meat dishes from lamb or juicy lamb flavored with fresh vegetables.

Certainly worth a try:

  1. Burek – meat pie made of puff pastry;
  2. Tav elbasani – meat, baked in yoghurt;
  3. Fergese Tirana – meat sausage with egg and tomatoes.

The local cuisine you can also find fish dishes of trout in lake Ohrid, cooked with walnuts.


In this country there are two carriers – Vodafone and AMC, which are perfectly accepted in any part of Albania. Also here is valid roaming from other operators.

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The real estate market

In recent years the real estate market is very promising, since the purchase price of housing is considerably less than in neighboring States. Besides, realtors can help in the implementation of projects directly from developers.


The country is easy to travel by buses, trains or shuttles, which are then called "vans". This is the most popular form of transport on the bus.

Large cities such as Tirana, Durres, Berat, Shkoder or connects rail – trains at 6 in the morning until 20:00.

Map with the cities and resorts on the Russian language

Albania is ready to provide its guests with many scenic spots for deep relaxation, exciting excursions and a beach holiday on pristine beaches of the Adriatic.

The active development of tourism makes Albania an attractive destination travelers get a unique experience of visiting a unique country. Rich cultural activities waiting for tourists in the capital Tirana, this city is a treasure trove of historical attractions, as well as a unique Berat.

Goroda i kurorty

Beach vacation

A luxurious beach holiday awaits those who will go to one of the following resort towns:

  • Serendra;
  • Durres;
  • Vlora;
  • Sandra.

Aside from beaches, travelers have the opportunity to explore Durres and Skondro for the presence of historic attractions, of which there are more than one thousand years.


Albania has always highlighted the rich history, attractive culture and beautiful nature.

Exploring, is, in the first place, to visit sights of Tirana, which is located in the Central square:

  • National historic site;
  • The Monument Of Skanderbeg;
  • Clock tower;
  • Mosque Ethem-Bey;
  • Perfectly preserved castle Petrelli – he has about 2 thousand years.

Complete a walk around the city, climbing to the top of the mountain Daichi, which offers a magnificent view of Tirana.

In Durres well preserved castles and fortresses,The amphitheatre and the Mosaic building, surrounded by statues and fountains, and in the cultural capital of the country should see the mosque, the Franciscan Church and the castle Roseana.

Dotoprimechatelnost Tirany

Where to stay?

The hotel infrastructure of Albania is very rich – there are luxury hotels, for example (Rogner Hotel Tirana 5*), modest accommodation (Lowen Inn Bed & Breakfast) and very affordable beds in the hostel (Green Garden Hostel).

Of course, the local service is not up to European, but the friendliness and kindness of the staff is quite compensates for this drawback. Prices for accommodation are much lower than in neighboring Greece or Montenegro.

Use the booking form of the hotels to find a room. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


Fans of beach holidays will find plenty of entertainment on the Ionian coast in the "Riviera of Flowers" or on the beaches of Velipoja, Durres, Golemi Lying and Divaca in the Adriatic – Dhermi.

Lovers of climbing can explore the mountains, and those who are interested in caving, in Albania there are numerous caves.


In specialty stores and souvenir shops tourists can buy products of local craftsmen – copper pieces and wooden tube, and colorful embroidery. In the old Tirana you can visit the huge Bazaar.

Facts about the state

  • Kiss on the cheek is the norm for the local population;
  • Service personnel, it is desirable to leave a tip (10% of the total);
  • Shaking the head means agreement, nod – denial;
  • Not worth it to communicate with the Albanians about religion, politics and polygamy, especially to start a debate on this subject;
  • The pride of Albania – mother Teresa, awarded the Nobel prize.

Every year in welcoming Albania receives more and more touristswho value the rich over the rest attractive.

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