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What to bring from Vienna (Austria) from the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Veny?

Vienna is a city with a rich historyDating back centuries, and cultural traditions. From here tourists take back with them many impressive photos from local architectural landmarks, and suitcases full of small original gifts and expensive gifts.

What to bring from Vienna as a gift to family and friends? List the gifts that are most in demand among tourists from different countries.

Souvenirs from Vienna - what to bring?

Local spirits

Local winemakers came up with a special wine, which has long gained popularity outside of Austria.

For example, they sell "ice wine". Is a fortified wine made from frozen grapes.

It is believed that the drink acquires a characteristic aroma of frosty freshness, and the palate a touch of honey with a little sour.

In search of such gifts should pay attention to the chocolate liquor "Mozart". It is made from milk or dark chocolate, so it has a distinctive taste and aroma.

Drinking liquor can be in pure form, but more often it is added to coffee or ice cream.

Apricot moonshine is a traditional strong alcoholic drink, which is a kind of schnapps.

Schnapps is known worldwide, but many associate this drink with Germany. But in Austria these drinks for a long time, and even in the country there are large producers of schnapps.

Because schnapps is dominated by fruity notes, usually based on it do alcoholic cocktails. Although it is possible its use in pure form as an aperitif.

Cosmetics and medicines

Shopping enthusiasts will find in Vienna are plenty of shops with cosmetics and perfumes of famous brands. But most of the tourists are driven from Austria cosmetics, a local company Styx.

Cosmetic products of this firm are made from organic ingredients, based on old family recipes dynasty Styx. In cosmetics use natural essential oils, which are also produced by this company.

Organic cosmetics from local production sold in stores or pharmacies.

Sometimes tourists, being abroad, strive to find rare drugs. Pharmacies veins most of the drugs sold by the prescriptions.

However, you can buy a vitamins of the biggest European producers or herbal teas, effectively helps in case of complaints.

Kosmeticheskie i lekarstvennye sredstva

Sweets and food

While in Vienna, you must taste the famous sweets of Viennese cuisine, such as waffles "manner", cake "Sacher" or candy "Mozart".

Pastry should be bought in retail stores. For example, the sachertorte can only be bought in the café of the same name. The cake recipe was invented in the 19th century, and since then its composition remains unchanged.

Waffles "manner" make with three types of toppings: walnut, chocolate and lemon. Sell them in the shop near St. Stephen's Cathedral, but the candy "Mozart" with marzipan filling can be purchased in urban supermarkets.

Especially popular among tourists is an unusual local delicacy, namely, candied petals of violets. It was the favorite dessert of the Imperial family in the 19th century.

This unusual sweetness similar to sugar with violet aroma and taste. Cook it at Demel, which in those days supplied the desserts to the Imperial table.

In addition to sweets tourists bring from Vienna is famous for Viennese coffee "Sacher", which is sold in the same cafe, where cakes.

Vienna residents are sensitive to this drink, the city even has a coffee Museum, which holds exhibits of local coffee culture.

Of course, in the shops of Vienna you can find many other brands of coffee and the most popular of these is the espresso and mocha.

Foodies seek to buy in Vienna pumpkin seed oil of local production. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that this oil is made from unique varieties of pumpkins growing in one of the Austrian regions.

Pumpkin is a yellow-green color, and the oil from itits distinctive strong taste and contains many useful vitamins.

Pumpkin seed oil in this region make it almost entirely by hand. It is added to sauces, desserts, soups, and also eaten with bread.

Clothes and shoes

In Austria there are several well-known brands of underwear. For example, the Wolford brand produces underwear and stockings with the possibility of correction.

A company Falke and Palmers produce quality underwear, stockings, socks and dressing gowns.

On the street of mariahilferstraße shopping with a large selection of clothing and shoes from German and Austrian designers. Here you can buy stylish, quality clothes in classic and youth styles.

In an unusual souvenir tourists buy a Tyrolean hat. This is a traditional headgear made of felt with a mandatory decoration on it in the form of a brush or a quill pen.

Odezhda i obuv


What can you buy in Austria? Luxurious decoration with Swarovski crystals do not leave indifferent any woman.

Decorations are very expensive (100 euros), but buying jewelry with dazzling crystals makes sense here – in the homeland of the inventor.

Among fashionistas also are popular, and original jewelry company Frey Wille, which makes bracelets and other jewelry of enamel with the use of precious stones.

All decorations are made by hand and produced in limited quantities.

Porcelain and glass

What else can you bring from Austria as a gift? The product of the Viennese Augarten porcelain – elite, expensive gift, for which you will have to pay 150 euros.

But such a high price is fully justified, because all the dishes are white porcelain is made completely by hand, including painting. This makes the products particularly precious and unique.

What other Souvenirs from Austria to bring?

Glass balls with the urban scenery of Vienna, which rolls a small snowball, one of the most famous Souvenirs purchased by tourists in the first place.

These balls toys was invented by local master Percy in the early 20th century. Located in Vienna, family-run factory for the manufacture of such balls.

By the way, peculiarities of their production are kept secret, and some balls were produced in a single copy.

Balls can be purchased in the souvenir shops of the city, but better to do it in the factory store, in addition, there is a Museum where you can see the basic processes of their production.

When searching for Souvenirs, there are often questions about what is better to buy as a gift for girls, men or children. We offer a small selection of gift ideas from Vienna.

Izdeliya iz farfora i stekla

What could be brought from Austria as a gift?


  1. Phone case decorated with Swarovski crystals.
  2. Any Viennese sweets.
  3. Figurines, jewelry boxes made of white porcelain Vienna.


  1. Smoking pipe Peter Matzhold hand-made from expensive wood.
  2. Local spirits.
  3. Royal coffee maker, a sophisticated design, as well as any accessories related to coffee, for example coffee spoons, jars for coffee storage.


  1. Wooden toys that depict the characters of fairy tales of the brothers Grimm.
  2. Painted cow bells with multi-colored wide ribbons.
  3. Milk chocolate "milk" of local production.

In Vienna focused so much of the cultural traditions of different eras that the city sometimes dazzled when choosing Souvenirs.

Here you will find the most interesting and gourmets, and lovers of folk arts and crafts, and modern fashionistas.

Vienna is a city which every tourist will be able to take home a memorable gift.

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