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What to see in Austria: sights of Salzburg in a single day

dostoprimechatelnosti Zalcburga

The name of the city of Salzburg owes deposits of salt, numerous deposits of which are found in the surrounding area.

But the real world fame was brought to this town , Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Many places in the city remind of the composer's life and are associated with his name. In honor of the great Amadeus in Salzburg, named streets, hotels, cafes, restaurants and even a certain type of clothing.

Austria: the Salzburg card in the Russian language

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Now it is the fourth largest city of Austria, its size it is inferior to Vienna, Graz and Linz. Salzburg is situated at the Northern foot of the Alps, just 5 km from the border with Germany. The city is separated by a distance of 145 km from Munich, and Vienna - 300 km.


The first inhabitants began to settle on the site of modern Salzburg during the time of the Neolithic. In the V century BC here lived the Celts. In the days of the Roman Empire the city was part of its province Norik. In different periods he was under Napoleon, the Bavarian Duchy, by the German occupation.

All these events were reflected not only in the history of the city, but also in its architecture, culture and traditions.

Throughout its history the city has been a part of various States. More than 1000 years in different periods ruled by the Germans. The Austro-Hungarian Salzburg became in 1816.

From the German occupation of Salzburg was liberated by the Americans. It occurred on 8 may 1945. After that, they for a long period of time has made this city the center of their zones of occupation.

Tour areas of the city

Modern Salzburg - the city presentable. Its historic centre is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Every year in Salzburg arrives almost 7 million foreigners.

In the tourism sector is working every third resident of the city and the main places visited by tourists in Salzburg are:

  • Old town. Left-Bank area of the city. On one side it is framed by the rocky mountain Mengelberg;
  • Festungsberg. In this part of Salzburg is the largest number of sites;
  • Hesselnberg. The old fortress dominates the city at an altitude of 120 metres. From the site of the mountains on which Hesselnberg, scenic views of the city;
  • ekskursionnaya zona Hoenzalcburg

  • Right Bank. This part of the city is new, but not modern. In this area you can find a large number of buildings Dating back to the XVI-XVII centuries. Among the main attractions of the area — Park Mirabellgarten, garden Dwarfs, the home of Mozart and others.

The many attractions in and surroundings of Salzburg. The attention of tourists is attracted by objects such as the Castle and Hellbrunn Palace, Mechanical and Stone theatres.

The streets of Salzburg runs a special tourist bus. In his route, 12 stops, which it does near the main historical sites of the city.

How to get there?

To reach Salzburg by airplane. Five kilometers from the city is the airport W A. Mozart. Most who come to him flights are domestic, so foreign tourists flying to Salzburg, have a stopover at the airport of Vienna. To come to the city from Vienna or Munich by train.

Choose airline tickets by using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

Attractions - photos and description

Most visitors to Austria tourists include in their tours a visit to Salzburg.

Such a number of attractions in this city is difficultto find any location in Europe.


Pamyatnik konditeru

Salzburg can be called a city of monuments. They were established in different historical periods and carefully preserved by residents and the municipality. Among the most interesting monuments of the city that are worth paying attention to are:

  1. The Sculpture Of Calder. This unusual composition is quite young. It was established in 2008, the British sculptor Anthony Kratom in the framework of the art project Installed on Makartplatz;
  2. The Monument To Mozart. It's hard to imagine Salzburg without the sculptures the most famous native of this city. It stands in the square named after the composer. Date of the monument refers to 1842;
  3. The Monument To Paul Fürst. The name of the famous pastry chef has been immortalized by the sculpture, which is a gold sphere, resembling the shape invented by Fürst chocolates. It is surrounded by medieval buildings. The shape of the famous pastry chef is installed on the top of the sphere;
  4. Monument to the cyclist. Salzburg can be safely called a city of cyclists. A huge number of citizens move through the streets of Salzburg on this vehicle. The bronze sculpture was installed in 1992 on the city's waterfront.

Walking around the city you may encounter a very unusual sculptures. Among them the monument to the cucumber, created by Austrian sculptor Erwin Würm. His work is a composition consisting of 5 cucumber pieces having a size corresponding to an average growth of man.

No less interesting is the sculpture of Jaume Plensa, called "man of peace". It consists of letters and installed in one of the world's public projects.

Churches and cathedrals

Kafedralnyj sobor

Among the most visited attractions in Salzburg Cathedrallocated in the old part of the city. Its construction is dated to 1628. At this point, it was the first. Three previously erected Church was destroyed by fire. The last building made in the Baroque style. The length of the Cathedral is 101 meters. At the same time within its walls can be up to 10 thousand people. The Cathedral is the largest in Europe.

In the Cathedral is the tomb of the archbishops and the famous organ with its four thousand pipes.

The most interesting Church in Salzburg — Franciscan. It was built in the XIII century in Gothic style.

By 1696, refers to the building of the Church Kollegienkirche, known as the University. Its architects were Fischer von Erlach.

In the Renaissance style built Church Blasiuskirche. It was built in 1350.

Gardens and parks

The most romantic Park of Salzburg — Mirabell. This is a real monument of landscape crops, decorated in the Baroque style. It surrounds the Mirabell Palace, built in the XVII century.

In the Park there are a large number of fountains and sculptures. The area was created by garden gnomes Torghatten. In the Green theatre of the Park for concerts during the annual Salzburg festival.

Families with children prefer to relax in Passeport. It has a play area, which is 32 thousand square meters.

In the South-East of Salzburg is Eigenpairs. This English landscape Park was laid in 1780. On its territory you can find secluded coves and waterfalls.

Architectural structure

arhitekturnaya rezidenciya arhiepiskopa

Very often called Salzburg the capital of the Baroque. Most monuments are made in this style.

Over the appearance of the city was created by the best Italian architects, which in the middle ages, the glory of the great architects.

On the Western side of the Central square of the Old town, which is one of his monuments, is located the Residence of the Archbishop. In her unique collection of medieval painting, there are paintings by Rubens and Rembrandt.

Opposite to the Old Archbishop's residence located New. It housed the Museum of Sattler.

In the center of the square is the famous Salzburg fountain, built in 1661.

The beauty of Salzburg and the streets were arranged on their buildings made the city the pearl of Europe.


Dom-muzej Mocarta

  • The most famous and visited city Museum - Museum der Moderne (Museum of modern art). It contains unique works of contemporary art. Its existence began with the gift of a private collection of paintings by a local resident Friedrich Walzem;
  • Residenzgalerie — a huge exhibition complex, located in the Archbishop's residence. In the gallery of the Museum contains paintings of the Italian and French artists who worked in the Middle ages;
  • In one of the former Greenhouses of the PalaceMirabel complex is the Baroque Museum. It is devoted to this style in Salzburg;
  • The home of Mozart and Dommuseum. Exhibited in Museum exhibitions, exhibits connected with Mozart and his work. It is impossible to visit the city and not to visit these places of worship;
  • Specifically for children opened in Salzburg toy Museum.
  • Very popular with tourists is the Salzburg Museum under the open sky - Salzburger Freilichtmuseum Großgmain.

Natural attractions

The main natural attraction of the Salzburg Alps.

Nearest to the Salzburg Alpine the peak of the Untersberg, whose height is 1972 meters.

prirodnaya dostoprimechatelnost - vershina Untersberg

The city has a zoo, in which animal welfare and the landscape as close to natural. Annually it is visited by millions of tourists.

What else to see in Salzburg?

In travel agencies you can choose various types of tours to Salzburg, which will take into account the personal interests of each.

In the winter

Winter in Salzburg is perfect for relaxing in the mountains. Alpine trails are among the best in the world. Fun held in the city celebrating Christmas and New year. In hotels in the city at this time, it is difficult to find the free space, so the trip must be planned in advance.

At ski resorts work in schoolswhich teach skiing and safety of being in the mountains.

Around the city there are a large number of unique caves. Some of them — the Eisriesenwelt. These ice caves are available to visit in winter as in summer to be unsafe.

Tour in one day

With proper planning the trip for 1 dayspent in Salzburg, you can visit a large number of attractions and plenty to see.

tur po parku Hellbrunn za odin den

  • It is best to begin your journey to Salzburg with Mirabell Palace. The Palace and Park complex is located 5 minutes from Rainerstrasse.
  • Passing through the Park you can get on Makart square.
  • In one of the houses located on the square, at one time the family lived Mozart. Now it is a Museum of the composer.

  • One block from the Museum of Mozart have access to the famous mountain of Salzburg — Kapuzinerberg. On top is a functioning monastery.
  • Near the square is the Park of Hellbrunn, on the other side of the Salzach river, tourists enjoy the sights of the Old city.
  • Guests can relax in the Park of cucumbers, and the most impressive monument of the city is its Cathedral.
  • To finish the walk can Hohensalzburg lock.


Travelling to Salzburg together with a child should visit the museums of nature, toys and puppets, as well as the local zoo. It is located on the site of the former Deer Park and covers an area of 5.6 hectares.

The Jungle Park and rides can be found in the Park Fantasiana.

Roller coasters and extreme entertainment offers parents and children the Park Rupolding.

We encourage you to watch a video about the sights of Salzburg: