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Monuments of Austria: pictures and description of

Dostoprimechatelnosti Avstrii: foto i opisanie

Austria is a small countrylocated in the heart of Europe, with a population of over eight million people.

This state in its present form was formed in 1918 following the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Duchy.

Austria is bordered by several European countriessuch as Germany (North-West), Czech Republic (in the North), Slovakia (North-East), Hungary (East), Slovenia, Italy (in the South), Liechtenstein, Switzerland (in the West).

Due to the fact that most of the country is the Alps, the main focus in the tourism of Austria is skiing.

Also Austria is famous for its mountain lakes, valleys, meadows, are of interest not only to enthusiasts, but ordinary lovers of natural beauty.

Sights Austria, Seegrotte (Underground lake near Vienna)


On its administrative unit Austria is divided into nine Federal States: Burgenland, Carinthia, lower Austria, Upper Austria, Tyrol, Styria, Salzburg, Vorarlberg and the city of Vienna.

The latter is the capital of the state, as well as a storehouse of a huge number of attractions.

In the city center on its main Avenue, is a building of the Vienna State Opera, is a real masterpiece of world art.

Larger architectural monument is the Palace complex of the Hofburg, which now in addition are the national library and museums.

The most interesting and visited sights of the city are also:

  • St. Stephen's Cathedral (the national symbol of the country);
  • home of the famous architect Hundertwasser;
  • Belvedere Palace and many other historical sites.

The old part of the city along with the Palace, Chenbro located in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

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Linz is the centre of Upper Austria. It is situated on the banks of the Danube. Linz is known that in different times lived and worked many famous people — Johannes Kepler, Anton Bruckner and others.

The Church of St. Martin is the most notable and one of the oldest places of Linz, but not the only one:

  • the main square with the plague column (in honour of the deliverance of the city from this terrible disease last);
  • the parish Church of St. Mary (built in the Romanesque style in 1648);
  • old town hall (built in the Gothic style in 1513);
  • castle Landhaus;
  • concert hall Bruckner;
  • pilgrimage Church (located on the top of the mountain Pöstlingberg);
  • bridge Nibelungenbrucke and more.


This city is the capital of Styria. Here there are four universities, at one of which opened the world's first Museum of criminology.

Among the most important historical and cultural monuments are:

  • Schlossberg castle;
  • Church of Domkirche;
  • Opera house;
  • the Kunsthaus Museum;
  • Glazewski Arsenal (the Museum preserves a large number of various weapons, armor, musical instruments).

Every year in Graz through the contemporary art festival "Styrian autumn", he held in 1968.

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Salzburg - the capital of the eponymous Federal land that nurtured myself many talented artists: musicians, doctors, mathematicians etc.

Here are the following famous sights:

  • Four public higher education institution — the Central square in the old town;
  • residence of the Archbishop (here collected of medieval European painting);
  • The Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter;
  • fountain Residenzbrunnen;
  • catacombs, carved into the mönchsberg;
  • St. Peter's Cathedral;
  • Franciscan Church;
  • Kollegienkirche (formerly the University Church, now a Museum);
  • Getreidegasse (it is the house in which was born the world famous composer W. A. Mozart);
  • The Cathedral, etc.


Klagenfurt is the Central city of the land of Carinthia, is situated near the river Glan.

In his New square there is a fountain in the form of a dragon, otherwise Lindwurm, which in ancient times dwelled in the lake nearby.

It should be noted and attractionsKlagenfurt:

  • the castle of Maria Loretto;
  • Klagenfurt Cathedral;
  • Park Minimundus;
  • Goethe Park;
  • Botanical garden;
  • the Carinthian Museum;
  • lake wörthersee (the warmest of all Alpine reservoirs).

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Baden - Austrian resort townand centre of Upper Austria. It is known for its hot sulphur springs that allows the city year-round to accommodate tourists who want to relax and recuperate.

In Baden there are a large number of wine bars, the country's largest rose garden.

Represent an important historical value ruined castles Rouhinen and Rauhenstein, hunting Lodge, Heiligenkreuz Abbey, etc.


This city most attractive to tourists because of the mild climate: in winter there is severe cold, not hot in summer. The main objects of Villach — a mineral Spa resorts, water Park, fitness centers.

The city often hosts various festivals of the arts: theatre, film, music.

There is also:

  • Holy cross Church (Baroque style);
  • the Church of St. Nicholas (style — neo-Gothic);
  • the ruins of the old castle Landskron.

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One of the most attractive cities in the Tyrolean land can be called Innsbruck, located on the coast of the Inn river.

In a small town near the capital of Tyrol the Museum "Swarovski Crystal worlds", where you can see a variety of crystals.

Among others we can highlight several noteworthy attractions:

  • emperors Palace Hofburg;
  • Cathedral of St. Jacob;
  • Church Harvick and many castles, museums and monasteries.


Melk is a city in Lower Austria.

The main attraction of this place is the Benedictine monastery. Very interesting celebrities of the city include:

  • bakery family Hausenberg;
  • castle Franzenburg;
  • the source of St. Koloman (he is the patron Saint of Melk), and many other notable places and buildings.

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Austria is a unique Treasury of historical, cultural, architectural values, many of which are under UNESCO protection.

This versatile country in terms of tourism from winter to extreme cultural and therapeutic. And beautiful nature will not leave anyone indifferent, who would like to meet with that country.