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Best ski resorts Austria - rating

Karta gornolyzhnyh kurortov Avstrii

Ski resorts in Austria, located in the Eastern Alps, chosen for professional training and for active holiday with your family or friends.

Exciting slopes in good snow conditions, modern infrastructure, a wide choice of entertainment – this is not a complete list of features of Austrian ski resorts, for which they are loved by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

What are the ski regions of Austria chosen for recreation and sport active travelers and professional skiers?

Austrian ski resorts on the map

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The rating resorts


This ski resort is Austria's only area for skiing, located at an altitude of about 3000 meters.

Thick snow cover on the slopes provides a comfortable ride for professionals and a good learning environment for beginners.

Slopes in the ski area is 144 km away. They are distinguished by good marking, so it is impossible to get lost. By the beginning of the trails can be reached using the lifts. Of all the resort has 34 lifts.

In addition to ski mountains, guests can enjoy walks on mountain trails with guide, swimming pools, saunas, gyms and even cinemas.

The surrounding resort located hotels of different categories, you can also stay in apartments or guest houses. Most lifts pull athletes from the mountains directly to the streets, where the hotels and cafes.

How to get there? By plane Innsbruck, Salzburg or Munich. From the airports to the resort can be reached by bus, taxi or car.


The resort is located in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains, so it sports tracks feature a variety of routes.

The security service of the resort is constantly conducting avalanche events and prepare the slopes to provide a comfortable ride for skiers.

The tracks here are of a great elevation (about 1700 meters), and their length is 159 km. the skiing Area, located on the slopes of the Penken, is considered extreme and most suitable for skiers of virtuoso.

And the trails on the slopes of mount Ahornspitze will appreciate beginners and intermediate level athletes training.

On the main street of Mayrhofen are concentrated many entertainment options for guests of the resort: shops, water Park, discos, cafes, restaurants, bowling club.

For lovers of mountain tourism in the area there are more than 60 Hiking trails. Curious tourists can visit the local cheese factory, to see the old manor and the Church.

Guests of the resort have the opportunity to book a room in hotels, guest houses, pensions, located in the Mayrhofen and surrounding villages.

How to get there? By plane to Innsbruck, Salzburg, Munich or Vienna. From airports to Mayrhofen can be reached by train or by car.


Bad Gastein

A distinctive feature of the resort is a unique opportunity during your holiday to combine skiing and recreation in the hot springs.

In addition, in a ski area is a waterfallthat attracts tourists and serves as a source of inspiration for artists.

The length of the runs of the skiing area is about 200 km, most of which are suitable for experienced skiers.

On the roads, occasionally there are rocks and snow covered with a crust of ice, so even light trails beginners can seem quite complicated.

The resort is situated medical and health-improving complex with swimming poolsfilled with hot spring water.

Also bad Gastein, guests can relax at an amusement Park that includes rides, a casino and a bowling club.

This resort choose wealthy people, so most of the hotels here are high level with excellent service and expensive rooms.

How to get there? By airplane from Salzburg and Munich. From the airports to the resort can be reached by train, car or bus.

Ski resort St.Anton in Austria

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Holidays in Ischgl the most popular among young companies. As with all ski regions of Austria, it is characterized by high service and sophisticated routes of trails.

An interesting feature of the resort are considered to be underground escalators leading from the hotels to the ski lifts.

The total length of the slopes over 200 km, most of which are "red" (medium difficulty). Snow here is quite thick, but in some places it is additionally supported by snow cannons.

For visitors to the open doors of the ice rink, go tobogganing. The area surrounding Ischgl tourists visit the village churches and museums depicting rural life of former times.

Most of the hotels in this region belong to the category of four star. Also here you can rent a room in the apartments and guest houses.

How to get there? By airplane from Innsbruck, Munich or Zurich. From the airports to the resort can be reached by taxi, car or bus with a transfer in Landeck.



This picturesque resort is compact. It is located near the top of the glacier in a quiet village with a picturesque village houses.

Length of pistes in the resort is 40 km away, But on the slopes of the glacier athletes skate all year round. The routes are best suited to beginners for ski school and to the athletes for practicing techniques.

The resort offers a huge choice of entertainment for an active holiday: Hiking with a guide, sledging and ice-skating, swimming in pools and playing in a bowling alley.

A special train takes you up to the top of the glacier, with a height of about 3000 m. Lovers of medieval architecture visit the ancient castle and village Church.

Resort guests are greeted with hospitality in hotels with three and four stars, spas, private villas and chalets.

How to get there? By plane to Salzburg, Innsbruck or Munich. From the airports can be easily reached by train or by car.


Schladming is famous for its sports records and achievements of world level, as slopes are often the venue of competitions and Championships. But also there are all conditions for rest with family.

In the skiing area and there are trails of all difficulty levels, and the best are downhill. The mountains here are low, and sometimes in the form of precipitation wet snow falls that impede skiing.

The attention of tourists attracted to the district with old buildings and parish churches. In the evening guests relax, dancing in disco bars or dining at the cafe.

The district has many small hotels, guest houses and pensions, high level of service.

How to get there? By plane from Vienna or Salzburg. At airports you must transfer to a special Shuttle, which provides Shuttle service to the resort.



This modern resort that has preserved the traditional Alpine villages, choose to stay wealthy Europeans. This region is characterised by perfect trails and a high level of service.

Length of slopes of different difficulty levels is more than 100 km. But the remarkable feature of the resort is the opportunity to ride on the open space outside the lines.

Perhaps, the main attractions of these places are restaurants serving regional cuisine, Michelin-starred. It serves delicious dishes prepared using Alpine herbs.

In Leh it is difficult to save money on housing, because there are the luxury hotels of high category (4 and 5 stars).

How to get there? By plane to Innsbruck, Munich or Zurich. From the airports you must get on a bus or a taxi.

Snow-capped peaks and exciting descents – all this you will find in the heart of Austria, in the Eastern Alps.

The modern equipment runs, and world-class service ensure a comfortable and safe practicing winter sports for millions of tourists every year who come here for new experiences and sports records.