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The ski resorts of Belarus: Silichi, Logoysk, Raubichi

Gornolyzhnye kurorty Belorussii

Those who love ski sports often skeptical smile when they offered to visit the resorts of Belarus.

This is natural – after all, this country can boast of steep mountains, or at least any serious hills.

However, here you will find some great leisure facilities.

Almost all the popular ski resorts located in the center of the country. The interest of local people in winter outdoor activities has led to the emergence in the country several of these resorts.

Currently, the ski resorts of Belarus attracts more and more attention to not only the residents, but also tourists from nearby countries.

The most popular resorts are Silichi, Raubichi, Sun Valley, lahoisk, and Yakut mountains. Each of these places is famous not only for recreational infrastructure, but also natural features.

The ski resorts of Belarus on the map

Gornolyzhnye kurorty Belorussii na karte

The rating resorts


This great resort is located just 40 kilometers from the capital of the country.

Initially, the hilly terrain allowed to place here a few trails for skiing and snowboarding. But the creators of the resort a little spiked hills to make the slopes steeper.

As a result of these works, the height differences up to 100 metres. One of the most severe conditions when creating the resort was full conservation of the unique forests surrounding the ski slopes.

Any fan of skiing and snowboarding will find in Silichi an acceptable route. A pair of long blue trails for experienced sportsmen, as well as "red" for thrill-seekers are never empty.

For beginners in Alpine skiing there are a couple of special "training" runs, where qualified instructors will help you familiarize yourself with both children and adults.

For snowboarders there is a separate descent, and for fans of ice-skating in the Victoria ice arena.

Modern hotel and cottage village for guests, can accommodate up to 120 visitors at a time. And several restaurants with local and European cuisine can surprise even gourmets.

It offers a large selection of different types of recreation: tubing, paintball, Snowmobiling, steam treatments, Wellness programs, excursions etc.

The period of the ski season lasts from December to March, and with the onset of heat recreation complex Silichi works as a regular recreation.

To get to the recreation complex Silichi by car on the highway from the capital in the direction of Vitebsk or buses from the bus station "Moscow" in Minsk.

Rejting kurortov: Silichi


Located in the immediate vicinity of the Berezinsky biosphere reserve, the resort Raubichi is truly a gem among the recreation facilities of Belarus. It is here that trained members of the Olympic team of Belarus in winter sports.

It offers some world-class skiing, with increased complexity, an acrobatic slope for freestyle, a track for fans of biathlon, indoor ice rink and sports complex with several rooms.

A pair of comfortable hotels and restaurants with European cuisine meet all the requirements of the guests. And in his spare time from the improvement of sports achievements tourists should get acquainted with the rich history of the area.

The road to the Olympic complex "Raubichi" takes very little time. To get from the capital of Belarus on your own car on the highway Minsk-Vitebsk, either by transport from the bus station "Moscow".

Sun Valley

Ski center "Solar Valley" , the only resort located right in the center of Minsk. Trails for skiers and snowboard is located right on the shore of the Minsk reservoir.

The mild winter climate contributes to active skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or tubing. The main and training tracks available to everyone with no restrictions on age or gender.

Offers sports equipment for hire, the work of qualified instructors, parties and corporate events. To get to the "Solar Valley" may any public transport.

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Another awesome placerest for those who can't live without skiing near the capital of Belarus.

A total of 5 trails designed for downhill and slalom. There are separate tracks for those who prefer classic cross-country skis.

With good lighting tracks to workout until late in the evening.

For those who prefer to be distracted from skiing other activities, there is a range of bath treatments, horseback riding, gym and common service among tourists.

To stay in Logoysk in a comfortable hotel can accommodate up to 48 guests or cosy chalets. A gourmet restaurant and several cafes will not leave indifferent lovers of good food.

The property is easily reached from Minsk by car or public transport, as the recreation center is located in the vicinity of the capital of the country.

Yakut mountains

One of the first facilities in the country for ski lovers. The leisure Park "Yakut mountains" is located 40 kilometers from Minsk, in the neighbourhood of the highest point of the country – mountain Dzerzhinsk.

Every visitor of the Park will find a game to your taste. Trails for skiers and snowboarders, skiing and tubing mountainboro, snowmobile trips, etc.

Experienced athletes will enjoy the night lighting on the slopes, and beginners to help will gladly come highly qualified instructors. For everyone the Park includes a ski school.

Accommodation in the Park is not provided, so guests who wish to stay for a few days settled, either in Minsk or nearby recreation.

However, to eat after exercise is very useful in several cafes on the territory of the Park.

To get to the Park "Yakut mountains" from Minsk bus or car Rakovskoye highway.

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Whichever of the ski resorts of Belarus you choose for your holiday, you can always expect a warm welcome, quality service, low rates and great stay.

The lack of visa regime, Russian language as state one and within walking distance of the resorts will help you to get to the end point of their trip.

Well, a variety of leisure programs at each of the resorts will force you to make a difficult choice. Be sure – visit the ski resorts of Belarus at least once, you will definitely want to come back.

Ski resort Silichi (Minsk oblast)