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Castles of Belarus: Worldly, Brest and other

Zamki Belarusi

The mystique and grandeur of the castles not only decorate the Czech Republic, France and Germany, but many other countries. These include Belarus.

All castles this country has something unique, because they combine European and Belarusian traditions.

Can not hit a beautiful combination of red brick and stone elements that distinguish many of the buildings.

Belarus is famous for its abundance of castles, but even a few restored castles and ruins make it a popular tourist attraction.

In addition, the stay in the territory of the castle can include not only sightseeing program, but the observation of a knightly tournament, a meal in a cosy café and a touch of look to the Museum's exhibits.

Castles of Belarus – the power and the luxury

Even if this architectural structure was created as the abode, in addition to magnificence of scenery, it is a fortress and strength. But in the defensive castles, there is something luxurious and solemn, although they are severe and unapproachable.

Castles of Belarus is a unique buildingwhere you can combine the basic styles characteristic for the middle ages, and notes the Slavic culture.



Mir castle began to build in 1520, it was organized with the aim to create a prestige building.

The castle had four owners. First – Ilyinich, and the last Svyatopolk-Mirsky. After them, the architectural structure became the state property.

The lock is often damaged, because they found the war of Russia with France and Poland. Architectural monument is gradually corrected, restoring the original shape.

The main style of the castle – Gothic style. But if you look good to him, you can see some unusual motives. For example, the combination of white and brick red.

At present the castle is a complex. It stages theatrical performances, jousting festivals, various conferences and other public events.

Distance from Minsk to the castle – ninety kilometers. Can be reached from the Central and Eastern stations. Direction – Dyatlovo, Korelichi, Lida.

Mirskij zamok


The castle was built around the XI century, a specific date to calculate failed. Most likely, the castle was supposed to protect those who organized the construction.

Despite a good defensive properties described in the historical sources, the castle was damaged several times, it was vulnerable to sieges. The last time the castle was trying to reconstruct in 1831.

At the moment the castle is almost nothing left. During the excavations found only a part of the wall, but maybe she is a member of another structure.

If the castle is restored, access to it will just just drive to Brest.


It is called puslovskie's Palace. This name was created with the names of the magistrates Casimir, who organized the construction. Later, his grandson lost cards the whole castle.

The peculiarity of the Palace, the twelve towers representing the twelve months of each year. It is built so that a couple of days in each year, naturally covered only one room.

Now the Palace restaurerede. Perhaps when the restoration will be considered legends. For example, about a floor of glass under which fish swam.

Don't be surprised if you see in a restored figure of a lion, or even the animal itself in a cage. Rumor has it that the owners of the estate had kept it in order to protect against theft.

Can be seen the ruins, getting to Kossovo. It in the Brest region, Ivatsevichi district.

Kossovskij zamok


The castle was built for podcaster Duchy of Lithuania, it was a palatial residence. Sorry, about the appearance of structures can be judged only on pictures. They can be clearly seen that the castle had defensive functions of the fortress.

Now tourists can see only about one-third destroyedstructure. About the residency ruins, they are not rekonstruiruet, and they are not subjected to conservation.

To touch the history, seeing the rest of the old part of the castle, in the village Golshany of Grodno region in.


At first the castle was just North of the current location. Thus it was erected on the initiative of the people from the kind of Guts. Then the castle was rebuilt at the behest of the Radziwill family.

Nesvizh castle to modern times and belonged to different owners. He played the role of the estate, the sanatorium and even the headquarters of the German tank group.

Time did not spare the building, but he returned the solemn look. The castle has many secret exits and moves, and when you visit you can consider some of them. They are all such secret gloomy labyrinth.

Now the castle has become a complex. Every day there are guided tours.

The popularity of an architectural monument, not only due to its aesthetic properties, but also the location, because it is in the town of Nesvizh, in the Minsk region.

Nesvizhskij zamok


Krevo castle is one of the first appeared Kastela in the Lithuanian Principality. The fate of the castle can rightly be called difficult.

After construction, he had to withstand the onslaught of cannonballs. Incinerated in the famous military gallery. It later during the siege damaged Perekop Tatars, and then he suffered during the First world war.

The first preservation was carried out by poles in 1929. Then she was involved in student volunteers, trying to shore up the ruins.

All that remains of the castle is an architectural monument. The structure now includes only remnants of walls and some buildings, but the greatness of the former castle is still not difficult to imagine.

To reach the ruins, you need to get to the Belarusian village of Crewe.


The castle was built for the purpose of protection in 1330 years, as evidenced by the massive walls and small decorations.

The fortress was badly damaged by the crusaders and then by the Swedes. Later the castle was burning, but the restorers have tried in the recovery process. Reconstruction work is being done to this day.

But this does not prevent to spend in the knightly festivals. Most of them held during the summer and are accompanied by other events. Maybe soon there will be a small Museum.

The castle is situated in the Belarusian town of Lida. To get to it, you can catch the right train in Minsk.

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