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Sanatorium Belarus — cheap and on a 5+

When it comes to choosing a place to stay, we be especially picky. I wish we were not only surrounded by the splendor of the scenery, but also kind and hospitable people, real professionals. And in addition to all these pleasures cost is not too expensive.

All these requirements are satisfied by our long-standing and close neighbor, Belarus. Here the raw beauty of nature and its gifts fully used for modern Wellness programs. Very inexpensive treatment offer health of Belarus — the official website of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) argues that the recent denomination of the Belarusian ruble did not cause the growth of prices for Russian holidaymakers, although this is expected.

To offer your tired body and soul of modern Belarus? Make, to arrange with comfort and to meet all the beauties of the country, which will delight, will help to restore strength to again live and work, to love and to create.

We counted five good reasons to choose health of Belarus: prices, nature, comfort, uniqueness of the treatment and the friendly environment. And another "plus" — to our "five" was a truly great rating.

1. Belarus — it is natural!

The beauty of the Belarusian nature and the mild climate of health of Belarus has long been used in their Wellness programs. The largest lake mills, Naroch resort is the jewel around which is 11 resorts. The only one in the whole CIS spelare also here, in Belarus — underground mine offers a magical opportunity to breathe, to relax, to clear the vessels. However, despite the fact that this mine is the only instance that speleoclimate can be found in several health institutions — the walls in these rooms are built of blocks of red and white salts, which are taken from the Starobin Deposit.

Belarus can offer and other treasures — pine and resinous spirit forests, mineral (including radon) water and even the dirt is therapeutic. Unique sapropelic mud of the lake is famous for Wild.

2. Belarus — it's cheap!

In this country is quite inexpensive to get to. There can be very cheap to live. The unique treatment offered by the sanatorium of Belarus, the prices which they attract visitors — all this makes the country a natural choice for rest and treatment. And the prices here start from 1300 rubles per day!

3. Belarus is a comfortable!

Some tourists may have concerns that for the money they offer squeaky bed and the walls, unpainted since the mid-twentieth century. It is not too big competition to the sanatorium Belarus skimp on comfort. Moreover, many of them were built recently and can boast of infrastructure at the European level — gyms, swimming pools, beauty salons, and sometimes the water parks.

4. Belarus is a modern!

Medical equipment offered by the sanatorium Belarus — at the level of XXI century. It is not surprising that here come every year about 100 thousand tourists from Russia. For each doctors make an individual program that may include cryotherapy, magnetoterapia, acupuncture, laser acupuncture, balneotherapy and manual therapy. Here treat respiratory and "female" diseases, and also diseases of cardiovascular, nervous and digestive system.

5. Belarus is friendly!

Here we are always waiting and happy to accept. Here, people shared with us the culture, speak the same language with us. Here you don't feel like "abroad". Just — in-kind and magical land where you will do anything to have you back healthy and happy.

Plus it is very fun

After medical procedures in winter you can ski and skate, in the summer to splash around in the warm lake water. As for the pools and water parks — they work all year round. As well as bowling clubs, cafes, discos, entertainers. Come to Belarus, there you are! And will — on 5+!

According to the website kurort-expert.ru