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What to see in Belgiei - sights of Brussels in 1 day

chto posmotret v Belgii?

A trip to Belgium is a fascinating journey into the world of exquisite architecture and oldest museums and the picturesque landscapes of the Ardennes.

The most beautiful city of Belgium on the map

Karta samyh krasivyh gorodov strany

Familiarity with Belgium starts with its capital Brussels is a city which blends the past and the present. Here ancient sculptures, the age of which sometimes consists of more than 700 years, side by side with the famous Atomium and the Royal palaces with stylish outlets. To work around iconic attractions located in this place, hardly enough for weeks.

Brussels is the real center of the country. Here is a major European company, from the headquarters of the European Union to the residence of NATO.

The city regularly hold meetings, which is taking very serious decisions. It all happens in the building of the European Parliament – class attractions, striking with its size.

However beautiful and interesting city, from the point of view of tourism are not confined to the capital of the country. Miniature Belgium has such places that are famous not only throughout Europe but also worldwide for its unique sights are worth a look.

Many travellers will be interested to visit the famous "Belgian triple":

  1. Bruges is the most famous city right after the capital, which, due to its touching the way, has earned the name of "Northern Venice". There are so many canals and rivers, laid between miniature houses that ride on them will be the most pleasant event. Do the residents of Bruges like tourists, so try to help them, telling the city's history and showing the most beautiful places.
  2. Ghent – more quiet than Bruges, but incredibly atmospheric city with houses from the middle Ages. Due to the fact that he almost did not suffer during the war, remained here most of the attractions are ancient castles, the building of the Abbey and University. Ghent also has an extensive number of waterways on which you can ride on boats.
  3. Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium is a world famous place where takes place the production of high quality diamonds. Even despite the fact that it is quite noisy and active city, the historic sights here get along very well with the bustle of modernity.

odin iz samyh krasivyh gorodov - Antverpen

The following popular city to learn the closer Belgium is Liege – the place where the largest number of the historic architecture of this country.

In Liege there are ancient palaces of the XI century, the Romanesque Church, the town Hall with a plaque to detective Maigret to the CSL, made famous by George sand.

Travel to Belgium should continue in Leuven, which is not only the birthplace of intoxicating drink Stella Artois, but also a place where in 1425 was opened, one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. In addition, Leuven is known for its stunning architecture and the local town Hall is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Finally, if you're lucky with good summer weather, then you should look in Ostend is a seaside resort town, where prefer to rest kings and aristocracy of Belgium, the Netherlands and even France. Beach rest is perfectly combined with visits to museums, outdoor sports and sightseeing of the country.

Due to the fact that the territory of Belgium is relatively small, every traveler can easily plan the perfect route that will allow you to visit these beautiful cities, within a short period of time.

Attractions of Belgium - photos with description

The search of attractions in Belgium – easy task, since almost all important places are concentrated around the main squares. They represent the most beautiful historical buildings, cause a desire to constantly photograph them, as well as monuments or natural objects.


pamyatnik pisaushemu malchiku

  • The main monument of Belgium, the mention of which can be found in every book or gift shop – Manneken Pis or the Manneken Pis in Brussels. He is the most famous symbol of the country, has its own legend, and embodies the original humor of the Belgians.

    Bronze statue-fountain installed at the intersection of Rue de l Etuve and the Rue du Chene, is the smallest monument, with a height of only 61 see Its history began 700 years ago, when it was first mentioned in city records.

    One of the famous legends has it that the witch, whose house was peeing little boy put a spell on him and he froze.

    Another legend says that the monument was installed happy fatherwho lost a son and regained her baby at this very spot. Regardless of the truth or fabulousness of these legends, a brass figure of a baby is so popular that, beginning in 1695, it began to actively abduct.

    The most interesting tradition connected with this monument is the opportunity to dress the baby in different clothes. Designers all over the world fighting for the chance to create statues for a fun outfit in which he will show off in front of tourists. In this honor even created a small Museum where they keep the vestments toddler – costume Mickey mouse, Dracula, Elvis, Cossack and tourists in shorts and sunglasses.

    To the monument to the boy did not miss, the Belgians invented his "friends". In the city you can find at least amusing statue of a peeing girl and peeing dog.

  • pamyatnyj obekt - Atomium

  • Another monument in Brussels is the Atomium monument, which belongs to the modern time. 101-metre-high figure, depicting an atom of iron magnified 165 billion, was designed in 1958. It is 9 spheres connected by 20 tubes.

    The Atomium is not only a monument but also a Museum, a restaurant and an observation deck. To be inside, enough to climb the escalator or on the Express Elevator. Panorama which opens from the observation platform are incredibly beautiful, especially on Sunny days.

In Belgium, many other historical and amusing sites:

  1. Monument to don Quixote and Sancho Panza in Brussels;
  2. A monument to Charles Buls – mayor, who led the Brussels of 18 years;
  3. Giant fly on a pin in Leuven;
  4. Gun "Crazy Greta" in Ghent.
  5. The monument to the doll Signore in Mechelen;
  6. "A joke on police" in Brussels;
  7. "Man measuring the clouds" in Ghent.

Very popular monuments with benches, for example, a couple in Hasselt, writer Simenon in Liege and the lady with the jugs in Leuven.

Temples, churches and cathedrals

Travel to Belgium well the fact that tourists have the opportunity to get acquainted with this Gothic and Romanesque architecture characteristic of the numerous temples of the country.

The main temple of the capital – the Cathedral of the patron Saints Michael and Gudula is a luxurious Gothic building, built in 1047. Initially, the temple was built in the Romanesque style, but after it was rebuilt by the canons of French Gothic.

sobor Svyatyh Mihaila i Guduly

Other iconic churches of Belgium located in Bruges:

  • Church of our lady (Notre Dame in Bruges) is the main Church of the city, which admires the external architecture, as well as a statue of the virgin and child inside the building. For the Madonna of Bruges, created by the great Michelangelo.
  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior does not look especially noticeable on the outside, but its simplicity compensates for luxurious interior decoration. In the Cathedral there is an extensive collection of paintings by the great masters.

In Ghent , the city that for twelve centuries rivals Bruges for the beauty of the architecture, there are also some incredibly beautiful temples. Chief among them is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, located in the Central square. Unlike most Gothic churches, which look very kind of empty inside, in this temple there is a collection of paintings, sculptures, marble columns and mosaic.

If you plan a trip to Liege, then you should look in Church. Bartholomew – most famous collegiate Church, in Romanesque style. It is significantly different from the gloomy Gothic churches, because the two red and white towers and white facade decoration of the Church makes it very festive.

Gardens and parks

alt="miniature Park of Europe"/>

Next to the famous Atomium is the most popular among travelers is the miniature Park "Mini-Europe". Guests of the country rush here to get acquainted with miniature 80 cities and 350 buildings, famous all over the world. Here the Eiffel tower is adjacent to the Berlin wall and the famous leaning tower of Westminster Palace and big Ben.

The Park is impressive – it is built on 24 000 m2, so here you can walk all day.

It features different animations: wherever required, moving trains, cars, windmills, the eruption of Vesuvius, the destruction of the Berlin wall, Venetian canals with gondolas.

In Brussels there are several atmospheric and incredibly beautiful parks:

  1. The Garden Of Petit Sablon. The picturesque Park has a symmetrical layout and all its features deeply symbolic. Everywhere you can find cropped hedges, the Gothic columns of the fence, various statues. In the center of the Park is a fountain with a monument executed the rebels, the count of Egmont and Ornu;
  2. Hill arts. Historical place in the center of the city is a landscaped garden which is a great viewpoint;
  3. Brussels Park. The largest urban area for walks, located in the heart of the city. Park designed in the French style – clear boundaries, paths, ponds with fountains and a walkway leading to the main attractions of Brussels;
  4. Park of the 50th anniversary. The vast Park complex is a popular spot with residents and tourists. It includes landscaped walking area, as well as museums, temples and a mosque.

More modest parks are in other cities. In Bruges is the "Lake of love", where, traditionally, all the lovers have to take an oath, in Hasselt – Japanese gardenin Liege - garden Dinah Deferm", in Ghent – garden Pieta of Bkarta.

Architectural structure

Arhitekturnoe stroenie Brusselya - ratusha

Architecture of Belgium is a Gothic and Romanesque style, Renaissance, Baroque and Empire – luxurious monumental buildings, impressive of its kind of any tourist.

Beautiful building – Brussels city Halllocated on the Grand place. The main symbol of the country, which can be found on Souvenirs and postcards, was built in the XIV century in the Gothic style of Brabant. The facade of the town Hall decorated with small statues of all the Dukes and duchesses of Brabant who ruled them with a 580-1564 (203 pieces).

The pride of Brussels – the Royal Palace – a magnificent building, a former long time residence of the ruling monarchs. In the Middle ages the city was another gorgeous Palace, but it burned down in 1731 (there is now the Royal square). Austrian Empress Maria Theresa forbade to build a new Palace to the ruler of Brabant is not imagined themselves king.

At the place where the current Royal chambers, were four modest buildings, but in 1851 the king of the Netherlands Willem I decide to remake them in a magnificent Palace.

The construction ended only when king Leopold II. Today, the Palace is a Museumdedicated to the history of the Belgian dynasty, as well as three contemporary exhibitions.

We should also mention the architectural sights of Belgium:

  • The king's house in Brussels, a monumental neo-Gothic building serves as a Museum;
  • The Palace of the Prince-bishops in liège – Gothic building was built in 1526;
  • Buyansky the castle in Bouillon – a huge defensive fortress, whose owner was a fearless, Duke Gottfried;
  • The citadel of Dinant in the same city – classic military fortress of the XIX century;
  • Guard the Belfry in Bruges – the tallest building in the city (107 meters) with an observation deck;
  • Of special note are the miniature houses in Ghent and Bruges, located close to each other. Despite the fact that they are not the iconic buildings, they look incredibly touching and picturesque.


muzej Rubensa

In Belgium there are so many museums, ranging from art historical to contemporary galleries and museums of chocolate, diamonds, comic books and beer.

Most Museum city is Ghent. This place is 35 repositories of art, which contained ancient artefacts and history.

The most interesting of the Belgian museums are:

  1. The Museum of ancient art is a rich collection of Flemish works, as well as various works by other European countries in the period from XV to XVIII century;
  2. The Museum of modern art continues the previous collection of the Museum since the nineteenth century to the present day. Among the exhibits you can find workGauguin, Rodin, van Gogh and Salvador Dali;
  3. The brewery Museum is ready to introduce visitors to the history, recipes and flavors of the most famous of the 900 varieties of the drink, established in Belgium;
  4. Museum of comics created in Belgium not just. The fact that this country played a major role in the development of this direction of art. The first comics appeared in the Belgian journals. They were dedicated to the adventures of Tintin journalist;
  5. Diamond Museum allows you to see a very extensive collection of shimmering diamonds to get acquainted with the process of grinding and buy one of any of the stones.

If these museums is not enough, you can visit the Rubens Museum or the national Maritime Museum in Antwerp, the chocolate Museum or the Old hospital of St. John in Bruges, and the Museum of fine artslocated there.


Prirodnyj park

The main natural beauty of Belgium's national parks:

  • High Fens;
  • Kalmthout;
  • Sorry;
  • Belsel;
  • Chewton.

Almost all of them are located in the Ardennes. In this land waiting for tourists is the grotto of Neptune, a rock citadel of Dinant and many other picturesque places.

One of the main tourist attractions of Belgium – karstic caves of Han-sur-Lesse located very close to the picturesque province of NAMUR.

We recommend to watch an interesting film about the attractions of Belgium:


Compact in size, the Belgian capital has many interesting attractions and historic sites.

Noteworthy objects

dostoprimechatelnyj cvetochnyj kover

Familiarity with Brussels begins with the historic city with Grand place, which is a cultural heritage site by UNESCO. It has numerous landmarks and monuments of past eras:

  1. The old town hall;
  2. The Museum of the city of Brussels;
  3. Vintage gilded vane;
  4. Guild house.

The most unusual attraction on the Grand-place is the flower carpet which is created here in 1971 of multi-colored begonias. Traditionally, natural covering spread on 15 August and continue to do so for 3 days.

At the opposite side of Grand place is the Palais des Nations and other famous landmarks:

  • Exchange;
  • Opera Monier;
  • Place Rogier;
  • Church Of St. Catherine.

It is incredibly interesting to explore Brussels parks, with picturesque landscapes and also to get acquainted with sites delicious Belgian chocolate, waffles and fries Frith.

What to see in the capital in 1 day?

CHto posmotret v Brussele za odin den?

To learn Brussels, walk around the city should start by visiting the European Parliament. It mirrored-glass complex will impress with its size and shape. Due to the fact that mirrors reflect the external environment, building walls change color constantly.

Following worth a look:

  • On the Grand place;
  • The Park of miniatures of Europe;
  • To the Halle gate;
  • In The Atomium.

The whole medieval architecture of the city is located in the perimeter of the old city walls, which were completely demolished. Despite their absence, the historical part is easily traced, and it is often referred to by the Pentagonas a protective structure was built in the shape of a Pentagon.

What else is worth seeing?

Travelers to Belgium, I prefer to explore the country, visiting not only the capital but also other cities, which are located in comparatively small territory of the Kingdom.


Not just saying that in Belgium the highest density of castles in comparison with other countries. Throughout the Kingdom the scattered fortresses, castles, palaces, but the most beautiful of them are located in Wallonia:

  1. Hexsurrounded by enchanting English gardens;
  2. Freur, with private garden of orange trees;
  3. samostoyatelnaya ekskursiya po zamku

  4. Modave, the former main fortification of the city;
  5. Seneffe with a greenhouse and small summer theatre;
  6. Reinhardstein, revived, thanks to the efforts of Professor Overloop.

Very interesting is the familiarity with the consequences of military events, especially in Waterloo and in the Museum "In Flanders fields".

If you are lucky to be in Antwerp, it is necessary to look at the main station. This luxury building is an individual landmark of the city.


In the winter

Thanks to the wonderful winter climate and lack of tourists, in Belgium even in the off-season to be interesting and enjoyable. At this time it is best to go to Antwerp or Ghent, because here the number of historical monuments and museums has no equal in Belgium.

In Ghent should take a look at the castle of the counts of Flanders, the castle Gerard of the Devil, the Saint Bavo Cathedral and other beautiful sights. Looks especially picturesque in winter the Central square of the city.

With a child

v zoopark s rebenkom

For children in Belgium, too, there are interesting places, from which they will be delighted.

Kids will enjoy a visit to the Antwerp zoo (one of the oldest zoos in Europe), where you can see:

  • "Hippodamia" replication marshes where hippopotamuses, Malayan tapirs and Dalmatian pelicans;
  • "Land of frost" - a room for different species of penguins and other animals that live in cold areas;
  • Building for reptiles and amphibians;
  • Aquaruim;
  • "Lair" - here are the spectacled bears and noshi;
  • "Hati Mahal" - space elephant, Anoa and giraffes;
  • "Nocturama" - a room for nocturnal animals. Here you can see the two-toed sloth, aardvark, and wet-nosed primates;
  • "Aquaforum", where there are shows with sea lions;
  • "Savannah" - room, where the Zebra and African Buffalo;
  • "Temple Moors" - there is a live Okapi;
  • Aviary for owls and birds of prey;
  • "House of primates" - live here gorillas, mandrills, chimpanzees, Gibbons and Capuchins;
  • Room for the kitty litter (among them: Amur tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards);
  • Aviary for species of songbirds;
  • Winter Garden is a large Botanical garden, where invertebrates;
  • Facilities for goats and other animals.

You can also take a child with a visit to the amusement Park Oceade and the chocolate Museum.

What to do?

Belgium is famous for its interesting and rich life, as well as a vast amount of entertainment for every taste.


In Brussels there is a unique swimming pool "Nemo 33", where there are several places to dive.

Experienced scuba divers will enjoy in the deepest of them, the main idea which served as a kind of empty industrial yard flooded. For the less experienced on the lower levels there are pools with artificial grottoes and reefs. Beginners will fit pools up to 1.5 meter.

During the summer, travelers have the opportunity to go to one of the beaches, for example, on the picturesque beach of Knokke-Heist. This is an amazing place, located in Brussels, attracts a lot of people.

In the town of Spa, which gave the name to the eponymous procedure, health and beauty, you can visit one of the dozens of salons that provide similar services.

Holidays and festivals

Prazdnik v Binshe

In Belgium all the year round are about two thousand bright eventscarrying in a folk heritage. Many travelers these colorful celebrations remain long in the memories, thanks to the variety of street processions, sumptuous festivals and carnivals.

Most memorable – the February carnival in Binche, during which are held parades, and themed performances right on the streets.

Other events in Belgium:

  1. The main holiday of Belgium – day country is celebrated on July 21;
  2. The feast of the Holy blood in Bruges;
  3. Festival Seneca in Brussels;
  4. Trinity day in Mons;
  5. The feast of Ommegang in Brussels.

A trip to Belgium is each time a real adventure surrounded by old houses and the fabulous atmosphere.