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Shopping in Belgium: what to buy and bring tourists from Brussels to gift?

chto privezti iz Belgii?

Belgium – amazing European state, capable will long be remembered by kind and sympathetic people, interesting attractions and Souvenirs that you will want to take a trip to this country.

Shopping in Belgium

SHopping v strane

Traveling to Belgium, many tourists notice, that in this country, especially in major cities, there are a considerable number of various boutiques, gift shops with unique goodsthat will not find it anywhere.

Where to buy Belgian gifts:

  • Brussels. In the capital you can sell any products ranging from designer clothes to cheap Souvenirs;
  • Antwerp. This city has its own fashion Academy, so almost every step will be a boutique with trendy and affordable designer clothing;
  • In Antwerp is the jewellery quarter where you can buy the best diamonds or order number, created on the selected sketch.

  • Bruges. The city is world-famous skilled craftsmen, who from ancient times create lace exquisite beauty;
  • Gent. Here you can buy clothes by young designers, delicious edible products and candles.

Not much to spend money on buying enough to avoid major shopping centers, better leisurely stroll through the tiny shops, where you can choose a gift or taste it. In this case, the main thing to remember is that if the amount is more than 125$, you need to be sure to take the receiptto the border to return 12% of the cost.

What to bring as a souvenir?

If you plan to walk in the local Belgian shops need to prepare for the large number of diverse unique items, the purchase of which is impossible to refuse.


populyarnaya statuetka

  • Selection of Souvenirs in Belgium is very rich, but the most popular of them is the figure of Manneken Pis or "Manneken Pis". It occurs here in an incredibly large number of variants, differing in size, color or material. The image of the boy can also be seen on t-shirts or souvenir cups.

    The figurine is known that it fully copies the Brussels fountainlocated at the intersection of Rue de l Etuve and Rue du Chene. The statue is over seven hundred years old, has a small size and a picture of a kid pissing from a great height into the bowl.

  • Another popular souvenir from Belgium is a reduced copy of the Atomium monumentdedicated to the active study of the use of atomic energy for various purposes. He is one of the important symbols of the country, representing a magnified 165 billion times model of a molecule of iron, but the gift itself has a very modest size.

Inside the monument the Atomium is an observation platform which offers a magnificent view on Brussels.


The perfect gifts for loved ones will be adorable porcelain dolls or dishware made of porcelain, as well as different magnets, figurines or postcards with a picture of the various sights. Such Souvenirs are cheap, and the experiences still fill.


Regarding the food in Belgium has its own special edible gifts, famous all over the world. First and foremost is, of course, Belgian chocolate, which is unmatched by any the other sweet products. It was the Belgians came up with these chocolates, like the truffles and pralines that brings joy to all gourmands.

Buying Belgian chocolate, look for it in specialty stores or directly at the factories, because in some stores you can find Romanian forgery.

The peculiarity of this delicacy is that the Belgians are doing it manually.

The best taste is obtained by addingcoconut oil and not vegetable, therefore chocolate it turns out so tender and flavorful.

Well-known brand of Belgian chocolate:

  1. Leonidas;
  2. Neuhaus;
  3. Godiva;
  4. Pierre Marcolini.

Another typical edible Belgian souvenir is Belgian waffles, which are often added berry toppings, chocolates, and delicious cheese.


nacionalnoe kruzhevo

Lovers of exclusive things will be delighted with Flemish lace, which previously could only afford to reigning persons. Today, such a luxury handmade isn't worth much, but clearly associated as a national souvenir.

Belgium is famous not only lace, but also tapestries. This country is their homeland, and a place where the best seamstresses produce them in large assortment.

Here you can find a product which is completely original and different top quality.

In Belgium, the locals often cook fondue chocolate or cheese, so fans of this simple, yet incredibly tasty meals can be purchased home utensils for cooking.

Watch a video about the most popular gift treat Belgium:


In the souvenir shops of Belgium there are magnets with images or figurines of the famous religious buildings, such as Belfort, Belfry or the Saint Bavo Cathedral.

For beauty and health

In Belgium quite a few exclusive cosmetic brands, but among them, the most appreciated products of the company Darphin. But quite popular selective perfumes Guy Delforge from the world famous Namur spirits produced in the Medieval fortress.

What to bring tourists from Brussels?

CHto kupit turistu v stolice?

In the modest capital of Belgium there are just over 139 shopping districtswhere you can purchase for yourself or loved ones Souvenirs. Here tourists visit the Avenue Louise and Boulevard of Waterloo, to purchase branded international and local clothing brands.

Most tourist shops located in Rue Neuve, where you can buy:

  • Clothing brands Belgian Martin Margiela, Xavier Delcour, Oliver Theyskens;
  • High quality and inexpensive cosmetics;
  • Potatoes Frith and waffles Gofres.

In Brussels the largest number of stores with the chocolate, which you can not only buy, but just taste it, listen to lectures on its origin and composition.

Among the famous centers for the sale of chocolate popular Chocolate Line, Chocopolis and Planete Chocolat.

Here in Brussels, in any shop you can buy enough unusual variant of the Belgian Souvenirs – a duplicate of the automobile license plate.

What to buy as a gift?

Traveling to Belgium, it is easy to pass on to loved ones admiration for this country, if you buy famous Souvenirs.


In souvenir shops of Belgium there are different lighters with the image of sights of the country, a corkscrew, a copy of the Manneken Pis, vintage cigarette or pipe Smoking, as well as national alcohol:

  1. Cherry Kriek beer company;
  2. Monastery Abbey beer;
  3. Beer with the sediment Trappist.

Only in Belgium, nearly 600 varieties of beer, the best of which are sold in Liege. To drink as a snack you can buy the famous Belgian sausage.


Kukla rebenku

Kids will love the chocolate sets in the form of shells – assorted chocolates with various fillings. Also, kids can be pampered porcelain dolls with patterns reminiscent of Gzhel. Flea markets are wonderful and cheap Souvenirs in the form of antique doll.

The woman

Belgium has long been known for gorgeous jewelryin which there are well-processed African diamonds. Necklace, rings, or even the easiest little rock rimless cheap cost, despite the fact that it's brilliant. The best products sold in the Jewish quarter, located in Antwerp.

Shopping in Belgium – a very exciting experience, which time will fly by and I wonder quietly.