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Detailed world map in Russian - Europe: where is Belgium?

Belgiya na karte mira

Belgium is a fascinating destination for the travelers seeking to get closer to the country world famous for magnificent castles, delicious treats and unusual attitude to humor.

Belgium on the world map and Europe

Evropa s Belgiej

Little Kingdom is popular with many travelers because of its unique location played a significant role in shaping the rich history of the country.

Where is it?

Belgium is located in the North-Western part of Europe and is one of the smallest countries of the European continent. It occupies an area of 30 528 km2.

Watch a video about the detailed location of Belgium on the world map:

With which countries it borders?

If you look at a map of Belgium, it may be noted that the Kingdom has borders with France to the South and West, with Germany and the Netherlands in the Eastand in the South-Eastern part borders with Luxembourg.

Thanks to this neighborhood, Belgium has incorporated many interesting countries bordering on it. In particular this influence is apparent in culture, traditions and national languages.

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Belgium is situated in three geographic areas, which largely determines the natural features of the Kingdom. Before the appearance of the country most of the territory was covered with swamps (hence the name of the capital "city in the swamp"), but today almost all of them dried.

The relief of Belgium can be divided into three zones:

  1. Plains (North);
  2. The Central plateau (Brabant height);
  3. Areas hills (Ardennes).

Each one of the regions has its peculiarities. For example, the lowland, which is located along the coast, replete with sand dunesis a resort area. The Central plateau is characterized by clay plains, and hills have dense forests, so there is no one home.

The North-West coast of Belgium by the North sea, which is also noticeable on the world map. Also in the camp there are large rivers (Meuse, Scheldt, Sambre and Lys) and the lake.


myagkij klimat

The climate in Belgium is different enough and cool summer (+14-18°C) and mild, wet winters. Summer often comes humid winds from the Atlantic ocean, bringing the rains.

The temperature in January never drops below +2 degrees. Temperature fluctuations are not substantial except for the Ardennes, where the cold season is below freezing and it often snows.

How to get out of Russia?

To Belgium depart daily direct flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. They go to the capital of Brussels, where is located the main airport of the country. Passengers daily aircraft company Aeroflot and Brussels Airlines.

Also to get to Belgium can be, if you go by bus from St. Petersburg to Finland and the Baltic States, and thence by low-cost airlines to Brussels.

The ticket for the plane can be found using the easy search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Information about the country

Belgium is a very prosperous European state, which is the quality of living and competes with Switzerland.

A bit of history

History of Belgium starts around 400 thousand years ago, but as an independent state, itformed only in 1830. Until that time the indigenous population is constantly changing – it was inhabited by an unknown extinct peoples. The last residents became Gallic tribe of belgae, who settled here permanently and gave the name of their country.

Belgium has long been part of the Duchy of Burgundy, but then decided to unite with the Netherlands to Holland.

After a few strife, the country separated and became an independent Kingdom.

Country on the political map

Politika strany

Part of Belgium consists of three regions – Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels capital region.

Belgium is a constitutional parliamentary monarchy and a Federation, where the government appointed by the king and the Prime Minister is selected after his party wins the election.

Country member of the European Union, NATO, the UN, and is part of the Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands). Also in the capital are the headquarters of the influential organizations, such as NATO, the European Commission and EFTA.

Population and language

Belgium has one of the highest population densities relative to other countries. On its relatively small territory is home to some 11 million inhabitants, but the Belgians do not like to participate in the census, so that number may vary.

It is dominated by two ethnic groups:

  • Flemings (60% of the population) living in the Northern provinces;
  • Walloons (40% of the population) living in the southern provinces.
  • Among ethnic minorities is dominated by the Germans.

According to the survey, in Belgium 43% of the population is Catholic, the other residents is freedom of religion.

Because of its history in Belgium's national languages: Flemish (like Dutch), German and French. It's rare to meet people who speak English, and in Russian - even rarer.

Detailed map of Belgium with cities

podrobnaya shema strany s krupnymi gorodami

Belgium is known the world many cities, thanks to the rich history and active modern life.

Heart of Belgium – Brussels is the largest city in the country with a population of only 148 thousand people. He is considered one of the 19 municipalities forming the capital region.

Part of Belgium is composed of nine major cities, including:

  • Antwerp is the largest port in Europe immediately after Rotterdam and the centre of the diamond trade;
  • Bruges – chocolate capital of Belgium and the city called the Northern Venice;
  • Liege – the third largest city of Belgium that are in demand by museums and a vast number of cafes with national cuisine;
  • Ghent is well – known for its luxurious castles and silk factories;
  • Leuven – the home of the famous Stella Artois and a vast number of prestigious universities;
  • Bouillon is a border town, which is a picturesque Belgian province.

Due to its location, high standard of living and the availability of vast number of interesting places, Belgium is in demand among travelers.