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Map of Bulgaria: photos and minutes of the airport of Plovdiv

Bolgariya: dostoprimechatelnosti Plovdiva

One of the oldest European cities, with three thousand years of history - Plovdiv (Bulgaria). The sights, describing the history of the country and revealing the natural beauty, attracted the second largest after the Sofia the Bulgarian town of many tourists.

Plovdiv on the map of Bulgaria

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Plovdiv or Greek Philippopolis, in Turkish Filibe is in the southern part of Bulgaria, in the foothills of the Rhodope mountains. About the age of Plovdiv were discovered in its vicinity exhibits relating to ancient cultures: Thracian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.

Although it is not located on the black sea coast and is not included in the list of fashionable resorts, nature lovers and historical attractions in this scenic area is something to see.

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The city is located in the center of Bulgaria, on six hills in the West of the upper Thracian plain on the banks of the Maritsa river.

Distance to the capital (towards the East) is a hundred miles, 270 km to the West is the black sea port of Burgas and 282 km from Plovdiv is the fashionable resort of Nessebar.

How to get there?

12 km from the metropolis is a small international airport Krumovo. Regular flights from Russia. From Moscow you can get liners of Air Serbia to Sofia with a stopover in Belgrade, the flight will take 5 hours. From Sofia to Plovdiv regular buses can be reached in less than 2 hours. You can also order a taxi.

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From Burgas to Plovdiv every 3 hours travel buses, travel time is about 4 hours. Every day there is a Regional train, it will take a little more than four hours.

Another way from Moscow: the airline Turkish Airlines to Sofia with a stopover in Istanbul, the journey takes 5-6 hours.

There are direct flights to Sofia, the Bulgarian airline or Aeroflot for 3 hours.

From St. Petersburg is also possible to fly to the Bulgarian capital aircraft of Turkish airlines with stopover in Istanbul for 18 hours. You can use the services of Polish aircraft firms with a stopover in Warsaw and fly for 8-26 hours.

Tickets for any of the flights you can purchase using this form of search. It is enough to specify the names of the cities of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Trains from Moscow to Sofia travel almost 3000 km away, can be reached by train to Plovdiv 2 hours. Regular bus service is from Burgas. It takes about 5 hours. From Nessebar you need to get through Burgas.

The weather in the city

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Most of the year the weather in Plovdiv calm, most precipitation falls in may and June and least in August-September. Autumn is coming in October, when the daytime temperature does not exceed 20 degrees, and the nights are getting chilly. The best season for a holiday is may-September.

In winter the average daily temperature is just above freezing, in the spring it does not exceed 17 degrees, in the hottest July and rises to 23 degrees.

Stay at the resort - photo

Relax in the old town. Leisure activities include Hiking, trips to the seaside and other entertainment. You can make excursions to historical places in the old part of the city and surrounding area is enough. In winter you can go skiing.

What to do?

The old Plovdiv — a separate district within the city is essentially a large Museum. The main pedestrian street of Prince Alexander I - quiet street, where almost everythe house is a historical monument of two centuries ago, the Turkish and the Bulgarian development.

The new part of the city stands the ensemble of the international fair, held twice a year where you can buy Souvenirs.

The international fair is annually visited by more than two hundred thousand tourists.

Famous monument to Soviet soldiers "Alyosha", erected to mark the 10th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war, located on the hill Bunardzhik.

Guests can visit numerous museums, galleries, theatres. Here is the famous geothermal springs, where the baths. Also, the city has plenty of nightlife with a varied program and several casinos, the largest of them in the style of Las Vegas.

Plovdiv and even an entertainment center with trails, fishing and mountain tourism. For travelling, a huge water Park, zoo. There is a sports centre, which hosts international competitions in water sports.

Where to stay - hotels

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In the city and vicinity is more than a hundred hotels, family apartments and hostels. Five-star two of them: "Novotel Plovdiv" with 326 rooms in a new town "Hebros Hotel" with 9 rooms in the old part.

Brief characteristics of some of the hotels in Plovdiv:

  • Hotel Hebros is located in the Old town belongs to the era of the Renaissance, its elegant rooms are decorated in medieval style. This is one of the oldest hotels in the city;
  • Boris Palace is located near the ancient stadium and the amphitheatre. Rooms here are decorated in a classic style, but with the whole range of services, including children and order food in the room. There are baby cots, free to live with Pets;
  • Maritza Hotel is a business hotel located on the banks of the river, near the exhibition center. Parking and Internet are free here. Allowed children, there are cots there, Soundproofed rooms, rooms for newlyweds. VIP-apartments with safes and others. Provides food delivery to the room.
  • For accommodation of Pets in Maritza Hotel will have to pay a fee.

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  • Mini hotel. It is located next to the Old town in the district of Kapan. Rooms equipped with all comforts. This non-Smoking hotel. Can you live with children, if the child is older than 2 years is entitled to a fee. For Pets is also a decent Supplement;
  • Imperial Plovdiv Hotel & SPA. Here you will find a garden. The quality of service high. There are Cribs, and children under 12 free. The maximum number of beds in rooms of three. Not allowed to live with animals;
  • The Dafi hotel has Soundproofed rooms and non-Smoking. It is located in the heart of the city, allowed children and Pets don't take;
  • In the restaurant, Duffy serves Bulgarian cuisine, and a salad bar offers a wide range of national and original salads.

  • Plovdiv Guesthouse is a hostel, with no Parking. Valid children, but the children's beds, no Smoking on site is prohibited;

Book one of the hotels using the search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

What to see?

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Plovdiv is a whimsical combination of antiquity and modern technological developments and a combination of different world cultures – Ottoman, Bulgarian, Roman, Byzantine, Thracian and Macedonian.

Man-made attractions

It is impossible to describe all the objects that are worth a look. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Dervish Muslim monastery of the Mevlevi Khan. He refers to the Persian community of the dancing dervishes. Here there is an ancient mosque, a hall for ritual dances and housing. Preserved elements of the ancient fortress wall.
  2. Church. Constantine and Helena. It is the oldest building in the city, it was built in the 4th century in honor of Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena. Repeatedly destroyed during the Turkish occupation, the building was reconstructed in the nineteenth century. Here is a magnificent gilded iconostasis and a large collection of icons of the 19th century.
  3. Dzhumaya mosque is a tribute to centuries of Muslim dominance. It's a Turkish temple from the 14th century, is considered one of the largest in the Balkans.
  4. In the mosque affects the 9-domed prayer hall and a white-red pattern of a minaret, and painted quotations from the Koran of the wall.

  5. The ruins of the stadium of Philipopolis belong to the time of the Roman Emperor Hadrian – the beginning of the second century. Dimensions - 240V, 50 metres. Here was 14rows of marble benches for 30 thousand people. In the world there is only 12 such facilities.
  6. Ruins of the ancient theater, built in the second century BC the pride of the city. 700 years later, the building was partially destroyed by the Huns. All of it dug up from under a 15-meter layer of earth.

    rukotvornye sooruzheniya

    The theatre was located in a semi-circleseparated into two sectors out of 14 rows, it can accommodate 7 thousand people. Almost 40 years ago, the theater was restored on 5 thousand places and equipped in a modern way. It hosts concerts and festivals.

  7. On one of the hilltops is a complex "Nebet Tepe". This is the remains of a prehistoric Thracian settlement, marked the beginning of the city, which in the time of Philip of Macedon called Filippol. Therefore, Plovdiv is one of the six ancient cities in the world, which existed hitherto.

    Well preserved part of the fortress, belonging to the 14th century. Are still visible the ruins of the wall with a tower from the Hellenistic times. Under the complex in the rock was found a Roman tunnel of the 6th century.

  8. In the complex "Nebet Tepe" also preserved huge stone tank for water storage.

  9. Singing fountains. This evening water light and music half-hour free show, held on weekends. And the illumination of fountains is included every night. Nearby there are playgrounds and cafés.
  10. In the center of the city there is the Archaeological Museum. Here is a rich collection of coins, the oldest of which over two and a half millennia. The Museum tens of thousands of artifacts relating to ages 8-17. Are tools the stone, bronze and copper ages. 9 Golden bowls in six pounds weight back to the prehistoric times.

Interesting natural objects

uvlekatelnye prirodnye marshruty

The surrounding nature, a magnificent and unforgettable. One of the most interesting nearby objects is Ustinskov waterfall in the North of the Rhodope mountains, near the village of Ustina. Its height is 15 meters.

Best Ustinskov waterfall looks in late spring or after heavy rains.

Close to the picturesque vacation spots is the tiny chapel of St. George. In the rocks surrounding in the era of Roman rule was located a guard tower, some remnants of the fortress. The fortress rested in the beautiful peak tower – the most sublime place in this part of the mountains.

Near the village you can find the remains of the road, overlooking the Aegean sea. In the mountainous part of Ustina there is a picturesque square with a fountain, located on the Bank of quick river. The path from the village to the waterfall takes about half an hour.

Snezhanka cave is located 2.5 km from the city highway, if you climb on a mountain road by bus. Then there is an almost kilometre-long Hiking route to the top of the hill where the viewing platform. Here is not difficult to climb, even with children. Then the entrance to the cave with stalactites.

In the cave is quite cold. Tour duration is approximately half an hour. Lighting creates an unforgettable effect. The descent into the cave is quite steep, it not under force to the elderly.

A visit to the ancient Plovdiv is a wonderful holiday. Here you can find something for every taste and for any age. This tour is informative and fascinating. Fresh air, historical sites, fun activities, delicious food and hospitable bed – all this creates an excellent impression about one of the most pleasant cities in Bulgaria.

To see a large part of the attractions of Plovdiv you can in this video: