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Attractions in Bulgaria: photos and description

Dostoprimechatelnosti respubliki Bolgariya

Bulgaria is a country situated in Southeast Europe on the Black sea.

The country is a major tourist destination, there are ski and seaside resorts, and a variety of resorts and sanatoriums.

Before choosing a travel itinerary, is to evaluate all the attractions of Bulgariato see as many interesting.

Sofia: history and modernity

The capital of the country Sofia is a hospitable city with rich history and original architecture, combining the motifs of the Byzantine Empire Mauritania, an old medieval Europe and antiquity.

Lovers of antiquity should visit the Archaeological Museumthat has a collection of 55 thousand exhibits including a large collection of coins. The Museum is housed in the Buyuk mosque, a monument of architecture.

To the bright and attractions include a Historical Museumwith a large ethnographic and archaeological collections.

Here you can see the household items, costumes, coins, paintings, photographs and other artifacts.

In the list of attractions of the capital many temples, that represent the different eras. The guides highlighted the St. George Church, St. Sophia Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Guests of the city can climb to the Vitosha mountain, at the foot of which is the eponymous Park. Among the unusual attractions of stone river flowing from the slopes as well as famous Dragalevtsi monastery.

Sofiya: istoriya i sovremennost

Burgas of Bulgaria

Old Burgas traditionally attracts experts in antiquity, anthropologists, and people interested in religion.

Here is located the famous Church of the blessed virgin Mary and the Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius. In the days of the great feasts of the Church are crowded, Christians believe that a miraculous icon.

In Bourgas there is a large ethnographic Museum housed in a beautiful building of the last century.

The Museum selected exhibition on the life of the ancient and modern Bulgarians, there is a collection of national costumes, often themed exhibitions.

Nature lovers should visit seaside Park, which is considered a model of landscape design. We selected a unique collection of plants, there are a variety of fountains and relaxation areas, in the evening performances take place on stage of the summer theatre.

Bulgaria, Burgas, brief city guide: what, where, when!

Beauty Varna: landscapes and parks

All nature lovers should visit seaside Park, which is considered the largest in the Balkans.

Here is the Aquarium, built at the beginning of the last century, there are numerous monuments, open air theatre and the Kopernik Observatory where you can observe the work of astronomers.

The Park is an example of modern landscape architecture, planted with rare and dekorativnolistvennye plants are blooming.

Here is a Children's town with its many attractions, cafes and a very affordable ticket prices.

Animal lovers can visit the largest in the Balkans, the Dolphinarium, where are daily presentation with the participation of marine mammals.

20 km from Varna is the mysterious "Stone forest" with huge boulders arranged in the shape of circles, spirals, zigzags.

The question of the origin of the forest is still considered outstanding. Bulgarians and tourists believe that touching the mysterious stones removes negative energy and brings health.

Krasavica Varna: pejzazhi i parki

Connoisseurs of history: the ancient Plovdiv

Plovdiv is one of the oldest Bulgarian towns, attracts many tourists who are passionate about ancient history. Here you can see the old town Trimontium, built about 2000 years ago.

Among the attractions the ruins of the Acropolis,the walls and gates of ancient buildings, narrow wooden bridge and ruins of mosques. Plovdiv has preserved Roman Amphitheatre built in the II century.

After the restoration in the monument are festivals of Opera art, music, drama and ballet performances.

Orthodox must visit one of the oldest churches of Plovdiv – the Church of Saints Constantine and Helena. The Church is famous for the gilded carved iconostasis and a unique collection of icons.

It should go in the main Muslim temple of the city – Dzhumaya mosqueduring the Friday prayer gathers together hundreds of the faithful.

Pomorie the resort and not only

Pomorie the resort town, famous for its mineral springs and healing mud. The city was founded BC and earlier was called Anhialo.

In the list of sites occupies a special place of ancient Tracian tombis a unique structure whose mystery trying to unravel modern architects.

Lovers of architecture and cultural heritage should visit numerous churches: the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin, the Church of the Transfiguration, as well as the unique monastery of St. George.

The current monastery is located near miraculous source, attracting pilgrims from all over the world.

In Pomorie there are the unusual Museum of salt, located under the open sky. Here you can see the existing saltworks, get acquainted with historical documents and photographs, see the tools of past eras.

Pomorie: kurort i ne tolko

Nessebar: treasure of UNESCO

The old part of the seaside town of Nessebar included in the list of architectural treasures of world level. Here you can see the well preserved fortress walls, Byzantine baths, buildings of the middle Ages.

In Nessebar there is a large Archaeological Museum with collections of ancient coins, ornaments and utensils of the era of the Thracians. The Museum has a variety of Roman artifacts and an extensive collection of Orthodox icons.

In the list of attractions of Nessebar the picturesque ruins of the Church of St. Sophiaand the Church of St. John the Baptist, which is quite well preserved.

This temple with a thousand years of history is considered a model of Byzantine architecture, it often hosts interesting art exhibitions.

Golden Sands: the sun, water and fun

Bright Vista of Golden Sands, the unique Aquapolis water Park, considered the most beautiful in Eastern Europe. The water Park is located in the forest, near the sea.

The complex created a variety of ponds, water slides, streams, waterfalls, pools with Jacuzzi. Scenic landscape decorated with ancient ruins, fountains, flowerbeds.

In the Park you can spend the whole day, there are children's playgrounds with animators, and various cafes. For fans of extreme sports created a special zone, for security see professional rescuers.

The resort complex of Golden Sands natural surrounds of the national Park, having a unique collection of plants. On-site is dominated by oak forests, it is home to wild boars, deer, squirrels, rabbits, Martens and other animals.

The Park has Hiking trails, allowing tourists to get acquainted with the richness of the Bulgarian flora and fauna.

Zolotye Peski: solnce, voda i razvlecheniya

Sunny beach: water fun

All guests of Sunny beach come in a huge Aquapark, which occupies about 4 hectares. the Complex is designed in a striking Mediterranean-Moorish style.

There are water slides for adults and children, waterfalls, artificial streams and other water activities. There is a Playground for children with entertainment, restaurants and bars for all tastes.

Parents with children should visit Sunny Beach Luna Park. There is a spacious pool, various slides, carousels and bumper cars. Kids animators, are mini-shows and contests.

Bansko: a Paradise for skiers and snowboarders

Bansko is a resort town, famous for its ski complex. Here there are trails of varying difficulty for snowboarders and skiers, the season lasts from December to April.

To suit tourists climbing the Vihren peak, in the warm season of the popular local hot springs and Hiking in the surrounding area.

Near Bansko is a unique nature reserve "Bayuvi-Dupki", where you can see dozens of valuable plants and animals listed in the Red book.

20 km from the city is the "dancing bears Park" - a place created for the rehabilitation of animals purchased from Gypsies. Here you can see bears in their natural habitat, stroll through the alleys and visit informationcenter.

Bansko: raj dlya lyzhnikov i snoubordistov

St. Vlas: mini-Europe is for those who understand

Sveti Vlas – a small but very picturesque town, which has two main tourist street.

The first, named in honor of Tsar Simeon, branches off from the town square and attracts tourists who want to buy Souvenirs in one of the many shops.

The second stretches along the promenade, which leisurely stroll tourists and locals. The romantic promenade overlooking the yachts and the open sea will be a great background for photos.

Planning a trip to Bulgaria, don't try to see everything in one visit. Here you need to come back again and again, discovering new and unknown.

Nice and independent traveler, a family with young children, and newlyweds. In the preparation of the route will help many guides and reviews of experienced travelers who already love this country.