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The best ski resorts in Bulgaria on the map

Karta gornolyzhnyh kurortov Bolgarii

Traditionally it is believed that skiing needs in the Alps – the Swiss, Austrian or Italian. However, these resorts are now expensive because of the high Euro.

So as an alternative need to consider the ski resorts of Bulgaria.

Basic, the most visited of them – Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo and Vitosha. Everyone can choose the one that will be to his liking, pockets and interests.

Ski resorts in Bulgaria on the map

Gornolyzhnye kurorty Bolgarii na karte

The rating resorts


At the foot of the Pirin mountains is perched the old town of Bansko – one of the best ski resorts in Eastern Europe and the famous climatic resort in Bulgaria.

The climate here is quite harsh, with short summers and long winters. It is a resort with the longest ski season, which lasts from December to may.

Skiers love it for its good snow and moderate winter temperatures – down in average about -2 °C in the mountains to -16 °C.

Ski resorts in Bulgaria - Bansko

Total length of pistes is 65 kilometers, the complexity – from green to black. The longest run is 16 miles.

There are 17 marked pistes, cross-country skiing trails, all the trails are lit at night (night skiing).

For snowboarders and fans of extreme sports there is a Snowboard Park with half-pipe snow polutropos, where fans of snowboarding tricks can showcase their skills.

The resort has a ski school with highly qualified instructors. Here at the kids club put on Skiclub skiing even kids from 4 years.

Hotels. Bansko has hotels of varying degrees of stardom from the most expensive, is ready to provide services on the system "all inclusive", you can find apart hotels to small, cozy room.

The larger hotels have Spa and fitness centres, indoor pools, kids clubs and playgrounds with animators, ski wardrobes. They are all located close to the centre of Bansko, near the ski lifts.

There is a small family MiniHotel. Some hotels provide business centers, a conference hall and lobby bars.

Excursions and entertainments. Tour of the historic part of Bansko is very nice and informative.

In addition, Bansko offers excursions to the Rila monastery, Plovdiv, Sofia, to the temple of Vanga in the village Ognyanovo thermal source.

Evening and night life of the resort abounds – discos, bars and night clubs provide entertainment for young people and staff to shelter couples.

As additional entertainment there is the opportunity to take a horse ride or enjoy horse-drawn sleigh.

How to get there? To reach Bansko is by public transport from Sofia airport (150 km) or by train from Plovdiv.



Borovets – the oldest and largest ski resort in Bulgaria - remember the world Championships in Alpine skiing in 1981 and 1984. It is located on the slopes of the Rila mountains covered with dense coniferous forests.

Borovets features a mild climate with an average January temperature of -5 C. Snow cover reaches a half meters, the air is saturated with pine aroma, which makes riding doubly pleasant and helpful.

The total length of the route is 28 kilometers, 23 marked trails, longest run 12 miles.

There are trails for beginners, snowboard, cross-country skiing trails with jumps of 75 and 50 meters and biathlon trails.

There is a ski school, where instructors conduct both group and individual lessons. You are always welcomed families with children. If you wish your kid will put on the ski.

But if parents want to enjoy plenty of skiing to their services, kindergartens and groups at hotel "Samokov" and "Rila".

Hotels. Just in Borovets there are 20 hotels and many buildings of different levels and cost. There are new hotels, but they are juxtaposed with those that were built in the late eighties of the last century.

An old hotel well updated, but a special luxury will not find here. Each hotel has restaurants and bars, saunas and massage salons and fitness centres.

Some hotels (4 stars) offer the services of spas, gyms and bowling. A ski closet is available for a fee (not everywhere), not inall the hotels rooms have Internet access.

But if you increasingly attracts the skiing than the hotel entertainment, then this resort is for you.

Excursions and entertainments. Excursions in Plovdiv, Sofia and the Rila monastery. Very popular among tourists helicopter rides with a tour of the panorama of the surrounding area of the Rila mountains.

Also, tourists are offered photo Safari on the scenic snowy slopes, horseback riding and Quad Biking. In the evening you can have fun in bars, cafes and restaurants.

And of course, fun ski carnivals – one of the main and popular tourist activities of the resort.

How to get there? You can get there from Sofia from the airport by bus (75 km) or arrange transfer directly to the airport.



Pamporovo is the most southerly and Sunny ski resort in Bulgaria. The mild climate and abundant snow covers the slopes almost half meter of snow, due to the proximity of the Aegean sea. It is located on the slopes of the Rhodope mountains.

Season from mid-December to mid-April. This resort is perfect for family holidays, beginners and just for a pleasant stay in the mountains.

Trails are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. The total length of trails is 50 kilometres. Trails: green, blue, red, black.

18 lifts, 14 marked pistes. The longest run of 3800 meters. There is a track for giant slalom, 4 training and 3 cross-country skiing.

Here is one of Europe's best ski schools. Instructors of mountain skiing and snowboarding teach skiing for adults and children from 7 years. The school is kindergarten.

Hotels. Hotels Pamporovo presents all categories from 2 stars to 5 stars. They are all located close to the slopes and lifts. Hotels 4 and 5 stars offer Spa centres, baths, saunas and Turkish and gyms.

The Spa centre of Victoria, located in the hotel Perelik Palace 4 stars, holds mud therapy and Thalasso treatments. The hotel offers free guarded Parking. Almost everywhere there are rooms with kitchen.

Excursions and entertainments. Excursions in Plovdiv, Chepelare, Smolyany, Bachkovo monastery and the ethnographic village Shiroka Laka. Young people can have fun in discos and in night clubs.

Dishes the famous Rhodope cuisine, generously flavored with the local Shrine and the famous Bulgarian wines can be sampled in 19 restaurants. Mehana is a restaurant where you can listen to Bulgarian ethnic music.

Ski festivals, various competitions and Championships in giant slalom races are held here constantly.

How to get there? To Pamporovo can be reached from Sofia (230 km) by bus, although it is convenient to do from Plovdiv – distance from the airport to the resort is only 75 km away.



Vitosha is the highest ski resort in Bulgaria, located in the mountains Cherni-Vrah in the vicinity of Sofia on the territory of National Park "Aleko".

Ski season from December to mid-April. Over 50% of the runs are for beginners, 35% - medium difficulty tracks, and the rest – challenging tracks.

Overall length 29 kilometers, the longest run of 5,200 metres. There are 12 lifts and 11 trails for cross-country skiing.

The resort has the oldest ski school in Bulgaria, where they teach children and adults skiing and snowboarding.

Hotels. Few hotels Vitosha presents mostly two and three stars. But here you can feel the local flavor, settling in one of the houses that rent to local residents.

Excursions and entertainments. The main natural attraction of Vitosha are the "stone rivers". This is a huge band, consisting of smooth rounded stones of up to 2 kilometers the height and width of about 50 meters.

Active facilities include paragliding and trekking.

Private entertainment can be considered as the Bulgarian national cuisine, presented here in a huge number of restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars.

How to get there? To get to the point of intersection is sufficient to get to Sofia and then to the resort by public transport.


Ski resorts in Bulgaria is collected numerous rave reviews of tourists.

Among the advantages noted by the low prices, well-developed tourist infrastructure, safety lines, excellent service and a warm welcome from the locals.

As an added bonus - great national cuisine and the opportunity to speak in Russian – almost the entire staff speaks Russian. All resorts are suitable for families with children.