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Detailed map of Bulgaria and seas, towns and resorts in the Russian language

podrobnaya karta Bolgarii s gorodami na russkom yazyke

Every year the flow of tourists in Bulgaria is growing. This is not surprising, as cities and resorts combine ancient history with modern service, the mild climate and good knowledge of Russian language of the local people. The coast is famous for its sandy beaches and inexpensive resorts developed.

Bulgaria with the seas on the world map close up

Strana na atlase mira krupnym planom

Bulgariaan ancient country, its history spans over 1,300 years. Now it is a modern, dynamically developing state, since 2007 part of the European Union.

Where and with whom borders?

The Republic of Bulgaria is situated in Southeast Europe in the Eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders with Turkey to the Southeast, Greece to the South, Macedonia in the South-West, Serbia to the West and Romania to the North.

Bulgaria is situated on the Western coast of the Black sea.

The length of the coastline of the black sea coast is more than 400 kilometers.

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How to get there?

There are several ways to get to Bulgaria:

  1. Plane. During the week from Moscow to Sofia, fly about 10 regular flights from St. Petersburg and many other Russian cities, primarily in coastal cities;
  2. Purchase plane tickets using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

  3. Train. Sofia can be reached by non-stop train through Eastern Europe. To the Bulgarian capital, the train gets more than 2 days;
  4. By car. Way on highways will be more than 2200 kilometers. The road will have to cross at least 3-4 of the state border depending on the chosen path.

To visit Bulgaria needed Bulgarian or Schengen visa.

Map of cities and resorts

naselennye punkty i kurorty na sheme

Bulgaria is a country with a small population, just over 7 million people.

Major centers

The largest cities in Bulgaria are:

  • The state capital city Sofia — almost 1 million 200 thousand people;
  • The main port of the country — Varna , with a population of 375 thousand inhabitants;
  • Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe founded by the Romans, a population of about 340 thousand people;
  • Burgas, another port with 210 thousand inhabitants.

The black sea coast

Of the approximately 400 kilometers of the black sea coast of Bulgaria, 120 is occupied by sandy beaches.

  1. Sunny beach — the largest resort center of Bulgaria, located 40 kilometers North of Bourgas, between the village Vlas and Nessebar, in a picturesque Bay.

    The best Bulgarian resort has been functioning since 1958 and offers tourists more than 200 hotels and 2 camping.

    The local sandy beaches stretching for over 10 kilometers along the coast, annually receive the Blue flag — an international award for clean water, the quality of the beaches and safe bathing.

    Water temperature in a season is 26 degrees, the average temperature in summer — 27 degrees above zero. Tourist services offered: water Park, water amusement, swimming pools, horse riding, tennis courts, Luna Park, night clubs, summer theater, casino, bowling, mini Golf, cinemas, cafes, restaurants and more.

    The resort hosts various music festivals and shows. The resort is safe for children — the entrance to sea water is gradual. If you are vacationing with children, if you wish, you can leave the child in the local kindergarten experienced teacher.

  2. Another significant Bulgarian resort —"Golden Sands", near Varna. Located within the national Park the town has a mild climate and Golden beaches stretching for 3.5 kilometers along the coast. Travelers are numerous hotels, motels, water and mud baths. "Golden Sands" are very "noisy" resort with active night life.
  3. Not far from "Golden Sands" is the third most popular resort of Bulgaria — Albena, located on the territory of the Baltata reserve. In Albena is located the largest Bulgarian Spa center. This is the most popular among European tourists resort in Bulgaria.
  4. A small resort town of Kavarna, situated to the North of Varna, attracts lovers of history, because the settlement here was founded in ancient times. In addition, Kavarna is famous for its rock festival.

Travel tips

Bulgaria — a country with close to us culture and a similar language, but there are features that you need to know when visiting:

  • Get used to the Bulgarian gestures. Probably all heard that in Bulgaria a nod means "no", and the winding head from side to side — "Yes." When traveling to Bulgarian resorts will have to be mindful of the situation;
  • Be careful when communicating with the locals. Bulgarian and Russian languages are similar, but some of the same words have different or even opposite meaning. For example, the Bulgarian word for "right" in Russian means straight, and "table" mean "chair";
  • Buy anything interesting at the memory. Bulgaria is a quite cheap country with good choice of Souvenirs, there's the usual goods;
  • In particular, it is possible to purchase cosmetics based on rose oil, after all, no wonder Bulgaria is called the country of roses.

  • Visit the historical sights, for example, the Roman Amphitheatre in Plovdiv and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia.

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