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Outlets near Prague: addresses on the map and how to get in Fashion Arena?

autlet v Prage

After opening its first outlet in USA the idea of creating such stores was so pleased with the buyers and sellers that very quickly, these shops began to open in many countries of the world. Into their number entered and the Czech Republic. Today to find outlet in Prague is not difficult.



Czech Republic is famous in Europe for its markets, fairs and bazaars. Prices are lower than in many other EU countries, so many Europeans come to the country specifically for shopping.

In the Czech outlets you can find items the most famous brands in the world, next to which is always the local brand.

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What is it?

A few decades ago in the United States began to appear stores that sell clothing, shoes and accessories of famous brands at a discount. They are called "outlet".

In Russia the shops selling branded items at discount, is called runoff. The first outlet in Russia - Belaya Dacha Outlet Village. In these centres you can buy products of famous fashion houses, which have been unsold in their warehouses. In fact, this sale of inventory.

chto iz sebya predstavlyaut?

Outlets fall into things of the past or the season before last. That doesn't make them quality or less appealing.

For many people outlet only chance to buy the real thing luxury at an affordable price.

On the device outlets represent a huge shopping complexes. Many of them resemble mini city consisting of hundreds of shops. Their turnover can be called transcendental. Discounts at the outlets range from 30 to 70%. Thanks to the drains, manufacturers of branded products to save on advertising. The main buyers of the outlets are people who are important to buy a quality thing, not a novelty fashion.

Best Prague outlets

populyarnye prazhskie magaziny

A common practice for the Czech Republic is the location of the wastewater in the factories. Many of them placed on the outskirts of the city. The most famous:

  • Sport Factory. One of the most popular drains in Prague. Direction of trade - sale of sports equipment and clothing. It sells such famous brands as Reebok and Adidas. Address: drain Skorkovska, Prague 9. The nearest metro station "Černý Most" (line b);
  • Airport Praha. Specializiruetsya by selling clothes. Located at Aviaticka, Prague 6. This is one of the most prestigious areas of the city;
  • Hot Labels. Flow is for men. It sold high-quality men's clothing. It is located at the address: Prubezna 90, Prague.
  • Prostějov Factory. The direction of the sales is clothing. Drain address: Rooseveltova 49, Prague 6;
  • Outlet Factory. Sells clothing for the whole family. Outlet address: Elisky Peskove 5;
  • Outlet. A large shop selling brand clothes. Address: Vodičkova 36;
  • Fashion – Station. Sells branded clothing. Address: Palackeho 2. Geographically, it belongs to the district of Prague 1;
  • Butik The Item. Direction of trade - women's clothing. Address: Žatecká 8;
  • Galleria Moda Outlet Shopping Mall. Sells clothing. Is located at the address: Ke Kopanine 421, Tuchomerice;
  • Steilmann Factory Outlet. Direction of trade — clothes. Is located at the address: Obchodni 126, Sestlice.

For beginners shopping outlets Prague is a real find. They will surely find there a lot of interesting things famous brands at very affordable prices.

The most popular Stoke - on Fashion Arena

luchshaya stokovaya ploshadka - Feshn Arena

Translated into Russian language the name of the outlet means "arena of fashion". This is the most popular among inhabitants of Prague runoff. He is well known to foreign tourists who love to visit the country for shopping. There is the most attractive rates in the capital and a huge selection of quality products. For 20 Euro (about 1400 rubles) here you can dress from head to toe.



The drain of the Fashion arena is the largest in the Czech Republic. He is a giant area reminiscent of an indoor stadium. The building has an oval shape, the circumference of which there are a large number of stores. All of them are opened more than 100. Many of them made add-in which is arranged a small café and restaurants.

Hungry shoppers can dine in the restaurants of the village. In the courtyard of the Fashion Arena free Parking for cars. It has 2 floors and has a capacity of 1200 cars. Here is a bus stop, a recreation area and a Playground for children.

Around the building there are 200 stores all of which sell products of different famous brands. Among them: Armani, Levi's, Samsonite, Lacoste and many others. Each branded boutique determines the size of discounts. Located in the outlet shops, in addition to discounts periodically additional shares.

In stock sold by almost all. There are books, shoes, clothes, toys, jewelry and much more. There are exchange bureaus and ATMs. The whole territory of the outlet is under video surveillance. The drain also has a supermarket Spar.

How to get there?

kak doehat?

The drain is located near the city centre is just 9 km away and you can Reach it easiest by bus, which runs along the route "the Center of Prague - Fashion Arena". From the Central part of the city it departs from the kiosk located in front of the Czech National Bank address: Na Příkopě 21. The fare is free, it takes about 8-10 minutes.

To outlet Fashion Arena and also runs daily bus No. 183.

By car to the drain is accessed via a bypass road E65/E67, which has a check out towards the town of Mladá Boleslav and Hradec Králové. From the highway there is an exit to the street Průmyslová, and with her turn right at the traffic light at the intersection at the plant Malešice. Better to focus on the map or the Navigator.

By metro you can only drive to the station Depo Hostivař on line A. From this station to the Fashion Arena will have further to travel by bus.

Interesting facts

  1. Fashion Arena is the shape of the letter "C". Each store sells the products of only one brand and has no internal transitions, linking it with other areas.
  2. In Prague there are three of the most popular shopping route. One of them passes through the center. Here is the street on which the best name brand designer boutiques. The second route runs along Wenceslas square, also offers interesting attractions, the third shopping centers.
  3. One of the largest shopping centers in Prague - palladium. It has 5 floors and was built on the Foundation that was built in the 12th century. It is more than 20 restaurants and cafes, as well as 200 stores.
  4. The biggest shopping center of Czech Republic — Letňany. Its area is 125 thousand square meters.

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