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What can you bring from Prague (Czech Republic) from Souvenirs and gift?

CHto privezti iz Pragi (CHehii)?

The capital of the Czech Republic attracts tourists not only for its magical medieval atmosphere, but also a delicious meal, famous Czech beer and the perfect opportunity to go shopping.

What to bring from Prague, despite exchange rates and strict limits baggage allowance?

Souvenirs from Prague (Czech Republic): what to bring?


Many will like "Becherovka" or "Fernet Stock" (Fernet Stock) herbal tincture (bitters) with the strength of 38%. Both are produced in different variations with a strength of 20 to 40%.

More recognizable Becherovka, Fernet also is produced in small batches, so it will be more authentic souvenir.

Other spirits that you can bring from Prague - Slivovitz (plum brandy), Tatra tea (bitter tea-based), Kontsovka (sweet strong anise liqueur).

Choosing in Prague absinthe, be carefulnot to buy "Bohemian absinthe" — cheap herbal liqueur that has nothing to do with this apart from the fortress about 70%.

A good brand of Czech absinth: Oliva St.Antoine, Toulouse Lautrec. The packaging of this drink is Absinthe written, more than cheap imitations is denoted by the word absinth (no "e" on the end).

For beauty

What Souvenirs to bring from Prague? In Prague stores you can buy cosmetics in various Czech brands, but for the best Souvenirs, of course, expect brand Manufactura (Manufactura) and Botanicus (Botanicus).

In the shops of the Manufactory beyond good and inexpensive organic cosmetics there are lots of cute goods for the house and children.

Botanicus more expensive brand with a large selection of oils, scented candles, and Botanical drawings.

Dlya krasoty

For the sweet tooth

The most recognizable Czech sweetness is waffles "Colonnade" comes from mariánské lázně. These thin, single layer of wafer are available with a variety of fillings and is perfect as a dessert with coffee or tea.

In the Czech Republic they are often served hot. Feel free to try Czech sweets confectioneries, especially the waffles and rolls, and chocolate "Student print".

When visiting Prague before Christmas, do not deny yourself the pleasure to buy Stollen (Christmas log) — designed cupcake, half consisting of candied fruits, nuts and dried fruit.

Clothes and shoes

To find in Prague clothes and shoes for every taste easy. If your budget is small, it is enough to go on Maclaskey square or an adjacent street Na Prikope. There are shops H&M, Mango, Promod and other democratic brands.

On Vaclavske located and Bata shop, the most famous Shoe brand from the Czech Republic.

The boutiques of luxury brands such as Escada, Burberry, Dior, situated on Paris street, near the old town square.

In the city centre and the shopping arcades you can find many showrooms and shops Czech designers, such as Chi-Chi, Boheme, No. brand.


In search of ceramic tableware or decorations for the interior, carefully take a look at the shops and otzivite those that sell Chinese products in Prague, and without them many pottery workshops or shops with handmade ceramics.

Note the ceramic houses, popular with Czech children collecting it.

If space allows in carry-on baggage, it makes sense to purchase glasses of Bohemian crystal or glass Christmas tree handmade toys.

Products of Czech glassmakers more expensive than the Chinese forgings, but they are worth it. The stores also offer Bohemian figurines, chandeliers and grandiose products of the company "Moser".

Dlya doma

Special attention deserves of Czech porcelain. The most famous, of course, the onion factory in Dubi, so named because of the characteristic pattern. And the most expensive pink from the village Moves.

This porcelain gets its color due to the coloration of the feedstock, not the glaze on the finished product.

From the more familiar to us manufacturers not to mention Thun, the range of which always has my dear geese, and known to all the inhabitants of the USSR design "Madonna".

Prague: shopping,gifts and Souvenirs (souvenirs from Prague)

What can you bring from Prague (Czech Republic)?

For girls

The first thing that will prompt guides (and come to mind after the shopping trip) - jewelry with Bohemian garnet. Do not buy too cheap, they are likely to be a fake as the products of souvenir shops and too large stones.

It is better to turn to online jewelry store and choose products with stones not more than 5-7 mm.

Romantic girls often think grenades are too heavy stone but will certainly appreciate Swarosvski.

Actually, it's not Czech brand although its Creator was born in the Czech Republic, but does it matter when in Prague as many as 15 stores with sparkling crystals and the prices are much more attractive than Russian?

Very good Czech and jewelry designers, for example, Zorya or Vera Novakova, most have showrooms in the centre or online stores.

Fans of art Nouveau will be delighted by Souvenirs with illustrations by Alphonse Mucha. You can buy them at the Museum of the artist or in souvenir shops around town.

Dlya devushek

For men

You still have a place in the Luggage? Buy men Beers! Among the hundreds of varieties of Czech lagers will find those that will satisfy the most sophisticated connoisseur.

If specific preferences on grades no, choose the ones that are packaged in cans (easier to carry) or dark glass (it transmits less sunlight, destroying the hop aroma of beer).

If your man wears a hat, is not superfluous to go to the store of the company Tonak for the Zatecka street and select it classic felt hat for autumn or straw for summer, and maybe a hat of Indiana Jones, a bowler hat or a cylinder.

For children

Modern children may not know the charming kratika cartoon character, but his Teddy or a wooden version still will not leave them indifferent. Krotikov of all sizes easy to find in toy stores or souvenir Blue Praga.

In the markets and in many shops you can choose wooden toysfrom mobiles for babies to train with wagons for older children.

Puppet may seem daunting and too difficult to manage for little ones, but teenagers will certainly appreciate such a gift. Universal gift for a child of any age will be a box of pencils Koh-I-Noor.

Dlya detej

Of course, this is only the most popular of Czech gifts - in one article to describe all variety of the Prague shops, markets and stalls.

Walk the streets, squares, parks of this magnificent city and you will understand what you want to bring home a memory of him.