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The best ski resorts of the Czech Republic on the map

Karta gornolyzhnyh kurortov CHehii

The Czech Republic has always been associated with beautiful old architecture and good beer.

Meanwhile, this country has a large number of excellent ski resorts.

In quality they are not inferior to the Italian or Swiss, but the price will be much cheaper.

Ski resorts in Czech Republic on the map

Gornolyzhnye kurorty CHehii na karte

The rating resorts

Spindleruv Mlyn

This is the most famous and well-known ski resort of the Czech Republic. On its territory there are two ski center – Saint Peter and Medvedin. The season here begins in November and lasts until the end of March or beginning of April.

The total length of the slopes in the resort is 25 km, which are distributed between the 18 tracks. Served by 28 lifts (25 ski lifts and 3 chair).

There are ski runs for skiers with different levels of training – from beginners to professionals. Prepared for snowboarders Funpark and a halfpipe.

There are also trails for cross-country skiers. A unique feature of the resort is the availability of the track.

For entertainment and food answer 52 17 restaurants and discos. In addition to them, the resort has a cinema, Nightclubs and dozens of shops.

You can be accommodated in one of the many hotels or lodges. Here is a selection of places to stay is very wide – from four star hotels to modest pensions.

In addition to skiing in Spindleruv Mlyn, there are many other attractions. Tourists can visit the Aqua Park Spindl, where there is a separate area for children. You can also go ice skating, go paragliding or rock climbing.

Ski resort and cafes in the Czech Republic. Herlikovice

Janske Lazne

This place is the second largest ski resort in the Czech Republic. It is situated at the foot of Black mountain at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. The season here starts in December and lasts almost until the end of March.

Just Janske Lazne 13 ski slopes. Here, a roughly equal number of trails for beginners and extreme. Its total length is 11 km away. in addition, there is a Jogging track length of 55 km.

Those who are tired of active leisure will like a thermal pool. Besides, tourists can admire the beautiful architecture of the city or to go on an excursion to the neighboring town of PEC, where is the winter center.

For accommodation tourists can choose from various options. There are modest guest houses, and a respectable four stars hotels. To reach the resort from Prague is 2 hours by car.

Gornolyzhnyj kurort YAnske Lazne


The resort Klinovec is located very close to the German-Czech border and is the largest leisure centre in the ore mountains. The season lasts from late November until the end of March.

The total length of the slopes in the resort is almost 70 km away, Served by 10 lifts. There are slopes for both Amateurs and professionals.

A unique feature of Klínovec is the presence of extreme slope in the altitude of 1244 meters. For snowboarders there is a separate Park.

For lovers of relaxation the resort has many Spa resorts. There offers a variety of health and relaxation treatments.

Those who prefer excursions, will also do. 25 km from the Klinovec is located on the ohře klášterec castle in the Gothic style. It is a Museum of Czech porcelain.

You can stay in budget hostels and luxurious Wellness hotels. Every tourist can find accommodation at a pocket in addition to it.

Distance from resort to Prague is 120 km. Accessible by bus or car.

Karlovy Vary

This is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Czech Republic. The fame he enjoyed for several centuries thanks to its 12 springs. A joke that 13 the source is a local strong liquor "Becherovka".

Most of the tourists come here for recuperation in one of the 130 health resorts. The main curative factor in this place are the thermal springs that contain huge amount of minerals and useful substances to the body.

To stay active in 25 km from Karlovy vary in boží Dar, there are 29 ski runs of varying difficulty.

In addition, there is excellent cross-country skiing trails on which you can drive to Germany, because they are related with the German.

Here you can stay in hotels (there are options from 3 to 5 stars), resort homes or in a sanatorium. Getting to the resort is easy enough, it is located 5 km from Karlovy vary international airport 9.

Gornolyzhnyj kurort Karlovy Vary


It is a ski resort located at the foot of devil's mountain. It is located at a distance of 130 km from Prague, accessible by car, bus or train. The season lasts from mid-December to mid-April.

The route here will be to the liking for both beginners and more experienced skiers, the overall length is about 10 km and the longest track has a length of 1.3 km.

They are all served by 12 different ski lifts. In addition, there are cross-country skiing trails with a length of 80 km.

The resort has many museums (Museum of Bohemian glass, mining Museum, ski Museum, brewery Museum). There is also the ancient Church (the Church of St. Wenceslas) and monuments (Archery Buda).

You can be accommodated in the hotels of varying star, resorts, cottages or private apartments. Simultaneously resort can accommodate up to 6000 tourists.


Liberec is the largest city in Northern Bohemia. It is called the Northern capital of the Czech Republic. The season here lasts from December to March. To reach the resort by bus or by car (distance from Prague is 150 km).

Most trails here are "red", that is, intended for professionals. But for beginners there are also some ski slopes. Served by 10 different ski lifts.

Those who get tired of skiing, you will be able to relax in the country's largest entertainment complex with a water Park. Besides, you can visit the glass Museum and oldest Czech zoo and Botanical garden.

For accommodation of guests is the responsibility of various hotels and resorts.

Gornolyzhnyj kurort Liberec