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The fairytale castles of the Czech Republic: the names, photos, history

Zamki CHehii

Anyone who loves history and stories, you should visit the Czech Republic, which is often called the country of castles. Here are preserved more than 2,000 historical objects, which annually attracts thousands of visitors.

Small hunting castles, luxury palaces in Baroque style, romantic residences and picturesque medieval ruins are open to the public.

Each complex has featuresthat distinguish it from the neighbors and attracting curious guests.

Czech castles on the map

CHeshskie zamki na karte



Harsh Gothic castle, erected on a hill in the XIII century. It's a real family nest, bearing the name of their owners.

The last representative of the family of Sternberg and today lives in the castle, guests can meet the host during the tours.

Among the attractions of the Palace sumptuous knights ' hall with a collection of weapons, antique carved furniture and unique crystal chandeliers.

The ceiling paintings made by Italian artists and attracts the attention of connoisseurs of fine arts.

History lovers will enjoy the powerful fortress walls and moats, and the mysterious cellars of the castle and the picturesque surroundings.


The castle, located near Karlovy vary. The building, erected in the Middle ages, separated the Czech lands from the German and served as a reliable protection from invading enemies.

He later became the seat of Czech kings, and then fell into disrepair and for many years served as a prison.

Today the castle is classified as historical monuments and is open to the public. On site guests can visit the ancient chapel-rotunda with a collection of architectural artifacts, weapons Museum, ancient hall of ceremonies, which often hosts the wedding ceremony.

In the cellars you can see the old prison cells and even the halls of torture with these instruments of medieval executioners.

Zamok Loket


Old hunting castle, surrounded by a beautiful English Park with rose garden and tiered terraces. In the castle there is an extensive collection of glass, porcelain, furniture, sculptures, hunting trophies and weapons.

Hunting castle belonged to the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination was the cause of the outbreak of the First World war, many trophies adorning the walls, produced by the owner.

The area has long been famous for the breeding of bears. Near the castle, dug the moat, which always contains a pair of these beasts.


A real medieval castle in Northern Bohemia, lost among the hills and forests. Here took place the shooting of "Goldilocks" and other popular movies, fairy tales.

The castle complex has everything: an English Park, the picturesque ruins of medieval buildings. In the Park you can watch falconry, and in the cellars of the castle there is an aquarium with carps and other fish in the region.

The castle is better to visit with a guidewho will tell you interesting details about the life of French aristocrats Rohan, owned by Sarofim, shows a unique collection of carved antique furniture, which is considered the most extensive in the Czech Republic.

It exhibits valuable items from porcelain and Venetian glass, paintings, weapons and other artifacts.

Zamok Sihrov


Mysterious Gothic castle, situated in the dense forests near Prague. It is built in the Middle ages, and later the building was repeatedly reconstructed. Opened to the public recently.

In the castle you can admire the unique wall murals to see the collection of weapons, paintings and furniture.

Today, the building serves as a Museum, it regularly exhibited expositions of historical costumes, artefacts, are held cultural events and exhibitions.


The Palace, became the realattractions South Moravia, included in the UNESCO world heritage list. The castle was built in the Middle ages, but in the nineteenth century, subjected to reconstruction changed the appearance of the building.

For lovers of antiquity in the complex preserved ruins of a medieval castle with the adjacent minaret and panoramic view of the surroundings.

Around the castle complex surrounded with an English Park with pavilions, grottoes, and gazebos. Here are the palm greenhouse, where they grow rare tropical plants.

Park and castle of Lednice in the Czech Republic


Fairytale castle on the Vltava river, erected directly over the water in the XIII century. The name given for its resemblance to an eagle's nest. The castle belongs to an ancient noble family, but is open daily for visitors.

Here you can see a collection of ancient weapons, a luxurious library with valuable tomes and artifacts from excavations of ancient Troy.

Around the castle you will find a picturesque Park with peacocks. There is a private mini-zoo, leading to the delight of children.

Zamok Orlik


One of the most beautiful Czech castles, built in the Rococo style. Palace completely renovated in the XVIII century, you can admire halls in neoclassical, Baroque or Rococo.

Here are collected extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, porcelain. There is a large portrait gallery.

Large mirrored hall, decorated with frescoes and stucco, often provide for weddings and other ceremonial ceremonies.

Around the castle a English garden and the regular French Park with gazebos, flower beds and alleys. On site is the original motorcycle Museum.


Is among the oldest castles of the Czech Republic. It was built in the XIII century and has been reconstructed several times. Scenic views of the river and the vineyards surrounding the castle, creating a romantic atmosphere.

There are often held various cultural events, presentations, weddings and balls.

In the castle there are extensive wine cellars with drinks made from their own grapes. Here you can taste the unique local wine tastings on a regular basis for tourists.

On the complex there is an authentic patisserie with traditional Czech sweets, restaurant and hotel.

Zamok Melnik


The castle, built in the early XII century and considered one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. It is called the "Castle of the three kings" and "Masonic castle", because in the basement of the building the representatives of the Lodges still hold their mysterious rituals.

Tourists are offered to explore the high walls and deep moats will conduct through the halls of the Palace, will show paintings by the artist Alphonse Mucha, wine cellar, a prison tower and other attractions.

After the tour you can walk around the huge Park, which often hosts spectacular jousting tournaments.

The complex has a tavernwhere you can eat. Once a week there are gala dinners featuring a medieval menu and rich show program.


Spectacular castle in the Baroque style, where you can admire the authentic interiors, a fine collection of paintings, antique furniture and hunting trophies.

It regularly hosts banquets and wedding celebrations, and a variety of cultural events. The building has a magnificent Park with shady paths and flowerbeds.

The complex is located the famous tavern, where are daily show with fire-breathers, exotic dancers and snake charmers.

The tavern serves hearty Lunches and dinners of traditional Czech cuisine and freshly brewed beer from its own brewery. Guests can visit the production site to inspect the lab, the cellar, the old malthouse.

It is proposed to spend the night in the medieval hotelwhich is also located on the territory of the castle complex.

Zamok Detenice

How to get

For convenience, the whole developed tourist routes, including visits to several castles.

In the Palace complexes can be reached by tourist buses, many tourists prefer to take the car to rent and get to the locks yourself.

The castles, located on the banks of Vltavacan be reached by boat or river boat.

Make sure you check the schedule of events. Some locks are closed on Mondays, others take guests only a day or two a week.

Many complexes include authentic cafes and restaurants as well as hotelswhere you can stay for the night.

Castles of the Czech Republic deserve careful and thoughtful approach. Do not attempt to overtake as many complexesfor one trip.

Experienced guides will help make an optimal programby including three-four locks from the same region.

Any tourist who has visited the fabulous Czech Republic, will want to come back. Each trip will be an occasion to discover new, still unknown to the palaces and parks.