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What to see in Montenegro places of interest and their photos

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Montenegro cozy and Sunny country on the Balkan Peninsula.

Here you will see and warm coast, refined local dishes and, of course, interesting sights.

Every town of Montenegro has something uniquethat always needs to see the tourist who has visited there.

What to see?


Budva is considered the main resort of Montenegro. It is the most visited city. The majority of hotels, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues in the country.

Around town – the sea, so there are about 30 beaches. They certainly don't have white Sands – the sand there is generally almost there, but the cleanest sea water and exotic trees await every tourist.

Budva consists of two parts – the Old and New town. It is in the Old town accommodates the main attractions. It is surrounded by a wall, and at its centre is the city's citadel.

Near it are examples of architecture of previous centuries, Montenegro – Church of SV.Mary and St. John.

On Starogradskoj square is one of the most interesting museums of Montenegro – the Archaeological Museum, with more than three thousand exhibits. There really is something to see!

At the intersection of Njegoseva and Senouci is the area of Poets, where every evening beginners and seasoned tehological read their work. This place is suitable for romantic walks.

CHto posmotret: Budva


Here is an international airport, and in this city the first thing to be tourists. On what here to look?

You probably need to visit the island of flowers. This place is so named because of the abundance of Mediterranean flora, blooming and fragrant at every step. Also there you can visit the ruins of the old monastery and olive groves.

Palace Bucha is an example of architecture three hundred years ago. It consists of five parts, one of which is now an art gallery.

In Tivat few preserved architectural structures of the time of Rome and Byzantium. Some of them, this is Church.Luke, St. Daniel, Of St. Species and others.

City center – Gornja Lastva will be transferred in the atmosphere of an old-time narrow streets, cobbled squares and ancient buildings it has kept the old town.


This so-called old city of Montenegro is one of the oldest cities of the country. Surprisingly, he retained the originality and the atmosphere that prevailed here almost a Millennium ago.

No, it's not a couple of old ruins and a local restaurant with strange food. This is a really interesting city.

The surrounding wall is considered the second largest in the world after Chinese "friends". The entrance to the city is through the Sea gate.

Next – Armory squareis located on the clock tower. On the main square are the famous Napoleonic theater and watchtower.

If earlier "alive" in Kotor, there were 20 churches, including the monasteries, now there are just 10. The symbol of the city – the Cathedral of St. Tryphon.

The Church for almost 1000 years, but it has been renovated several times and rebuilt just as damaged in the earthquakes.

Also not less beautiful and interesting old Church.Luke, St. Anne, St. Paul and so on.

CHto posmotret: Kotor


The current modern capital of the country is Podgorica, but the historical and spiritual center, is undoubtedly the town of Cetinje.

Unusual attraction, Cetinje is considered to be the Austrian map of Montenegro (near Cetinski monastery), where the whole country is depicted in a bulk form in detail.

As in other cities, there are many monasteries, churches and palaces that are architectural monuments of past centuries.

The most famous and interesting of them: Vlašský Church (her fence made of captured weapons), the king Nikola's Palace, the Palace "Billiards" and the Church of the Nativity on Cepure.

Theatre Royal "Zemsky house" is not only a historic monument, but also applicable state theatre, where performances take place.


Bar is one of the smaller historic towns of Montenegro, which tourists love. It's cozy, it's warm, it's beautiful.

An unusual attraction Bar the oldest olive tree. Thinkonly, but according to estimates it is older than 2000 years!

Virpazar – old fishing village. Here you can mingle with the locals, some of whom know the Russian language; to try the local cuisine, to get acquainted with the traditions of the ordinary people of Montenegro and to see the life of fishermen.

Like other cities, the Bar has its historic center, called Old Bar. Here are preserved ancient houses and churches, bridges and fountains.

What's interesting is that you can inexpensively purchase Souvenirs in the Old Bar is a tourist market, where locals in traditional costumes sell traditional Montenegrin products.

CHto posmotret: Bar


This is a very clean and beautiful city located on the coast. Most of the interesting sights of Perast is located in the town square the name of Marko martinović.

The Palace of Bojovica is the most beautiful, according to estimates of tourists, the building in this city. It is believed that in the heart of the building are stones from the destroyed walls of Herceg Novi.

Now, the Palace houses the town Museum where you can see many interesting exhibits.

St. Nicholas Church looks no different from simple and bulky buildings, but behind the walls of the building hides a rich and luxurious interior. Paintings, marble altars with carvings, decorations in the Baroque style...

Nearby is the Dead bell tower, the bells which were brought from Venice more than a thousand years ago!


CHto posmotret: Podgorica

It is a modern capital of Montenegro. Although it is not the oldest town, and not the most visited by tourists, interesting places and there are plenty.

Ostrog is the most famous monastery in Podgorica. Majestic white knowledge and now serves as a monastery of the Serbian monks. Looking from the side of the monastery, it may seem that it curved into the rock.

Shkoder (Skadar lake) is a picturesque place where you can relax and enjoy the local nature. Clean water and emerald greenery create a pleasant atmosphere.

Bridge Millennia, laid across the river Moraca, is also one of the attractions. The length of the bridge is 140 meters. There are many castles, which were probably hung Russian tourists – many of them celebrated here the wedding.

Montenegro – a country that combines the beauty of the Mediterranean nature and vegetation and historic architecture.

It is a cozy tourist country, where you can spend your vacation with benefit and pleasure.

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