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Montenegro on the detailed map of Europe with cities in the Russian language

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Montenegro is an interesting country with unique natural resources and unusual places. However, not everyone knows where Montenegro is located and what attractions you can see here. Therefore, it is necessary to understand in detail.

Where on the world map?

The Slavic state of Montenegro is situated on the South-East Europe in the Balkans. South-West of the country washed by the Adriatic sea. The width of the coastal strip from two to ten kilometers. It is a high mountain.

The total area of the country is 13 812 square kilometres, the coastline is almost 300 kilometers. The beaches stretch for 73 kilometres.

CHernogoriya na karte mira

The main neighbours of Montenegro are the following countries:

  • Serbia;
  • Bosnia;
  • Herzegovina;
  • Croatia;
  • Albania.

Italy is a water border with Montenegro. Cetina – the historical capital of the country. Commercial center of Podgorica from Rome, located 500 kilometers.

The capital and other famous centers of the country

The largest Montenegrin town of Podgorica. Here live more than 140 000 people.

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Other famous cities are:

  • Danilovgrad. This town, which preserved many ancient architectural structures. Located near Podgorica.
  • M. This place is considered to be the main Muslim center of the country.
  • Tivat. Active development of the city occurred only in the late nineteenth century.
  • To. It attracts most tourists, as this city a huge number of various attractions.
  • Bar. Appeared in the bronze age. Almost completely destroyed in the middle of the second world war, but after it was restored.
  • Budva. The history of this city goes back over two millennia. Here is everything you need for tourists – the green island's many attractions and excellent beaches.

Top 5 best resorts

In Montenegro, the number of resorts which attract tourists. The most famous:

  1. Herceg-Novi. Located on the mountainside. Amazing nature and beautiful local beaches will be remembered for a long time.
  2. St. Stefan Island. Interesting in the first place so that you can get here can not every tourist. For a site visit will have to break the Bank.
  3. karta luchshih kurortov CHernogorii

  4. Perast. Here are the highest prices for holidays, so Perast is considered an elite resort.
  5. Cetinje. The choice of Souvenirs here are very scarce, but minutes enough.
  6. Ulcinj. If you like sandy beaches, then a vacation at this resort will be memorable.

Soft sand, bright sun - beaches and coast States

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In Montenegro more than 120 beaches. The best known are:

  • Becici. Its territory stretches for almost two kilometers. Soft sand nice happy feet. Built next to the hotel, where you can always book a room.
  • Kamenovo. As the seabed and the beach itself covered with beautiful white sand. Thanks to a bright sun and the turquoise colour of the sea here creates a unique atmosphere.
  • DrobniPijesak. The small beach attracts some categories of tourists because of its remoteness from the noisy cities, as well as pure spring water.

The trip to Montenegro

What is the best way to travel in Montenegro? It all depends on how much you want to see. If you only need the standard tourist programs, we will approach the tour bus.

However, if you are interested in visiting those places that are not provided by the tour operators and do not want to depend on a guide, it is recommended to rentcar.

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What are the main attractions of this country? Be sure to look at the following:

  • Ostrog Monastery. Built in the XVII century. Famous thanks to Saint Basil of Ostrog.
  • Lake Skadar. This beautiful place many types of birds and fish. On the Islands there were fragments of ancient churches, and on the banks are villages.
  • The Museum Of Budva. The Museum is remarkable that have appeared in this city just in the middle of the XX century and immediately filled with all sorts of exhibits.

  • Castle Butch. In this place lived the famous in the whole of Montenegro of the family Lukovic and Butch.
  • The Tara river canyon. Is one of the most beautiful European places. In addition, the river Tara – the purest in Europe.
  • The massif Lovcen. Is the main symbol of the country. On top of the array built Park.
  • Durdevica Bridge. If you are traveling by car, be sure to visit this place.

Video attractions of Montenegro: