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How and how much to fly to Montenegro from Moscow and St. Petersburg?

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Montenegro is a country located in southeastern Europeon the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula.

Is a great choice for budget and environmentally friendly, located relatively close to the cities of the European part of Russia, the distance is about 2000 kilometers from Moscow and 2 778,5 kilometers from St. Petersburg.

At first glance, the distance in a few thousand miles does not cause the feeling beam, however, getting to Montenegro by plane, you may find that you have spent in the plane times barely more than you spend on a daily standing in a Moscow traffic jam.

How long is the flight?

How many hours is the flight? To Montenegro from Moscow is just 3 hours. Similarly, you can quickly fly to Montenegro from Saint-Petersburg for 3 hours and 20 minutes.

But do not forget that the time in flight, everything else depends on weather conditions and other factors.

One more thing – the difference in time zones. Time difference between Montenegro and the European part of Russia is 2 hours.

This means that to find out the local time in Montenegro, it is necessary to subtract two hours from Moscow time or local time of St. Petersburg, because the time zone there is the same as in Moscow.

It is worth noting that on the tickets arrival time are displayed in local time of the destination, i.e. to see how much time you spend in flight, for a start put the departure time in local time of the destination.

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How to fly?

Airports in Montenegro are located in two cities: Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, and Tivat.

Since this state is not a particularly large area, there is no significant difference which airport to arrive and by time and by distance. You can get there direct flight and a stopover.

Flights from Moscow

Direct flights. A journey time of around 3 hours. However, in case of bad weather the flight may last longer. During the flight, from the Windows you can see the Ukraine and Hungary.

Flights with a stopover. Flight time is at least 7 hours. Depending on the number of interchanges can be conducted at the airport and in airplanes a total of almost a day because of the long interval between flights.

The path varies depending on where the transit. City direct: St. Petersburg, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Istanbul, Vienna.

Flights from St. Petersburg

Direct flights. Direct flights from St. Petersburg to Montenegro realized in the period from early June to late September.

Organizes non-stop Charter flights, usually airline "Russia" (it is also called a "Russian Airlines").

Flight time is about 3.5 hours. The increase in flight time may be associated with weather conditions and with the change in the timetable of Charter flights.

Flights with a stopover. The journey time also varies from 7 hours to days in transit. The time depends on the intervals between transfers and their quantity.

Transplant is possible in the following cities: Syktyvkar, Arkhangelsk, in Belgrade, in Moscow and in Voronezh.

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