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The ski resorts of Montenegro: žabljak and kolašin

Gornolyzhnye kurorty CHernogorii

Montenegro refers to the Balkan countries, located in South-Central Europe.

They are so called because they are located on the Balkan Peninsula, which is a huge wedge into the expanses of the Mediterranean sea.

The country is surrounded by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia and bordering the Mediterranean sea.

A small area of the country (13 812 sq km) has a turbulent history, a reflection of which is linguistic diversity - half of the population speaks Serbian, Montenegrin, followed by Bosnian, Albanian, etc. Pays the population of the Euro.

The ski resorts of Montenegro on the map

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The rating resorts


To get to the city on the way to Mojkovac and European route E65, which connects the Montenegrin preberite, Podgorica and the North of the province.

International airport in the capital of approximately 130 km and a Shuttle from the airport with the same status - Tivat.

A place a thousand metres above sea level could not be more suitable for active tourism.

Here you can enjoy Cycling and Hiking in the mountains, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, rafting on mountain rivers, paragliding, and even canyoning.

On excursions in the national Park Durmitor you can fly on zipline through the deepest canyon in Europe, rafting on mountain rivers, to visit the valleys of the rivers Tara, Morača and the Grand.

Black arrows go up pine, clear mirrors of lakes full of fish, and remained even once the hunting residence of Tito.

Ski road with a length of almost five kilometers is located on Savina cookie has double the cable cars, marked and groomed all season.

Rejting kurortov: ZHablyak

The resort is 12 tracks, 4 for each degree of preparation of tourists, and a total length of 11 km and Some slopes are illuminated for night skiing for skiing in the evening.

The length of the cross-country tracks varies from 3 to 12 km. Lifts 12. Elevation reaches of 815 metres.

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Four stars hotel offers Ski Hotel Zabljak at the foot of mount Durmitor.

Montenegro. Ski resort Kolasin


You can get there from the capital airport or Tivity by taxi or bus. With Belgrade, connects the city rail network.

In addition to Alpine excursions you can engage in ecotourism activities, stroll through the Belogradskaya biosphere reserve, canyoning and caving, fishing and parachuteband.

For lovers of antiquities is the Moraca monastery of the thirteenth century and the Church of the assumption of the virgin with rare frescoes and icons, which more than three centuries.

The monastery has a sacred source of life-giving water, which suggest that to get along for special occasions.

We also advise you to visit bridge Premier of Prince Danilo, which he built in honor of his mother. Included in the list of heritage culture.

Rejting kurortov: Kolashin

Two certified slopes for international competitions, the network of slopes 15 km and the total length of the main road 4.5 km attractive for experienced skiers who like winding descents.

The complexity and sharpness of turns kompensiruet a height difference of half a kilometer. Fourteen tracks, two of which are for the most desperate. The entire route stretches for thirty km In one of six lifts and also includes children.

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