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What to bring from Denmark: gifts, Souvenirs that you can buy in Copenhagen?

chto privezti iz Danii?

Denmark attracts tourists a variety of attractions. Medieval castles and fortresses, unique monuments of ancient architecture, picturesque Danish village, the special atmosphere of the streets of the capital will stay in the Scandinavian country unforgettable.

Interesting, original gifts, imported from Denmark – will become a pleasant reminder about the journey.

What to buy for this trip?

History buffs and stylish things will appreciate Souvenirs related to the Viking era: statues with their image, copies of jewelry of ancient warriors with runic characters, ably played by the Danish masters.

Denmark – the birthplace of LEGO. A huge number of tourists with children tend to Legoland – a fairyland where all things are done from the designer.

A variety of educational kits, LEGO you can buy in any baby store. The designer will satisfy a child of any age.

chto kupit turistu iz suvenirov v Danii?

Souvenirs depicting local attractions – knacks of the past which can not pass any tourist.

Model toy of the guards is another characteristic of the country souvenir. Iconic different forms of soldier of the infantry regiment of the Royal Danish army – furry black hats, very high.

Be sure to pay attention to the Christmas gifts, even if the tourist trip of the summer. It is considered that Denmark has the most beautiful decorations on the tree. Besides garlands and other toys, a great gift would be a small candle, handmade, made of silver.

In Denmark mined amber and produces a wide variety of jewelry from this stone.

Interesting gift ideas

interesnye idei podarkov iz Danii

Braginskaya rose

In the same Danish city of the tops of the shoots of the willow forming a gall. Anomalous change resembles the rose flower. This process occurs under the influence of the parasite Midge. Thus was born the phenomenon of "Braginskii roses."

Willow rose dries, it acquires a Golden color. First original "flower" were used as ornaments, and then in the form of "Braginskii roses" began to make all kinds of jewelry: pendants, necklaces, earrings.


House Nisse takes care of the welfare of all family members – so say the Danes. The character of Scandinavian folklore is a happy symbol of Christmas.

podarok iz Danii - domovoj Nisse

It's recognizable by the red pointy hat. On the occasion give items with his image or the figure of a brownie, and it comes in many shapes and sizes.


Biking in Denmark – the most popular form of transport. Fans can purchase small bycyklen Bicycle with multicolored wheels.

This is the original model designed for the urban traveler. Souvenir is a bit cumbersome, but practical and durable.

The Danes attached to their bikes wicker small baskets. Such a pretty gift you can surprise friends and yourself.

Toys famous artist

Toys Kai Bojesen – wooden images of animals. Long-armed monkey, bear, elephant – like "family", the artist has created for young children. He invented toys with "smiling" lines. Believed that they should be "round, soft and good to lie in the hand".

interesnye igrushki izvestnogo hudozhnika v Danii

And what you can eat.

Tasty Souvenirs

Denmark is famous for its confectionery. On the enterprise Somods Bolchers still some sweets made manually on ancient technology. Sweets and desserts are not only worth a try, but also buy as a gift to loved ones:

  • amazing taste marshmallow cream in chocolate, it comes in the form of balls based on the cookie;
  • marzipan, Odense marcipan;
  • as a souvenir will fit the chocolate in a thin slice – the locals put it onhot bread;
  • gingerbread Brunkager.

A distinctive feature of the local delicacies – their natural flavor. Manufacturers do not use flavorings and preservatives, preferring natural ingredients.

produkty Danii - vkusnye suveniry


In 1927 in Denmark has created its cheeseas an alternative to the famous cheese Roquefort. Especially popular for its exquisite taste enjoyed the product called – Danablu.

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Souvenir shops in Copenhagen

In the capital you can find gifts for every taste, just look at souvenir shops, outlet stores, shopping centers:

  • wool handmade products from the Faroe Islands;
  • knitted scarves with messages or symbols, emphasizing the characteristic features of the Danish culture.
  • elegant leather goods company ADAX for men and women: bags, gloves, purse. Gift quality, but not cheap.

The main and most famous souvenir of the capital is the little Mermaid – a miniature copy of the statue of the fabulous heroine of Hans Christian Andersen.

The Danes are proud of their porcelain.

Royal Copenhagen is the oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe. For unique items known brand will have to shell out a tidy sum, but will take the products of the same company, which uses the Danish Royal family.

suveniry iz Kopengagena

All utensils and items made of porcelain comes with a two year warranty. The reason to use it can serve as even a small scratch on the glass.

You can buy porcelain and other brands, at more affordable cost.

As a present to friends from Denmark can capture:

  • One of the two dozen types of alcoholic drink Akvavit ("aquavit"). Its taste and color depends on the composition: it is infused in herbs. It is believed that this drink "warmed up" the Vikings while sailing on the Northern seas.
  • The national drink is Gammel dansk ("Old Danish"). Such a drink has a special taste: pungent aroma and bitter taste.
  • Easy alcoholic drink is popular with locals and is traditionally served for Breakfast.

  • Famous beer brands: Carlsberg and Tuborg.

Denmark is a picturesque country with centuries of history, many attractions, rich cultural traditions. Choose interesting gifts and Souvenirs for children and adults is not difficult, everything will depend on the taste and financial possibilities.

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