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The main attractions in Denmark: pictures and descriptions

Dostoprimechatelnosti Danii

A small fairy Denmark located in Northern Europe. The Commonwealth of the Kingdom includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The country is on the Jutland Peninsula, as well as the numerous picturesque Islands of the Danish archipelago, the most famous of which Funen, Bornholm, Møn, Lolland, Falster, Zealand and more. Only Islands of over 400.

Consider the most interesting sights in the most popular Danish cities.

What to see?


Copenhagen is unique in that it is large enough to hit an abundance of attractions, and nice and small to feel the romantic atmosphere.

Near the entrance to the Harbour is the famous little Mermaid, a place of pilgrimage for tourists. To create the sculpture Edvard Eriksen chose as a model one of the most famous in the last century ballerinas.

Drive to Mermaid on metro. Get off at the station "Osterport" (Osterport).

Amalienborg – the world famous residence of the Danish kings and the unique Palace complex of 4 identical palaces, located opposite each other and square with the monument of king Frederick V. Amalienborg huge work museums.

Other interesting attractions are the round tower, located at Kubmagergade, 52A. It offers a breathtaking view of the old part of Copenhagen.

Nyhavn (New Harbour) is a colorful and interesting area, where you can often find writers, artists and travelers.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Kopengagena


Odense is an ancient city with rich and eventful history. The literal translation of its name - "Odin's Sanctuary". Old Odense is the capital of the beautiful island of Funen.

If you walk around the city Park, it is no wonder that it became home to the beloved and famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.

Residents with special care to retain the fabulous gingerbread houses and small mansions with tiled roofs, which seemed to come down with book illustrations.

Of course, in a fabulous Odense at every step you can find monuments of different fairytale characters. But in addition there is something to see.

Saturated walk around the city it makes sense to start with Central square. Here is the town hall, the Cathedral of St. Knud (Odense Domkirke / Skt. Knuds Kirke), and two monuments, one of which, of course, Andersen, and other Knud the Holy, the beloved patron Saint of the city.

The impressive Cathedral is interesting for its unique architecture and rich interiors. His story is just amazing.

In 1086 the rebellious nobles in the Church of St. Alban, was killed by king Knud and his brother. A crime in a Holy place marked the beginning of numerous troubles in the history of Denmark, the first of which was a severe crop failure.

On the grave of the dead were miracles, and in 1101 the murdered king was canonized. Cathedral began to build in 1300, so he could accommodate the abundance of pilgrims.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Odense

In Odense there is an amazing and absolutely unique Museum. This is the famous "Funcky village". It consists of a small peasant houses, surrounded by orchards and gardens.

Looking at the houses, you can get acquainted with the life of the Danish peasants of 18-19th centuries.

In addition, in Odense you can see the Church of St. Hans (Sct. Hans Kirke), the Palace of Odense Slot, the location of the city Council, the Church of our lady (Vor Frue Kirke).

The Franciscan monastery kloster Graabroedre, which now runs the nursing home, the old mint Montergarden, the Tower of Odin (Odinstårnet), built in 1935 and the second highest in Europe, the Gothic Church of Saint Alban (Sct. Albani Kirke), Nonnebakken hill (hill of the Nuns).

A unique attraction is the Egeskov Castle built in 1554 right in the centre of a picturesque lake.

City of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen: Odense the eyes of a tourist


Beautiful Aarhus is the main city on the Jutland Peninsula. It is the second largest in the country. Aarhus is traditionally considered a city of students, because here lives a huge number of students.

Here is the cosmopolitanism and scope of the metropolis combines with subtle charm and romance of a small town with its cosy pubs, where the sounds of soft music, quiet and secluded parks, small shops where you can purchase something exceptional.

Of course, inAarhus is something to see. You can start with the old and new town Hall, the first of which was built in 1857 and the second in the years 1938-1942.

The impressive Cathedral of Aarhus (Aarhus Domkirke) is the highest in Denmark. He built over 800 years ago.

Procure (Vor Frue Kirke), built in 1060, is one of the oldest stone churches in Scandinavia. It is possible that she is the oldest.

Lovers of museums and unique historical exhibits and find what to see in Aarhus. There is the city Museum, major art Museum of Aarhus (ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum), the Viking Museum, women's Museum (Kvindemuseet)inAarhus national Museum.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Orhusa

Especially interesting is the Museum "Old town" (Den Gamle By), which is a kind of Danish village of fifty houses from different cities, built in the period from 1597 to 1909

This outdoor Museum has its own tourist infrastructure in the form of cafes, restaurants, assorted shops and stores.

To the North of the Old town you can find the Botanical garden, founded in 1875. Here you can see over a thousand different species of plants and stroll through the bright and beautiful tropical greenhouses.

All residents of Denmark and tourists love to relax at the amusement Park and attractions Tivoli (Tivoli Friheden). Here entertainment in mind will find both children and adult thrill-seekers.


Aalborg fascinates from the very first glance. Here you will see amazing buildings from the Renaissance, Gothic cathedrals, half-timbered castle.

Noisy street, jomfru ane Gade (Jomfru Ane Gade) is something of attractions, because it consists entirely of restaurants, bars, pubs, with huge rooms and expansive terraces that overlook the street space.

Most of the interesting places within the Old city. The most noteworthy among them are the Cathedral of the patron Saint of sailors, St. Budolfi, built in the 14th century and was rebuilt many times, and the mansion of the proprietor, Jens Bang.

Merchant Jens Bang was a man of very wealthy and in 1624 built a stunning mansion of red brick in the Renaissance style. Opposite the house is the town Hall.

Tell that a rich merchant was never elected to the city Council, and therefore in retaliation on the facade of his house he painted a face with his tongue hanging out. This demonstrates a brilliant sense of humor Bang. Now his house is the city's oldest pharmacy.

A great Cathedral, the patron Saint of sailors, St. Bulgogi unique mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

In addition, the Aalborg you can see the monastery of the Holy spirit and Church of our lady belonging to the 12th century.

Notable examples of civil architecture will be Aalborghus castle, built in the 16th century for defensive purposes, and then used as the seat of government.

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Magic Denmark, tidy and incredibly beautiful, will please even the most demanding travelers.

You can come here just to relax or gain new experiences and knowledge, to satisfy the visual hunger and enjoy the comfort and coziness of old Europe.

Denmark is both modern and timeless, carefully preserving all of its amazing treasures and beauty.