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Denmark on the world map in Russian: where is Europe?

Daniya na karte mira

Denmark — one of the oldest powers in Northern Europe and the world's oldest monarchies. On the state coat of arms of the Scandinavian countries you can see a lot in common — leopards, crosses, crowns. All this echoes the Danish influence.

The mighty Danish Royal dynasty, leading the race from the Vikings, at different times belonged to Iceland, Sweden and Norway.

The oldest powers of Europe — where is it located?

The shores of the Kingdom is washed by the Baltic and the North sea. He owns the Jutland Peninsula, the Islands of Zealand, Funen, Falster, Lallan, and more than 400 Islands, including uninhabited.

Faroe Islands and the giant Greenland self-governing and Autonomous.

In the South, Denmark borders on Germany, and on the East by the Straits of Skagerrak, Kattegat and Erebuni separates the country from Norway and Sweden.

gde nahoditsya Daniya na karte Evropy?

A constitutional monarchy

The monarchy in Denmark is limited constitutionally. The kings share the legislative power with the Parliament, the Executive, on behalf of the monarch is exercised by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Administratively Denmark is divided into 5 areas: Hovedstaden, Zealand, North Jutland, Central Jutland and South Denmark.

Representative bodies of regions and cities — councils are elected by the people. But the Executive power is exercised by elected councils chairmen, mayors or magistrates.

Weather in the Kingdom

Weather in Denmark is changeable. Spring is mild, long summer days are warm (average t 20° C). Autumn is usually cloudy and windy. In winter there are frosts, but the average is around 0°C.

pogoda v korolevstve Daniya

Population and language

Most of the population of Denmark, which is about 6 million people have Scandinavian roots. Immigrants make up just over 6%.

The official language of the country is Danish, but the Danes speak English. In the course of German and French. Residents of neighboring Sweden Islands Zealand is well know Swedish.

The largest cities and their sights


The capital and historical center of the country, known with of 1043 built on the island of Zealand.

There are numerous architectural masterpieces, hidden sometimes in city yards, so travel around the city on foot is better.

Historical area, Street, includes the pedestrian street that connects the historic main square. One of them is a beautiful building of the Royal Opera.

dostoprimechatelnosti Kopengagena

Christiansborg castle (the XVIIIth century). Here are the Danish Parliament, Supreme court, office of the Prime Minister, the Royal residence, history Museum.

Bronze Mermaid, the symbol of the capital of the Kingdom — in the Harbor district of Nyhavn.

Tivoli. The oldest amusement Park in Europe.Air facilities in the Eastern style, lit in the evenings with bright lights, rides, cafes, restaurants, fireworks, brought him worldwide fame.

From the town Hall square tour buses leave in "Hamlet tour"includes a visit to the famous castles:

  • One of them, Kronborgwas built in the XV century is associated with the scene of Shakespeare's tragedy “hamlet.” Every year there is a festival with a production of “hamlet”.
  • Frederiksberg castle, built in the XVII century, considered a symbol of monarchical Denmark. The Palace complex is impressive and at the same time elegant. In the castle contains paintings, furniture and objects that tell about the history of the Royal dynasty.
  • Baroque Fredensborg Palace on the shore of lake Esrum — the summer residence of the Royal family. In href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/kuda-poehat-otdyhat-v-iyule/">July, when the owners in the rest of France, the castle with its beautiful Park is open to tourists.

krupnejshij gorod Danii - Kopengagen


The oldest city in Scandinavia, is located on the island of Funen.

In and around the city a lot of churches, because in the middle ages it was a place of worship of the remains of king Knud the Holy. Dedicated to the king of the Gothic Cathedral built in the XIIIth century

In 1805 born in Odense, Hans Christian Andersen. Today, the family home of the writer – one of the most visited museums in Denmark.


Major industrial and commercial center of Denmark on the Jutland Peninsula. The town was founded in the X century. Literally every quarter of towering cathedrals and churches.

dostoprimechatelnosti Orhusa

Aarhus is another summer residence of the Royal family – the Palace Marselisborg. The Palace Park is open to the public, and the changing of the guard during your stay here royalty always attracts tourists.


Aalborg is located in Northern Jutland, on the shore of the fjord. This city, grown rich in the middle Ages, and today a major industrial center.

Of its historic past is indicated by numerous architectural structures. Among them – Cathedral of St. Budolfi – patron Saint of sailors, the monastery of the Holy spirit, more than 6 centuries, giving shelter to the destitute.

Aalborg the Renaissance castle is the only "administrative" castle in Denmark. There are still officials working, lives and works prefect.


Town on the edge of Denmark, Cape Faceted, one of the fishing ports of the country. The area admired Andersen. Here to capture the incredible blue of the sky and the sea, came artists from around the world.

goroda strany Daniya - Skagen

The local landscape with dunes constantly moving, changing shape under the influence of wind and sand, recognized as a nature reserve, although open to the public.

Interesting facts about the state

  • Danish students remember by heart the names of his numerous monarchs. Moreover, most of them, Christiana and Frederick. The current Queen, Margrethe the second woman after the ruling in the XIV-XV of Queen Margrethe I.
  • The Danes love their 75-year-old Queen, like her father, who loved alone to wander or ride through the streets of Copenhagen and socialize with compatriots.
  • Margret II – creative nature. She is the author of the drawings of the costumes for a production of tales of Hans Christian Andersen "the Shepherdess and the chimney sweep", the Illustrator for the Danish edition of the novel by Tolkien's "Lord of the rings".

  • Not like many Danes only her habit to keep a cigarette.
  • Perhaps the Queen and sets a bad example, because Smoking in Denmark, despite the high cost of cigarettes is incredibly common.
  • However, the Danes love sports, especially football, swimming and handball. And the team of Denmark in badminton is the strongest in the world.

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