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Vintage Park of Copenhagen, known for its waterfalls, called Tivoli

park Tivoli v Kopengagene

Amusement parks are very popular with adults and children. One of the favorite places visited by tourists in Copenhagen Tivoli Park.

Tivoli on the map of Denmark

parkovyj kompleks v Danii

In Denmark the Park is located on the second place after Dyrehavsbakken, and attendance in Europe occupies the third place after Disneyland in France and Europa Park in Germany.

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The entertainment center is located in the heart of the Danish capital - Copenhagen. The official address is Vesterbrogade, 3.

This magical place is located between the Boulevard and Anderson street Vesterbrogade.


istoriya sozdaniya

The popular amusement Park is one of the oldest in Europe, it was founded in 1841. This grandfather of the modern amusement parks and Disneyland.

Its founder was a Danish officer George Carstensen, born in a family of diplomats. Thanks to his influential friends Carstensen was able to get an audience with the Danish king Christian VII, who approved the project. George Carstensen loved to travel and managed to convince king of the need for the creation of the Park, where the Danes will be able to have a good time and to rest with dignity.

Vintage Park of Copenhagen, known for its waterfalls, gardens and fountains, named after the Italian city Tivoli, which also gave the names of the amusement Park in Paris - Jardin de Tivoli.

Description of the Park

Today, the area of Tivoli is 82 thousand m2, the entertainment center is visited annually by 4 million visitors.


Here there are buildings built in Oriental style:

  • The pantomime theatre, decorated with dragons, allows tourists to plunge into the atmosphere of Ancient China;
  • fans of Chinese exotics can stroll through the Chinese quarter;
  • Moorish luxury boutique hotel Nimb in its architecture reminiscent of Indian Taj Mahal;
  • impossible to pass by the pavilion in Oriental style and not to look inside: it's easy to find gifts for every taste.

Each of the pavilions has an original design, beautiful jewelry, serve as lanterns with funny figures.

In the period from may to September, the Park hosts festivals, Symphony concerts, a variety show in October is the Halloween Fest, and in December the Christmas fair.


A special attraction is the store Klumperiet. He is able to please any visitor, even if he is not shopping. "Rasmus Klump" is a thematic images that began to establish since 1951, the Danish couple Gasanov.

Rasmus Klump is a charming bear, he is the main character of the comic, his best friends:

  1. Pelican;
  2. seal;
  3. turtle;
  4. penguin.

Bear a lot of friends of animals. Shop "funny pictures" are implemented in the form of books and plates of A3.


The Tivoli gardens is very pleasant and easy to breathe, everywhere greenery and bright flowers. Floral arrangements look attractive in the daytime, and at night they acquire an additional charm thanks to the illumination from colored lights and lanterns.

In lovely pond swims a large fish you can feed by buying food. You will immediately fly off the swans and seagulls. The pond beautifies a house for ducks and water mills. Many fountains in the Park, around which peacocks walk.

In the fairytale "one Thousand and one nights" beautiful birds open their tails, like a huge Oriental fan.

In Tivoli moored a real pirate ship. The presence of winged lions on Board indicatesthat the ship was built in Venice. Summer always held a colorful fireworks show.



26 attractions are open during summer and 29 during Christmas and Halloween. The rides that are most popular:

  • Roller Coaster – roller coaster made of wood in 1914;
  • Star Flyer is a carousel with a height of 80 m;
  • Demon – track with a length of 564 m, and the points of zero gravity. Suitable for thrill-seekers, the passengers on zigzags travelling at the speed of 80 km/h;
  • Vertigo – a tower at a height of 40 m around it circling 2 aircraft to reach speeds up to 100 km/h;
  • Monsunen is a giant swing.


Tivoli Park is open all year round, for example, in the winter it can only be visited during the Christmas holidays. To get there, you can use several ways.

How to get there?

To Tivoli can be reached by train, near the station is Copenhagen Central Station. Can also be reached by city buses: 1A, 2A, 5A, 9A, 11A, 40, 66, 250S, 866.


The amusement Park opens April 14 and runs until September 25. It also takes visitors on Halloween and Christmas from 11 November to end of December. In December, the leisure centre is closed for 3 days: 24, 25, 31.

Time work the Park Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 22 p.m., on Fridays from 11:00 to 00:30, on Saturdays from 11:00 to 24:00.

The entrance to one of the best parks in Denmark pay, and children under 3 years can visit the Park for free. Optional attraction tickets, if you want to ride all the rides, bargain reusable ticket.

To explore the territory of Tivoli gardens during Halloween in this video: