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What to see in Andorra La Vella: photo, description attractions

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If you adore the mountains and extreme sports, and popular resorts of Europe seem to be too commonplace and crowded, it's time to go to the attractions of Andorra. This tiny country gives you a lot of new experiences and will appreciate the many interesting places that will not get bored while traveling.

Andorra on the map

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To familiarity with the country was complete, should know more about its location on the world map and history. This will help to get acquainted with local customs and traditions and feel the spirit of Andorra.


Andorra – a tiny state located in the Eastern part of the Pyrenees, sandwiched between Spain and France. It has no outlet to the sea, and the country's name comes from the Basque words "andurrial" - "the wasteland". The main industry here is tourism.

The area of Andorra is only slightly greater than 450 km2, and constantly it is home to just over 85 thousand people.

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Historical past

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Some historians believe that Andorra was founded by the Emperor Charlemagne, however, reliable evidence for this exists. In 805 Aquitaine king Louis I the Pious was able to break the Saracens, as the people of Andorra have carried his army to the rear of the Arab army. For this, Charlemagne supposedly gave areas the status of the Principality and the Great Charter of liberty.

At the end of the first century all the fullness of the secular authorities in Andorra was transferred to the then Governor of Barcelona, the Bishop of Urgell. From the XIII to the XV century co-Bishop was the counts of Foix, after which the Principality was under the auspices of the first of Navarre, then French crown. Formally, it has survived to the present day: now the Prince of Andorra is considered to be the French President.

The Parliament of Andorra was created in the XV century, but feudal law was abolished here only in the XIX century. After the Second world war, the Principality is becoming a popular and relatively inexpensive ski resort. In 1982, appeared in the country's first government, and in 1993 the Constitution was adopted, abolishing the remnants of feudalism.

Sights with pictures and description

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Despite the small area of Andorra, art of the country, being under the influence of French and Spanish cultures, worthy of scrutiny.

A tour of the country with sightseeing will greatly expand your horizons.


arhitektura Kasa-de-la-Val

Andorra has a fairly ancient history, so ancient monuments there are more than enough. The most interesting include:

  • Casa de La Vall. This building is the old Parliament of Andorra, located in the capital, Andorra La Vella. The medieval structure is one of the oldest buildings in the state. Visit the great Hall of Council, where the noteworthy frescoes room for guests and kitchen area with antique household items;

    Also in the chamber almost all the court meetings held during the existence of Andorra. In addition to Parliament, there were the hotel, the court, the chapel of San Armengol on the first floor of the building. Flag and coat of arms of the Principality are also stored in this building, in the chapel. Facade of the Casa de La Vall decorated with coats of arms 7 perraki Andorra. Climbed to the second floor, you will be able to visit the postal Museum;

  • The house-Museum of family Areni-Plandolit. This manor house of the XVII century belonged to one of the most powerful families in Andorra. Furnished spaces has reached our days almost unchanged, so that the tourists can admire the oldinterior of the guest hall, bedrooms, kitchen, library, dining room and even a cozy wine cellar;
  • arhitekturnyj dom Areni-Plandolit

    Adjacent to the house territory there are the Zoological Museum, which is open for several centuries, and the concert hall of national significance.

  • Courthouse Sala-de-La-Justicia. It is a modern building of glass and concrete in the style of postmodernism, where now is placed the Andorran court;
  • Castle Seth Panis. It is a superb example of an ancient fortress. Here are stored old documents that previously could be accessed only in the presence of 7 members perraki Andorra, each of which has been the key that opens one of the 7 locks on the door structure.

Religious objects

Andorra – a truly Catholic country, so temples and churches built centuries ago are missing. Among the most important facilities note:

  1. The Temple Of The Blessed Virgin Meritxell. According to legend, once on this place there was found the image of our lady Meritxell, which when you try to move it to the nearby town of Loosduinen and Canillo definitely return to this place. Then, in the XVII century, and it was decided to build a building in the style of Romanesque architecture. In taltarni the chapel there is the image of the virgin with the Christ child in her arms – a sculpture made of polychrome wood;
  2. religioznyj hram Devy Meritchelskoj

  3. The Church Of Sant Pere Martir. This is one of the most modern temples in the country, located in the municipality of Escaldes-Endorgan. It is built of granite, and its facade is decorated with ceramic mosaics and sculptures. Decoration of the Church is a square bell tower with 3 bells;
  4. The Church of St. ARMENAL. It is simple geometric shapes, typical of the Romanesque style, and a minimum of decoration that unites the Church with its medieval castle;
  5. The Church of St. Christopher. The temple is located near the city of La Massan. This stone structure, which is a remarkable example of Romanesque architecture. The Church was built in the XII century on the rocky slopes on the coast tributary of the Valira river and is famous for its original frescoes of the XII-XV centuries and an ancient altar, which is decorated with the statue of St Christopher;
  6. The Church of St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian. It can be seen in Ordino. The temple is one of the few examples of medieval Gothic architecture in Andorra. To go into it is in order to inspect the altars in Baroque style wrought-iron bars of the XVII-XIX centuries, and antique wood statuette of the virgin is only 44 cm;
  7. cerkovnyj obekt svyatyh Korneliusa i Kipriana

  8. The Santa Coloma Church. It is located in the village of the same name and is considered as the oldest sacral construction on the territory of the country. The building style of the Church – pre-Romanesque, austere, so it is more like a medieval citadel with an impressive four-storey bell tower;
  9. Inside the Church of Santa Coloma offers you wooden sculptures of saints, icons and the altar, Dating from the XII century.

    religiya v hrame Santa-Koloma

  10. The Church of San Serni de List. One of the most beautiful buildings in the North of Andorra was built in the XVII century from natural stone. Has the form of correct rectangle with a pointed bell tower, where inside is a beautiful altar in the Baroque style.


Monuments in Andorra a bit, but they all look quite original and deserve careful consideration. Among them we note:

  • The Sculpture "The Lacemaker". It stands on the Avenue in Escaldes Carlemany in 1972 and depicts a woman at the spinning wheel, which awaits the return of her husband-the fisherman with the Catalan coast.
  • Sculpture "Nu de Joventut". The figure of the female Nude by Josep Viladomat established in Escaldes, near the crossing of the river Valira. The bronze monument made in the art Nouveau style and stands out idealistic image of the female body in the classical style;
  • Sculpture "Storm in the tea Cup". The monument is made from metal rods and installed on the mountainside near the famous resort of La Massana. A huge Cup of tea, reaching 13 m in diameter, according to the authors teetering on the brink of collapse hanging over the gorge of La Botella.



In this tiny country are available almost at every step, so if you were caught in bad weather, you will always find something to do, looking at:

  1. Car Museum, where there are about two hundred cars and bicycles, and the oldest exhibit is a steam engine Pineta the end of the XIX century;
  2. The comic book Museum, located in La Massana, which canboasting an enormous collection of hand drawn comics from different countries, including a rare "horror";
  3. Museum of Microminiatures in Ordino-arcalís. The entire collection of the Museum consists of unique masterpieces of microminiature Ukrainian masters N. Syadristy, which is a first-class works of art, handmade;
  4. Among the masterpieces of the famous camel caravan into the eye of a needle, and other works made of gold, platinum, seeds, fruits, paper and rice grains.

  5. Motorcycle Museum. Situated in Canillo and offers to explore the most amazing and original models of motorcycles from all over the world;
  6. muzej motociklov

  7. The perfume Museum in Escaldes, where you can get acquainted with the unique fragrances created in different countries;
  8. The postal Museum. Its expositions tell about the creation of post offices in Andorra. Here are stamps of this state, issued in 1928, postmarks and envelopes in large quantities;
  9. The Museum of Orthodox iconography in Ordino-arcalís with an amazing collection of Orthodox icons, the basis for the manufacture of which were wooden planks, Poland, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Russia.

The nature of the state - what to see?

The nature of the country looks very Grand and impressive, so a trip here will be remembered for a long time thanks to the ancient mountains and a few beautiful plains.

Scenic spots

zhivopisnaya dolina

If you set a goal to get acquainted with the Andorran landscape, be sure to visit:

  • The valley of Madriu-Perafita-Claror, is located in the South-East of the country. It has a glacial origin and is under the protection of UNESCO since 2004. Here you will find steep cliffs, evergreen Alpine meadows, dense forests and deep ravines and dangerous glaciers. Above the valley rises one of the highest mountains of Andorra Portela, the height of which exceeds 2900 m. There is on this plain, and traces of human habitation: ancient huts, the ruins of ancient forges, etc.;
  • The natural Park of Coma Pedrosa, which took its name from the highest peak of Andorra. Here are concentrated the most beautiful lakes, waterfalls, picturesque forest valleys and dark gorges with unique flora and fauna;
  • You can not only walk on easy Hiking trails, but up in the Alpine shelters, offering amazing views.

  • The natural Park of Sorteny , in the North of the country, known for its amazing color contrasts, variety of scenery and richness of the vegetable and animal world.

Ski resorts

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Andorra is a real concentration of ski resorts where you can spend an unforgettable time. The most popular among them:

  1. Andorra La Vella is the most comfortable ski resort in the country;
  2. Canillo is a small town, most suitable for a family holiday;
  3. La Massana, which is known for not only a variety of slopes, but also a variety of entertainment such as discos, bars, restaurants, etc.;
  4. Ordino-Arcalis slopes are of medium difficulty, designed for experienced skiers;
  5. PAL-Arinsal, where tourists can expect not only a moderate elevation difference, but also a high level of service;
  6. Soldeu is a ski holiday is not just for beginners, but also to the extreme.

See a video review of the attractions of Andorra: