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What to see in Bosnia and Herzegovina: points of interest on the map

dostoprimechatelnosti Bosnii i Gercegoviny

Small state, bringing together Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the Western part of the Balkans. Its shape on the map resemble the shape of a heart.

Beautiful nature and 20 km of coastline on the Adriatic sea made this country, with a population of only 3.8 million people popular tourist destination in Europe. Also full Bosnia and Herzegovina attractions, some of which were built in the days of the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

Bosnia and Herzegovina on the world map

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Neighboring countries with a common border are Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia. In the recent past they were part of Yugoslavia.

The state capital, Sarajevo. Very often this city is called the Jerusalem of Europe.

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Where is the country and how to get there?

The territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is almost entirely located in the Dinaric Alps. Only the Northern parts of the country is part of the Pannonian lowland.

In the peak holiday season and the new year holidays from Russia to Sarajevo launched special direct Charter flights. The time difference of the capital from Moscow is 1 hour. In the rest of the year to Sarajevo frequently get a transfer.

On air liners of Lufthansa travelers fly via Munich, and the "Turkish airlines" via Istanbul. Popular with tourists flights airlines via Vienna and other European cities.

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The choice of flights depends on the planned place of rest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. International flights in the country are taking 3 airports:

  • Butmir;
  • Mostar;
  • Tuzla.

To purchase a ticket for the plane, you can use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

The closeness of Montenegro and Serbia allows you to reach Bosnia and Herzegovina through these countries. Between States a well-established train and bus message.

Regular trains and comfortable buses ply between Sarajevo and Zagreb, split, Belgrade, and Dubrovnik and Podgorica.

The main sightseeing areas

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The state is divided into three parts:

  1. Brcko District;
  2. The Serb Republic is divided into two parts;
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tourists in the country offers three main types of holiday - beach, ski resorts and attractions. Seaside resort of the country Neum is located 60 km from Dubrovnik. The beaches located on the coastline of the Adriatic sea, which has a length of 20 km and They are well equipped for a family holiday with children.

Four ski resort of the country located near Sarajevo. This city in 1984 hosted the winter Olympics. The best mountain resorts located in Bjelasnica, Igman and Jahorina. In the heart of Sarajevo's many unique historical and architectural monuments, a visit to which is included in the composition of the different historical routes.

Attractions - photos and description

Bosnia and Herzegovina is among the ten countries noted for their kindness to visiting foreign tourists. Every year in the country rests almost 1 million people. Tourism to become a tangible source of income for the state budget. For touristsdeveloped interesting sightseeing tours and fascinating cultural program.

The most interesting architectural structures

Over the years, the area of modern state of Bosnia and Herzegovina was under the protectorate of various empires. All this has had a major impact on the architecture being built in these areas of the buildings.

Most of the monuments related to the Middle ages, can be found in the town of Jajce. Often called the Royal. This is due to the coronation there of the king of Bosnia, Stjepan Tomashevich Kotromanica.

About those times in the Egg resemble the remains of a medieval fortress and the Church of St. Mary, which took place the coronation of the king.

interesnaya drevnyaya arhitektura sooruzhenij

The architectural landscape of the settlement is quite picturesque. Old houses are located here on the beautiful mountain slopes. On the XV century is reminiscent of paved roads and city streets. The city was the capital of Bosnia, not only in the middle ages, but during the German occupation during the Second world war. The main architectural building of the Ottoman period in Jajce is the mosque of ESMA Sultan.

Military fortresses and castles in the lands of Bosnia and Herzegovina are not uncommon. Up to now there are about 300 such buildings. Another residence of the Bosnian kings is located in Sochi. Distance from village to Sarajevo is located 33 km away. Located in Sochi Bobovac fortress was the Royal residence in XIV-XV centuries. It was the burial place of four of the Bosnian kings.

Individual architectural group, causing concern among tourists coming into the country — bridges. One of them is located in Mostar. A bridge was built over the river Neretva in 1566 and is among the main attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has a length of 28 m and a height of 20 m.

Another bridge - Visegrad, passes through the river Drina and guarded by UNESCO. It is a monument of Turkish architecture.

Religious buildings

In a country dominated by two religions — Islam and Orthodoxy. In recent years it has dropped significantly it the number of Catholics.

  1. The main Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Heart of Jesus. The building is among the main attractions of Sarajevo and is the center of Catholicism in the country. It is located in the old part of the city on the street Ferhadija.

    The project architect of the Cathedral was Josip Vance, the fame that brought the construction of the famous Notre Dame.

  2. Like the Cathedral was built in Dubrovnik. He is known as the "Sarajevo". Built in the neo-Gothic and Romanesque styles.
  3. The main mosque of the country — the Imperial. You can find it in Sarajevo. It is open to tourists, except during prayers. The building belongs to 1462. This mosque belongs to the monument of Muslim architecture.
  4. The main Orthodox Cathedral in Sarajevo. He is known as the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary. The height of the building is 45 meters, and the diameter of the dome is 34 m. it is Made in the Baroque style. Surround this Church, Catholic Cathedral and synagogue.
  5. religioznyj hram

  6. Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary can be found in Bijeljina. It was erected in memory of those killed in the civil war with the collapse of Yugoslavia.
  7. Another modern Cathedral of Christ the Savior built in the town of Banja Luka. He is among the modern attractions of the country.

Separate tour routes include visits to monasteries, many of which are lost in the mountains.

In one of these picturesque places is the monastery of Dobrun. You can find it on the banks of a mountain river Rzav next to the ruins of the medieval town on the road from Visegrad to the Serbian border. This is one of the oldest historical sites of the country.

Among beech forests in the village of Kraljevo Sutjeska lost another monastery, built in the XIV century by the Franciscan order. In the small town of Trebinje is possible to visit two monasteries of Gracanica Hercegovacka and Tvrdos.


pamyatnik Brusu Li

Among the most famous and interesting monuments of the country:

  • A monument to Gavrilo Principle, established in Sarajevo. It was built in 2014. Its installation sparked controversy in the country.

    The fame Principle brought the murder of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This historical fact made in 1914, was the occasion for the outbreak of the First world war;

  • Sculpture Of Bruce Lee. Established in Mostar during the time of Yugoslavia in tribute to the kung-fu master;
  • The monument tin. Set in Sarajevo, as a reminder of the siege of the city in the 90-ies and humanitarian assistance, brought in those days in the city.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a tragic historicaldestiny. The country installed more than 60 thousand Christian funerary monuments. On the streets of Sarajevo to celebrate the craters from exploding shells, filled with red paint. They are called "Sarajevo roses".


In Bosnia and Herzegovina a lot of museums. Definitely worth a visit at least 3 of them:

  1. National Museum of the country. It is located in a building that has independent historical value. The date of its building Dating back to 1888. The exhibits are divided into three categories — history, archeology and Ethnology;
  2. Museum of Jewish history. Is located in Sarajevo and is one of the most famous museums in the country. It contains unique exhibits relating to different eras;
  3. Historical Museum Of Brus-Bezistan. The collection of historical exhibits from the prehistoric period to the present day exhibited in Sarajevo. The Museum is located in the building, date of construction which is considered to be 1551.

A very interesting Museum of modern art is located in Banja Luka. His collection includes works of Yugoslav authors of the second half of the twentieth century. In Mostar you can visit the Museum of Herzegovina.

What to see in nature?

CHto posmotret v nacionalnom parke Suteska?

In the country you can find a great number of parks and unique natural features. Among these amazing places — national Park Sutjeska. It is decorated with relict plants.

The Park is located near another natural attraction is mount Maglič. The nearest from this place the town of Foca.

In the Central part of the country you can visit the Park "Vrelo Bosne", and on the river Trebizat to find a waterfall Kravitz. Its height is 10 meters. There is a waterfall on the river Pliva.

One of the destinations is lake Jablanica. Is an artificial reservoir, built in 1953.

Travel tips

  • Despite the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is considered one of the safest countries in Europe, tourists are not worth it alone to visit remote areas. The state is divided into three ethnic enclave that occasionally leads to tension in the relations of the various ethnic groups.
  • The calculation in the taxi conducted strictly on the counter. In cases when the driver helps bring things, they will be given a tip. Their sum, as in the cafes and restaurants, shall not be less than 10% of the service cost.
  • A power outage in the country are the most common, especially from November to April. Most of the hotels and restaurants of higher category have backup generators.
  • You should know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. In the case of tourists especially by the police in the form of high fines or requirements to pay cash on the spot, although by law all fines are paid through the Bank.

See in this videowhat architecture in Mostar: